1st stage. Soaking up information

We require your detailed plans, elevations, site plan ect. in pdf format, a list of furniture (names, sizes, materials), a mood board and a material board.

If you have any site photos, images of houses you like, reference images ect. please send these through also, the more information we receive from you the more accurate the final result will be to what you require.

The purpose of supplying as much detail as possible is to ensure the first draft that is sent through is as close as possible to the design and look that you would like to achieve and to reduce the amount of drafts and time taken to produce these drafts.

We analyze Material, Briefing, and Schedule

Then we give you the estimated price, Briefing, and Schedule. We work together with you on any missing information and create a schedule based on this. For the 1000m2 project, it often takes us one month to complete it.

2nd stage. Contracting

We signed the contract. You will need to deposit 50% contract value. During this time, you can change concepts. After signing the contract, everything is fixed. You can’t change anything related to your ideas, concepts.

3rd stage. Modeling

From the information supplied we create the 3D model and set up multiple viewpoints.
We will send our modeling drafts. If changes are required we would send through another draft including the changes. This process is repeated until the initial model is correct. In this step, you can change your idea but not exceed 20% of the modeling work ( You can change the shape) Then we will edit and complete the modeling part. You have to pay 20% of the contract value

4th stage. Rendering

We then move forward to applying the colours, materials and lighting to the image.

At this point we require all your initial colours and material selections for your project. We understand that you may not be entirely sure on this, so again for this stage we provide further drafts. The first draft is sent through of your initial colours and materials, from there you can make changes to these and further drafts are sent through. This process is repeated until you are happy with your final choices

After finishing the modeling part, we will render and send you the rendering draft with low resolution images. In this step, you can change your requirement but not exceed 20% of rendering work ( You can change materials). You will pay 20% of the contract value.

To optimally involve you in the process, you can make corrections, requests, and suggestions regarding the viewing angle and image details at this point.

An author’s correction is included free of charge after the first pre-rendered proof and a further subsequent correction phase after the second pre-rendered proof.

5th stage. Final Visualization & Finish

We provide you 2k quality pictures. If you need 4K quality pictures, we will charge you an extra fee.
After the second free author’s correction, we deliver the finished visualization in high resolution. You will finish paying.

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