Why shouldn’t you skip architectural visualization when designing your home?

Reality proved that our designs nowadays from renovating a room, an office to planning to build a house from scratch is much more effective with the help of architectural visualization techniques. At K-render, the client’s experiences are also been brought into focus with a view to creating trust and professional reputation among our clients

What is architectural visualization?

In the field of architectural design, visualization is representing the structure of the project. The most developing service of architectural visualization is 3D visualization. To be more specific, through the presentation of 3D visualization, clients can look around their design at every angle. They can see how the furniture is arranged, the placement of other items and the light.  All of these points are aimed at giving the clients an overview of their future home.

The development of architectural visualization

Although architectural visualization has been developed to address almost every requirement from architects, the development of this method in the future is exciting. It is clear that the application of 3D visualization is extended day by day. This is the most effective way in supporting clients and architects to complete their duties on architectural visualization. Thanks to this evolution, we now have the most advanced methods of expressing our creativity, ideas, and imagination. A wide range of 3D visualization, rendering, and modeling software tools are mostly accessible to everyone.

Types of architectural visualization

  • External 3D rendering: Since external 3D visualization is in widest use in architecture, it is the first one to be introduced as a type of architectural visualization. Compared to two-dimensional rendering, photorealistic digital images can better help to display how the building will look like in the future. It is no exaggeration that the best way to convey how wonderful the external view of a building is from various visual perspectives
  • Interior rendering: Interior rendering is usually applied to demonstrate a particular feature at architectural visualization step. Designers and architects can add photorealistic pictures to showcase the unity, spaciousness of the room. The clients can also catch the harmony of this visual communication.
  • 3D animation: 3D animation produces interactive short videos to highlight the design. It makes a person seem like entering that specific building or virtual space with architectural visualization. The view of 3D animation includes different angles and finest detail of the building, because it’s more real and expressive, as well as saves time and cost
  • Virtual tours: Based on a series of sequenced panoramic pictures, it offers a video including text and sound. It helps clients see all kinds of design in a more realistic representation before construction, whether interior or exterior. Virtual tour is an excellent way for clients interested in architectural visualization
  • CG panoramas: this type emphasizes an immersive real-time experience through a 360-degree panorama, where clients can walk through every corner of the future house by seeing architectural visualization.

Types of architectural visualization

Who uses architectural visualization?

Architectural visualization is useful for designers (architects, engineers, surveyors, etc.) and clients (both for commercial and residential purposes) of an architectural project, as it enables them to have a valid support in the conception and presentation of the project by using clear, simple and efficient communication techniques. 

The architectural visualization process

To achieve a high quality of architectural visualization, the 3D artists need to follow these steps: 

  • Previous information

    To draw up a budget as tight as possible, we need some information about the project, drawings, sketches, 3D models, number of desired images, delivery time etc. It is not necessary that the project of architectural visualization is well defined and completed for making an offer.

  • 3D Model

    Most of the firms have their own 3D modeling services in the architectural visualization step. Providing this model can reduce time and cost but it is necessary to adjust it to our. If you have your own 3d models, please send them to us and we will carry out the necessary checks in order to see if they are useful.


  • Beginning of the project

    the 3D artists start the project after the quote has been accepted and the retainer fee has been paid. Images of the development will be given during the modeling process to ensure that everything in this architectural visualization project is accurate. Watermarks will always be present in process photographs; they won’t be erased until the last step and after the last payment.

  • Point of view

    The client and the 3D artists of architectural visualization will agree on the opinions once it is established that the model is accurate. They will create a lot of low-resolution photographs during this phase so that the client can select the points of view that best suit his requirements.

  • Lighting and materials

    Move forward with the materials finishes, lighting, and creating the desired atmosphere for the images in the architectural visualization once the points of view have been approved.


    Archiectural visualization types

  • Previews

    Implemented substances and lights, we continue to make the render of the photos in low resolution. We recognise that the renders are a brief way to make choices, therefore the previews are blanketed in the technique, so that the purchaser could make remarks.

  • Final rendering

    Once we have been approved for the previous visualization, the artists will proceed to the high resolution rendering and some post-production adjustments. The images will be sent to the clients so they can provide their approval of the architectural visualization or make their comments.

  • Delivery and Invoice

    Once the final image has been accepted and the final payment has been made, we send the final images in high resolution and without watermarks of architectural visualization.


Bank office – the previous K-render’s project of interior rendering

Skipping architectural visualization would negatively affect your project

During the design process, the owner of the property needs to be engaged in the process. It is the mutual work that both the owner and the architect work together. If one side is not participated in, the final architectural visualization would need to be re-edited many times. Only this situation could cause bad experiences for them. Although sophisticated, 3D visualization still costs less time than the traditional methods. Depending on specific project, complexity and the studio or company workflow, it usually takes several weeks to complete. 

Slow down the whole process

In this stage of design, architectural visualization clarifies everything for the clients. Let’s say that the clients want to use specific material for the roof but the architect can understand that material does fit to the whole structure of the house or is not suitable for the weather at that location. Then, the expert can show the clients how unreasonable it is and suggest some other solutions. Therefore, the working hours are shortened, it can save money and time for both architects and the client. 

2D drawings can not present an overview of your design

2D drawing is a traditional method that humankind used thousand years ago and it is still popular these days.  When applied to simple design, 2D visualization might just barely meet the requirement. However, it is much more complicated when it comes to large architectural visualization design and sophisticated items inside. To complete these kinds of designs, the architects must use 3D visualization not only to easily show their ideas to the client but actively apply their creativity conveniently.


Architectural visualization floorplan step


Features of architectural visualization that help speeding up the process

  • Early detection of project errors

    It is common for the requirements from clients for many changings during the process. This is a common problem during architectural visualization steps because they are untrained in the field of architecture and design. Therefore, they might not be able to fully understand certain ideas. 

  • 3D visualization could be used as a marketing tool

    If you are an architect that is looking to catch the attention of wealthy business and investors, the best way to stand out from the crowd is to create a breath-taking image of your idea through architectural visualization. The best way to advertise is definitely by photo-realistic images where people can immediately turn their attention to

  • Cost efficiency alternative

    As the development of technology and changing times, 3D rendering has now become more accessible and fits the budgets of clients. Using 3D rendering, the architects could portray more to their potential clients.

K-render the best studio for architectural visualization service

At K-render, our principles in work are listening, supporting and giving our clients the most comfortable experiences as well as helping them express their “dreaming” design in a realistic way. Architectural visualization is one of the fields that K-render specializes in. Experts at K-render provide excellent ideas and design for clients. 


Motty office (USA) – a project completed by K-render

  • Our workflow

When starting to work together, our mission is not only to complete the projects in the shortest time possible but also keep in contact with the client. Because during the project, there are usually new requirements to change something. We need to respond quickly in response to the client’s demands. If both sides actively participate in the process of architectural visualization, we can guarantee that every problem that occurs can be solved .

  • Service pice is reasonable

As mentioned above, with a view to making a fluent workflow, we understand the price is one of the aspects to consider when collaborating with us. Among other architectural rendering studios, our services are much better when talking to price. The 3D rendering prices of the whole process depends on the type of project, software & hardware that the architect uses, the number of views, 3D models, etc. 

Time to complete a project of architectural visualization

The client is usually particularly interested in the time to complete a project. It indicates how professional the studio is when receiving and processing the input data from the client. If the architect did well at this stage, the following steps with clients are more quickly to complete. At K-render studio, every project we perform is handled carefully. Every step of the project is processed when things are done with commitment of our experts.

Beside architectural visualization, K-render performs

  • Interior design
  • Architectural design
  • 3D rendering interior
  • 3D rendering exterior
  • 3D rendering objects

K-Render experience on architectural visualization project


So, do you want to build your home without using architectural visualization? After reading this post, we guarantee you need to think again. The advantages of architectural visualization when applied to practical work have been proved. Therefore, it’s no time to hesitate, contact us and make your dream house come true.

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