What you should know about architectural design ideas

What you should know about architectural design ideas? That is a question that people who learn about architecture are interested in. Through the article below, we will provide you with information related to architectural design ideas. In addition, we will answer your questions and concerns on this topic.

What are the architectural design ideas?

Firstly, architectural design ideas are creations in the layout and arrangement of space, color, the light of interior designs and also exterior view and location of the work. With the aim to create a quality, convenient and comfortable living place.


Therefore, architectural design is a synthesis of art, science and technology. And architectural design ideas are the initial step in the entire architectural design process.

How can you build architectural design ideas?

So how can you build the right architectural design ideas for you? In the next section, we will clarify this.

Understanding architectural design styles

There are many architectural design styles that are prevalent today. If you are completely new to architecture, try the following styles:

Contemporary style

Firstly, contemporary style is one of the most popular styles in architectural design ideas in recent years.


Secondly, contemporary style is a combination of the remaining styles. This style is most used in Asian countries as well as Europe.

Singaporean style

Similar to contemporary style. Singapore style is also one of the popular architectural design ideas.


Therefore, with a simple, unfussy design but still keeping the sophistication in each line and layout, Singaporean style is a style that many young people love.

Tropical style

Firstly, tropical style is one of the architectural design ideas to express the limitless creativity of users.


Secondly, if you are new to architecture, it may be difficult for you to distinguish all the different design styles. But tropical style is the most recognizable style. Because the main color of this style is green.

Based on your own preferences

Architectural design ideas for beginners all come from their own preferences.

Firstly, if you are a newbie in the field of architecture and design, you need to form your own style right from the start.


Based on your own style, you can completely combine different types of architectural design styles to be able to create a work that suits you best.

Secondly, you need to learn the basics of architecture and also some exterior 3D renderings. Synthesize and learn new things that will be useful for your work later. In the process of learning, you will be able to build your own architectural style. This will help you define your design taste. In addition, your amazing architectural design ideas will also be formed from here.

Contact with companies specializing in architectural design ideas

Firstly, if you are completely new and have no knowledge of architecture, you should directly contact and hire a party specializing in providing architectural and design consulting services.

Those companies are professional teams. They will help you build architectural design plan and they can even do the bidding for you if you have a need.

Companies that can advise you on architectural design ideas are: Architecture and design firms or 3D rendering studios.


Outstanding 3D rendering studio can tell K-Render Studio one of the best 3D rendering in the world.

Secondly, how to contact them?

  • You can find all the information on their website and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,..
  • After searching for information, you can contact them directly through those social networking sites. Or faster, you can text or call the hotline directly for the fastest advice and service.

Some suggestions for architectural design ideas

Below we will introduce you to some amazing architectural design ideas that you can apply to your projects.

Top 1 architectural design ideas – KDI Building

Firstly, the KDI building office is a serious place that needs a quiet space to be able to work. Therefore,the architectural design ideas, the layout of the interior, the design process as well as the final rendering of the perspective is not an easy thing.


Next, the space is spacious and minimalist: this factor is based on color, light usage and interior layout in that office. The furniture is arranged according to the area of ​​the office.

Interior materials in the office: Most offices tend to choose furniture made of industrial wood. Because industrial wood shows the seriousness of the working space.

Top 2 architectural design ideas – Dream Home

There are many different and beautiful architectural design ideas for private homes. Because it is a private house construction, the idea will largely come from the owner’s own preferences. Here is the top 2 architectural design ideas.


The factors that need to be mentioned to get your home a great idea are:

Location of the house: you need to provide the 3D visualization company with the necessary parameters about the area and location of your house.

The main color of the house: this factor can be based on the preferences of the homeowner.
Interior layout and interior materials for the house: you can consult and listen to advice on the architectural design ideas from those companies that specialize in 3D rendering..

Top 3 architectural design ideas – KENLI showroom

In addition, if your project is an interior showroom, we also have suggestions for architectural design ideas for you. You can refer to KENLI showroom.


The showroom space needs to be very spacious, possibly with an area of 100 square meters or more.

Showroom lighting does not need to be too bright. Just enough, but the highlights of the showroom must be illuminated to attract viewers and customers.

Contemporary style is an architectural design idea that is used a lot in this type of architecture.

Top 4 architectural design ideas – Atus House

Below we will introduce the top 4 architectural design ideas named Atus House.

This project is inspired by Singapore style – one of the most popular architectural design ideas today.

Firstly, with such private spaces, the factor you should put on top is the arrangement of household items. This arrangement can make your home space become much more spacious and airy.

Secondly, with architecture style in Singapore, minimalism in design is popular with many people.


Along with a harmonious color combination, not too dazzling and not fussy. Therefore, Atus House has been on the list of the most beautiful architectural design ideas.

Top 5 architectural design ideas – The kitchen of Verness House

Finally, we will talk about the top 5 architectural design ideas – The kitchen of Verness House.


The kitchen is the soul of a home. You need to pay attention to the arrangement of the furniture of this kitchen and always keep it as bright as possible.


Hopefully, through this report, you will be able to understand more ideas for architectural design and information related to this field. K-Render Studio always accompanies and supports you from the first steps of the project!

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