Industries that are using 3D rendering

3D rendering is currently used in various industries, from the film industry to the creation of video games. With k-render, let’s explore what is 3D rendering used for.

3D rendering definition

3D rendering is the process of producing one or more flat raster pictures from 2D or 3D data, typically models and scenes generated by the author (artist, modeler, motion designer, or others). A 2D image is created by analyzing all the information in the 3D model, including the color, texture, and material of an item, using specialized software for rendering. For example, when implementing living room render, rendering artists will pay attention to the quality of the sofa’s material to render exactly it. In light of this, rendering is the final step in the 3D visualization process.


A part of rendering process

Similar to taking a picture of a model in the ideal setting,  the process of 3D rendering uses the proper lighting at the appropriate perspective. By using natural components like environment, lighting, shadows, color, and texture, 3D rendering may be made to look realistic. Additionally, optical effects including light refraction or the motion blur visible on moving objects can be incorporated.  

What is 3D rendering used for?

The fundamental goal of rendering is to produce a realistic or non-photorealistic image that a client or manufacturer may utilize for his needs. Nowadays, many industries hire 3D rendering services. The most well-liked among them are:


This is the industry that uses the most 3D rendering services. The ability to create two-dimensional animations or graphics for architectural rendering makes it possible to demonstrate every element that should be included in the finished design. We have access to a broad variety of rendering tools because we live in a digital age, which greatly aids artists in creating the most spectacular 3D depiction. Rendering service has a special position in the process of building a structure. High-quality 3D visualization services illustrate how the structure will blend into the surroundings. It provided new prospects for architects and designers, enabling the client to express his idea and vision for the project as clearly as possible and prevent misunderstandings. 3D rendering services offer crucial and advantageous insight into every piece of information that architects should include or remove. 


Rendering output use for architecture

Real Estate

Real estate agencies can sell homes faster thanks to rendering services. High-quality or photorealistic rendering photos of the property demonstrate to potential purchasers how the home will seem after it is finished. Prospective purchasers might take a virtual tour of the building or within it in addition to considering all the characteristics of their prospective home. In addition, real estate development companies, want to hire visualization services to visualize their works and projects based on drawings. 


Drawing of a project needed render

They will then use that rendering image to visualize what the project would look like in real life. From there, it is possible to make appropriate changes to save costs during construction. 


Besides, the illustrations of those projects also help real estate developers attract potential investors.

Advertising and Marketing

The visualization rendering product actually gives clients primary motives to believe that they should invest in it or buy it. As a result, the architects have a far better chance of selling their services. Businesses like real estate agencies, architectural firms, or furniture companies may cooperate with 3D product rendering companies to create 3D rendering products as a design, advertising, and marketing tool. As a consequence, they can boost income by more successfully selling their services and attracting new clients.

Living room render by K-render

Suggesting several high-quality rendering companies

Here is a list of some reputable 3D rendering companies that you can consult to work with. 

K-Render – Top #1 3D Rendering Studio

One of the top rendering companies in Vietnam is K-render. K-render will be one of the companies that are deserving of collaboration with a team of expert artists in disciplines like interior rendering, exterior rendering, and visual staging. K-render also has a professional, devoted, reliable working style at an affordable price. 


Archicgi – top firms for 3D product rendering in Scotland 

They provide interior rendering, exterior rendering, 3D virtual tours, virtual staging, drawings, and architectural animation as their six core services. They have extensive architectural experience from several respectable projects over many years. Archicgi is the top firm for 3D product visualization in Scotland. 



RealSpace has worked with clients from all around the world. They have a talented group of 3D artists that specialize in architecture and make animations and computer-generated visuals. Building creative presentations for clients, boards, investors, and purchasers is the ideal task for RealSpace. It provides architectural rendering services as well as product rendering, virtual reality (VR), and 360-degree viewing.



Vrender is a New York company that primarily specializes in rendering projects for luxury homes and businesses. They are a leading provider of architectural rendering design, and animation services. They are also experts in virtual tours of buildings and interior visualization. The group has particular expertise in 3D animation, 3D visualization, and architectural design.


Vrender has years of expertise working on both big and small projects, making him a great choice for anybody seeking to design a home, whether it be the inside or outside. 

That’s all information about what is 3D rendering used for. Thanks for reading!

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