What are beautiful exterior rendering ideas?

Exterior rendering ideas is a topic that always comes up when talking about architecture and rendering. To be able to successfully execute a project, we need to rely on many factors. However, rendering ideas will largely contribute to the outcome of that project. To understand more about exterior rendering ideas, let’s find out through this article.

The basic information about exterior rendering ideas

First, we will introduce the basics of exterior rendering ideas.

Things you should know about of exterior rendering ideas

Exterior rendering ideas are new creations and thoughts about location, space, light, view and all exterior furniture or 3D interior rendering… for a rendering product with the outside space of the building being reinterpreted.


What are beautiful exterior rendering ideas

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People often confuse exterior architectural ideas with exterior rendering ideas.

  • Exterior architectural ideas are original ideas from customers or investors for the space outside the building.
  • Exterior rendering ideas belong to the rendering artists for the outside space of the project after reaching agreement and negotiation with the client.

It can be said that exterior rendering ideas will be based on exterior architectural ideas.

When customers come, they will need your advice on things related to the project. The project they are planning to build. Of course, you will have to consult based on the client’s original architectural ideas. And find a way to convince them to choose you and cooperate on that project.


The difference between exterior rendering ideas and exterior architecture ideas

Finally, after completing the ideation procedures, providing the necessary parameters, payment and deadline, the work of the artists will be to come up with the rendering idea to create the final product. It can be the idea of ​​rendering in general or the interior and exterior rendering ideas​​ in particular. This is up to customer requirements.

The role of suitable exterior rendering ideas for your project

Exterior rendering ideas are an important factor contributing to the success of an architectural project.

Exterior render ideas will help enormously rendering artists in the rendering process.

  • Rendering artists will be able to create a quality rendered product.
  • The initial exterior rendering ideas will help set the whole rendering process in the right direction.
  • Exterior rendering ideas combine the light, materials and shooting angle into a picture with depth. They will help the product as well as the rendering process reach the most accurate.
  • Rendering artists will have the most accurate and timely work plan.
  • Rendering artists will be able to self-assess their work. The original ideas are the measure of the results of the rendering artist’s work evaluation. To see if their final rendering is accurate compared to the original exterior rendering ideas.
  • If there is a good initial idea, the rendering artists can also complete the work on schedule. And exterior rendering ideas can bring smoothness and logic to the whole rendering process

Exterior render ideas will support architects in their work.

  • For architects, they can rely on the exterior rendering ideas of the rendering artists to choose for themselves who are capable, suitable rendering artists for the project and have a similar design style to them.
  • Exterior rendering ideas must also be in accordance with their opinions. Regarding the scale and arrangement of the external landscape, including the location of the building, the trees, the surrounding landscape, these elements need to be connected and consistent with the architect’s design style.
  • Finally, exterior rendering ideas can bring economic and communication benefits to that architect.
  • Economically, the initial exterior rendering ideas will convey the design intent of the architects. From there, their design will attract and catch the eyes of customers. Customers will choose their design. Architects will quickly get contracts and profit for themselves through those transactions.
  • In addition, if there are more exterior rendering ideas from talented rendering artists, architects will be able to develop their brands. Customers will always come to order and hire that architect. The reputation of that architect will become more and more famous and known to more people.

Exterior rendering ideas will help architects in architectural work and project

Exterior render ideas will convey the message that they want to send for retail customers

  • Ideas will be a source of inspiration not only for customers, but for rendering artists who will also get emotional when performing. When there is inspiration while rendering, the rendering artists will create a quality product. From there, the product quality and the artist’s working style will meet the satisfaction of customers.

Criteria to choose suitable exterior rendering ideas

Next, we will analyze the criteria so that you can choose the most suitable exterior rendering ideas.

Exterior rendering ideas must be able to clearly express the client’s ideas

Firstly, every architectural idea has its own story. Clients are the ones who lay the foundation for architectural works. The exterior rendering ideas need to best represent the style and desires of the client.

  • Exterior rendering ideas include elements such as color, light and all the emotions that make the rendered product in look like real life and best match the customer’s wishes for 3D architectural rendering services of that company.
  • The story of each rendered product will show each customer’s unique style and personality. Therefore, a good exterior rendering idea is to show that particular style of the customer.

Exterior rendering ideas must be able to clearly express the client’s ideas.

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Secondly, good rendering artists will be the ones who can understand the client’s ideas well, develop those exterior rendering ideas and bring the clients the best renderings and architectural works.

  • Exterior rendering ideas must use light and materials to express the emotions that the architect wants to bring. To do that, the creator of this idea must not only understand the idea clearly but also have enough expertise and skills in rendering. When there is enough ability and experience in the visualization industry, the rendering artists will be able to quickly understand the intentions of the architects and implement them most accurately.
  • The right rendering artists will also be the one who have a similar rendering style to the architect’s design style. When they find harmony in the way they work, their working process will be faster, saving more time.

Exterior rendering ideas need to guarantee aesthetics

The exterior rendering ideas need to guarantee aesthetics means the ideas must have high quality and also make the viewers and customers feel its beauty at first sight.


Exterior rendering ideas need to guarantee aesthetics and high quality

  • When looking at a beautifully exterior rendering product, it will be difficult to distinguish between the rendered product and the real-life photo of that work. We can judge the quality as well as the aesthetic of a beautiful graphic painting based on how similar it is to real life. The closer the rendering is to real life, the better the picture will be.
  • More specifically, the overall picture of the exterior should have enough elements such as color, light, position or perfect angle to attract customers and satisfy the architect.
  • Finally, the harmony of the rendering is the result of whether the exterior rendering ideas are good and unique. If the initial concept does not portray the entire scene and story of the building, the final exterior rendering will hardly meet the standard of a good photograph.

Exterior rendering ideas create economic efficiency

A next criterion to choose the right exterior rendering ideas is that the idea must create economic efficiency for the user.


Exterior rendering ideas create economic efficiency for users

Exterior rendering ideas can generate economic profits for customers, the rendering artists and design firms involved in the project.

  • Firstly, the external characteristics of the building are the most important factors to help investors sell the project. The outside scenery is the first impression when looking at each rendered photo. Therefore, if we have good exterior rendering ideas, the probability of winning the bid of the customer to have that work will be very high.

Exterior rendering ideas can bring many benefits for rendering artists and architects.

  • On the other hand, exterior rendering ideas also make the working process easier and more convenient. Design firms and rendering artists will save working time and increase economic efficiency. We will be able to speed up the process of closing orders, increase profits and revenue for the company.

Some suggestions for exterior rendering ideas

In the last part, we will introduce you to some outstanding exterior rendering ideas for each architectural design.

Top 1 exterior render ideas

Below is a product rendering of the resort villa area of K-Render Studio. is a rendering company established in 2013. Up to now, the company has cooperated with many partners, investors and created many famous products.

Specifically with the topic of exterior rendering ideas, we can mention the Collin Celeste project.

Collin Celeste is a project full of interior and exterior renderings. The interior and exterior rendering ideas of it were so good. However, the highlight of the exterior space is the light of the surrounding environment. Collin Celeste is placed in a dark space, so the villa is highlighted very clearly.


Top 1 exterior render ideas

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And Collin Celeste is a project located in a famous resort in Vietnam – Flamingo resort.

  • In addition to meeting the needs of the investor, inspiring creativity for other architects, Collin Celeste also brings profits to the Flamingo resort.
  • Customers who want to relax come to this villa to enjoy the wonderful space as well as the full amenities of the villa.

Top 2 exterior render ideas

The next exterior rendering idea for office architecture is a product of Arkitema Architects.

Arkitema Architects has been around for a long time, but changed its name and developed sustainably in 2003.

  • With nearly 20 years of experience, the company is always worthy of being one of the leading visualization companies.
  • The office building is called Gellerup Nord. This place is built in a suburb of the second largest city in Denmark – Aarhus.

Next, by combining the city’s working and meeting spaces with public functions such as restaurants, cafes and rooftop lounges, the building will create a “start-up environment” for businessmen and staff.


Top 2 exterior render ideas

The office is a quiet place to work and also needs to have a prominent appearance for customers to easily identify. Therefore, exterior rendering ideas and space should be placed in a space full of light and gentle colors, suitable for that organization.

Based on the above criteria, the office building has now become the office of many large companies with huge revenue, enough to support employees and officials in that office building.

Top 3 exterior render ideas

With the bar architecture, we would like to introduce to you another product of K-Render Studio with good 3d rendering service the project is called Friday Bar.

Friday Bar is a bar project of K-Render which has exterior rendering ideas built on the street surface in the city center. Because it is a bar, working hours will be concentrated in the evening and at night. Therefore, the rendered product was conceived by the artists to show the exterior in the evening space. By using light and color, shooting angle, the rendering artists have successfully implemented the Friday Bar project.


Top 3 exterior render ideas

In addition, Friday bar is a project that meets the above criteria of exterior rendering ideas. Both bring revenue to the bar owner, while ensuring in terms of form and quality. The bar is eye-catching and has depth. Attracting young people and customers who need to find a place to relax in the evenings.

Top 4 exterior render ideas

The hotel is divided into many types of architecture. The typical types of hotels will be mid-range, 2-3 star hotels. There will be only rooms and reception halls.

There are also a number of other more upscale hotel types. Built in the model of a luxury resort. Including swimming pool, entertainment area such as garden, spa..

Gloster Furniture is a design company famous for its luxurious and sophisticated exterior design works.


Top 4 exterior render ideas

We can see one side of the resort hotel building with interior materials inspired by Grid Collection – a collection of Gloster Furniture.

Currently, with amazing exterior rendering ideas, this hotel has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations. For those who have needs and conditions, and want to stay at a luxury hotel with great exterior space, the hotel is their first choice in this country.

Top 5 exterior render ideas

For residential projects, exterior rendering ideas are not limited. However, to be able to depict the outside space of a house, the surrounding area of the house must be large enough. This will be more convenient for rendering artists and architects.

Finally, we will suggest some ideas for rendering the exterior of private homes.

This is a product of the company Gonyea Companies founded in 1987. Gonyea began its journey as a leading custom home builder and remodeler in Minneapolis/St. Paul market offering the very best in custom home design, outstanding craftsmanship and high-quality service. Over the years, their core values ​​have stood the test of time as we have built our reputation on bringing the clients visions of home to life with outstanding home designs.


Top 5 exterior render ideas

In this home product, we can clearly see the whole idea of ​​the architect as well as the artist’s rendering idea. It can be said that factors such as light, color as well as shooting angle have created a great exterior rendering photo.

Finally, the house built has all the elements and criteria for exterior rendering ideas to help the rendered products as well as the real-life works be known, ordered and referenced by many people. Based on Gonyea’s statistics, this is the work ordered by many customers and has the most similar design requirements of the company’s products.

Top 6 exterior render ideas

The project named Spa Pavilion Hinterbrühl, Lower Austria – smartvoll Architekten.


Top 6 exterior render ideas

Spa Pavilion Wellness Pavilion typ: Spa Pavilion client: Private location: Hinterbrühl, Lower Austria in 2020 and covers an area of 175 square meters.

Top 7 exterior render ideas

The gym is a space that needs spaciousness and comfort for gymers.


Top 7 exterior render ideas

The gym area needs to be about 80 square meters or more.

Top 8 exterior render ideas

This project has all the elements to be listed as excellent exterior rendering ideas.


Top 8 exterior render ideas

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Top 9 exterior render ideas

The work was built in a suburb of a European country with tile roof architecture.


Top 9 exterior render ideas

And, surrounded by a garden, creating a spacious feeling but still extremely cozy and comfortable.

Top 10 exterior render ideas

Exterior rendering ideas for resort villas are numerous. This is an exterior rendering product for the villa.


Top 10 exterior render ideas

And you can clearly see the comfort from the outside of the villa. It has a swimming pool and chairs like a real beach.

Top 11 exterior render ideas

The outside space of a villa needs to clearly show the architect’s design intent.


Top 11 exterior render ideas

And have the full functions and furniture of the villa.

Top 12 exterior render ideas

This rendering is another shot of the exterior rendering above.


Top 12 exterior render ideas

Finally, Exterior rendering ideas of this design are done very carefully and eye-catching by the rendering artists.

Top 13 exterior render ideas

The final rendering product is an image that reflects the entire rendering process.


Top 13 exterior render ideas

To sum up, from the selection of exterior rendering ideas to colors, to editing lighting, materials as well as how to set the shooting angle to be accurate and ensure the most progress.

Top 14 exterior render ideas

A garden villa is always one of the architectural works that can bring a lot of exterior rendering ideas.


Top 14 exterior render ideas

Because the space around the garden villa is very large, there is a lot of grass and trees, architects and rendering artists can completely make the work the most beautiful.

Top 15 exterior render ideas

With the scene being evening, it would be great to be able to adjust the ambient light as well as the colors for this exterior rendering.


Top 15 exterior render ideas

But with the spirit of always sticking to the original exterior rendering ideas, the rendering artists have completed the rendering product excellently. The picture is 99% similar to the real-life construction.

Top 16 exterior render ideas

Economic profit when staying at the resort is very high.


Top 16 exterior render ideas

In conclude, if you are an investor, you should consider choosing the best exterior rendering ideas for your resort.

Top 17 exterior render ideas

This is one of the other exterior rendering ideas for garden villa architecture.


Top 17 exterior render ideas

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Top 18 exterior render ideas

Just like resorts, resort hotels can also become great exterior rendering ideas for architects and rendering artists.


Top 18 exterior render ideas

Top 19 exterior render ideas

And Penthouse is also one of the most popular architectural works in recent years.


Top 19 exterior render ideas

Moreover, Exterior rendering ideas for penthouses are known by many young people and want to learn. Their purpose is to want themselves and their family to live in the most comfortable and convenient space.

Top 20 exterior render ideas

Last but not least, the shooting angles are set up by the rendering artists with the purpose to help the viewer feel more clearly about the context as well as the space of the architecture.


Top 20 exterior render ideas

Exterior rendering ideas are the first steps of the entire rendering process. These ideas will help the artist to create a graphic product as planned and as accurate as possible.


Through the above article, hopefully you have gained more knowledge about exterior rendering ideas and also 3D rendering service. We hope that the information we have just shared will help your work and life.


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