Ways to 3D architectural renderings you must know

In the following article, we will recommend you the notes of 3d architectural renderings that you should know.

What are 3D architectural renderings?

In this section, we will introduce the basics of 3d architectural renderings.

Definition of 3D architectural renderings

3D architectural renderings are the art of creating two-dimensional images from three-dimensional images by using computer software for presenting architecture design. 3D architectural renderings bring realistic experience to clients about how a house or any construction projects will be before being built.

Incredible Benefit of 3D architectural renderings

The invention of 3D architectural renderings was a big step forward in architecture. Rather than using several traditional methods of presenting a construction concept, such as word-of-mouth or 2D rendering, practically all artists currently prefer 3D architectural renderings for projects. The reason for this is that it is extremely beneficial not just to the architecture firm but also to the client.


Incredible Benefit of 3D architectural renderings for architecture firms

The benefit of architectural 3d rendering for architectural firms:

  • 3D architectural renderings help the architectural firms to double-check the contract to clients before closing the project. 3D architectural renderings help the architectural firms to quickly identify issues in the plan and make revisions. After that, both parties can approve the final image before carrying it over with production. And it is standard procedure for architectural companies to compare the completed project to the client’s request before receiving the full contract value.
  • The architectural firms using 3D architectural renderings will increase their company brand value. Because it is a simplistic approach for a client with little experience of architecture to realize the company’s concept. The client would certainly appreciate the company’s brand value after seeing 3D architectural renderings. Furthermore, 3D architectural renderings distinguish the firm from competitors that do not have the capability of architectural rendering.

All of the advantages of 3D architectural renderings will add to the architecture firm’s improved income and profit.

The benefit of 3D architectural renderings for clients:

  • The materiality, light, and colour of spaces will be presented in greater depth to the client by 3D architectural renderings representation so that they can get the architecture firm’s concept. The clients might then review and provide comments in order to resolve any issues that may have occurred.
  • Furthermore, architectural 3D rendering assists the client in making a comparison between the completed structure and the architecture firm’s concept. As a result, the contract will be completed quickly.

Ways to 3D architectural renderings for construction for an architectural firm

There are 2 ways to 3D architectural renderings that the architectural firm usually chooses: Using in-house architectural rendering and hiring a 3D architectural renderings studio. Each choice has its own combination of benefits and drawbacks, and different options will be picked depending on the type of firm and its demands.

The architecture firm divides all 3D architectural renderings projects to their in-house team

3D architectural renderings are an excellent way to persuade clients. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of having a 3D interior rendering team in-house at an architectural firm.

Advantages of using 3D architectural renderings in-house team in the architectural firm

There are some advantages of using 3D architectural rendering in-house team as follows:


Advantages of using 3D architectural renderings in-house team

  • If the architectural firm decides to use an in-house team to render 3D interior design, they will have complete control over the expense. Its cost is determined by the employee’s availability and skill level. This is a fixed monthly payment.
  • 3D architectural renderings in-house not only save money but also provide the firm with complete control over the revisions. This supports the implementation of design changes as needed, as well as the organization of plans after the creative process. Additionally, 3D interior rendering may assist in the seamless flow from concept to rendering. You can see more in commercial gym ideas.

Disadvantages of using 3D architectural renderings in-house team in the architectural company

The following are some of the disadvantages of having an in-house 3D architectural renderings team:

  • The 3D architectural renderings in-house team’s working time is limited. If the architecture firm is overloaded with projects, they should expand and increase their workforce. Recruiting talent, training, and working proficiently takes far too long.
  • Another disadvantage of doing 3D architectural renderings in-house is that it requires a serious amount of time and attention. When the firm is dealing with clients and projects, it becomes difficult to put up all of your work. Because 3D architectural renderings are time-consuming, it needs both times spent learning and time spent putting it into practice.

The architectural company choose to hire a 3D architectural renderings studio

Hiring 3D architectural renderings to outsource has both advantages and disadvantages for the architectural firms

Advantages of hiring a 3D architectural renderings studio

Hiring a 3D architectural renderings studio brings many benefits for an architectural company:


Advantages of hiring a 3D architectural renderings studio

  • Hiring a 3D architectural renderings studio could be a cost-effective choice. Outsourcing architectural 3D rendering can dramatically decrease production costs by allowing architecture firms to cut costs such as 3D interior rendering software licenses, recruitment, and training…All of the necessary facilities for the 3D architectural renderings will be offered by the outsourcing provider. They will give architectural rendering expertise instead of wasting your resources on hiring, training, and managing them. Furthermore, if the company or best 3d rendering for real estate and outsourcing studio work together for a long time, the cost per project will be reduced.
  • The specialty of 3D architectural renderings outsourcing will contribute to improved work performance. The studio has a lot of 3D architectural renderings experiences, so they can understand the construction concept and sometimes suggest changes to plans and ideas. Furthermore, the studio will create the 3d architectural renderings inside in lower time, giving the architectural firm more potential to complete new projects. Having a trustworthy outsourced company means you’ll have a better workforce and access to cutting-edge technologies.
  • The costs of risk could be reduced by using a 3D architectural renderings studio. They are certain to generate superior products because they have all of the essential equipment and facilities, as well as extensive architectural design rendering experience. The outsourcing firms also have expert knowledge in resolving architectural rendering issues.

Disadvantages of hiring a 3D architectural renderings studio

On other hand, there are some disadvantages to hiring a 3D architectural renderings studio.

  • There might be issues with confidentiality when hiring a 3D architectural renderings studio. Certain firms may have important documents that must be released at a specific time. The risk of material being leaked to the public before the specified release date exists when outsourcing projects to a third party.
  • In some cases, an architecture firm recruits untrustworthy 3D architectural renderings to outsource because the partner’s profile is not adequately reviewed. As a result, they lost money yet were left with no completed 3D architectural renderings project.

Disadvantages of hiring a 3D architectural renderings studio

There are benefits and drawbacks to hiring a 3D architectural renderings firm. However, if your business is looking for new tasks, this is the optimal choice for you.

5 tips for better 3D architectural renderings

The 3D architectural renderings process includes 4 steps: Modelling, set up materials, set up lighting, and render the image. To get beautiful 3D architectural renderings, 3D artists need to take steps carefully and notice some tips as following.

Pay attention to scale

To get 3D architectural renderings better and more realistically, you should be careful about the scale of each object in the images. 


Tip 1 for 3D renderings

  • We could know the size of an object by comparing its size with surrounding objects or comparing the main components of the object with each other.
  • There are actually a lot of artists who are rendering the wrong scale, wrong size of objects in 3D space on the computer or product visualization software, which leads to the viewer of the final product seeing things as not right.
  • For artists who do not have a basic knowledge of architectural design, it is difficult for them to grasp many of the dimensional standards about the basic dimensions of the items in the building. Mastering this architecture is very important because the basic design drawing will not show all these dimensions. Having to interpolate dimensions together to draw correctly has now become a must-have skill for any architectural and interior perspective painter.

Use advanced materials

Materials play an important role in 3D architectural renderings:


Tip 2 for 3D renderings

  • There are a lot of materials. Each of them has its own features. For example, Water is transparent or may contain impurities or color. When looking through water, changing the angle of view will produce different images. The image of refraction (seeing through) and reflection (light hitting the surface of the water and then being reflected) will change depending on the depth of the water, the color of the water, and the movement of the water.
  • Each material will have distinct characteristics, so the information that our eyes continue to receive is also different, we call it the quantity of the material. Understanding the digital reality of the material will help us to describe it most accurately in the visualization software.
  • In addition, we also need to understand the use of adjustments in visualization software, to be able to create materials with the highest accuracy

Be careful with lighting

Lighting is the most important factor in all factors to be able to have a beautiful appearance of 3D architectural renderings. 

To depict realistic lighting in computer visualization software, they must ensure two factors: correct and beautiful.

  • Correct: With a powerful set of customizable tools, 3D architectural renderings software allows users to intervene and correct all lighting parameters such as brightness, color temperature,… So, If we don’t understand the nature of light, it’s easy to misalign and create odd spaces.
  • Beautiful: Once we get the lighting right, the rest is to describe the decorative lights in a way that depicts the spirit of that space.

Camera angle

The use of photographic compositions to highlight the subject you want to portray is compulsory. 

  • The parameters for the camera in the 3D architectural renderings software have the same parameters as that of a regular mechanical camera. Depending on the pre-created lighting conditions, the position of the light source is relative to the camera, and we must adjust the parameters of the camera accordingly to create an image with good light quality.
  • With their very powerful tools, 3D architectural renderings software allows 3D artists to set up camera positions at angles not possible in reality.

Tips for working effectively with 3D architectural renderings studio

Hiring 3D architectural renderings to outsource has many benefits for the architectural firm. However, the firm needs in order to know some tips to work effectively with 3d architect rendering studio as follows:


Tips for working effectively with 3D renderings studio

  • Clarify all requirements with 3D architectural renderings studio: You should ask questions after the information exchange procedure to ensure that the information and specifications you provide are understood by restaurant interior rendering studios.
  • Negotiate a better price: There are some strategies that architectural firms could use to negotiate price such as:
    • Anchoring: offers a price level to which the negotiation range should be anchored.
    • Whack Back: rejects the first offer of a price.
    • Sticker Shock: be shock by the price
    • Cherry Picking: give a solution to obtain concessions
    • Pencil Sharpening: pushes the seller to accept a price reduction.
    • Going, going, done: produces a sense of impending doom, even threatening to leave
  • Get back quickly with revision: The architectural firms need to review and provide feedback as soon as they receive a draft of the 3D architectural renderings result. This response should be returned to the 3D architectural renderings studio within a day. This decreases down the amount of time spent on the job.

Top 5 best 3D architectural renderings studio

In this part, we will suggest you top 5 best 3D architectural renderings studio around the world

K-Render Studio – Top 1 3D architectural renderings studio

K-Render Studio offers 3D architectural renderings services all around the world. Until now, we have done more than 500 projects in over 20 nations. K-Render 3D rendering studio is a powerful group of talented individuals linked by a mutual passion for architectural visualization. We provide the highest level of service and work with a wide range of clients all around the world.


Top 1st best 3D architectural renderings studio



Hotline: +84 855 555 062 (Ms Amy)

Omega Render – Top 2 3D architectural renderings studio

Omega Render is a high-end 3D architectural renderings firm with a distinctive and captivating visual style. By telling stories and evoking emotions, our graphics and animations give voice to yet-to-be-built architecture.


Top 2nd best 3D architectural renderings studio

Location: Budapest, Hungary, and Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Construct Media – Top 3 3D architectural renderings studio

Construct Media is a 3D architectural renderings studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. They could assist Real Estate Developers and Architects in developing, defining, and promoting their vision.

EDiT visualization studio – Top 4 3D architectural renderings studio

EDiT is a 3D architectural renderings studio based in Belgrade, Serbia.


Top 4th best 3D architectural renderings studio

The 3d architect rendering process is formed by communicating effectively and a clear comprehension of clients’ vision, which results in a high-quality final product.

Buzilan Digital Visualization Studio – Top 5 3D architectural renderings studio

Buzilan Studio was founded in 2011 based in Bucharest, Romania. Besides 3D architectural renderings services, they also offer product design, graphic design, motion graphics, commercials, music videos, paintings, illustrations, and live concert visuals.


Top 5th best 3D architectural renderings studio


3D architectural renderings provide the flexibility and versatility to handle almost any visual challenge. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to outsource the architectural design rendering service.

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