This is a project that K-Render was very honored to do and design for Mr. Ron – a fashion designer from the UK. Mr. Ron is a person who loves the style of old castles in England but fits today’s modern trends. Understanding that, K-Render Studio has launched the Villa HD project.

A project where the design style is both ancient and luxurious, showing the power like the kings living in the palace in the past. This villa is located in a suburb of England. It has a temperate climate and is very close to the sea.

With a large location, this villa has a total area of ​​550m2. In front of the house there is a garden and a family swimming pool. With the Render requirements of Mr. Ron, the interior of the house is directed with an aristocratic style. This villa has 3 floors. The first floor has a large living room to receive many guests. The dining room is located right next to the living room. This dining room is also very large, suitable for parties with a capacity of 15-20 people.


Villa HD project living room

The 2nd floor has 3 bedrooms and 1 king bedroom and all of these rooms are facing the sea. Imagine waking up every morning, opening the door to the room and having a beautiful sea view is wonderful.

The top floor is a common family entertainment space. Including 1 movie room for family and 1 room dedicated to listening to music and singing karaoke.

After about 2 weeks, Mr. Ron received the most complete Render from K-Render Studio and he said he was extremely satisfied and finally he was able to see what his future home would look like. for a short time


Villa HD living room 2

Finally, thank you Mr. Ron for trusting and choosing K-Render as a partner to carry out this project.

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