Unique project Seaside Resort

In the last days of the year, almost everyone in the West is preparing to celebrate Christmas for their families. But instead, Mr. James continued his work to keep up with the project schedule in January next year. He gave us the Seaside Resort project. And we are very open to receiving your project.

General overview of the Seaside Resort project

Mr. James is a real estate professional. After searching for companies specializing in rendering services, he decided to choose K-Render Studio.

After exchanging, texting, and having a zoom meeting between the two sides, we understood more about his project and the requirements he gave us.

He wants us to render an aerial view of his project resort. There are resorts, houses and in addition, there are landscapes such as trees, play areas, beaches, and small islands.

Project overview

The Seaside Resort project with an area of ​​​​2580 sqm includes the mainland and the island. We love unique and diverse projects like this, so we are very happy to be able to do this project directly from Mr. James.

And after receiving all the information and documents of the project, we started working on the same day, to complete the project on time for our customers.

Mr. James asked us to render the painting in the morning, in the morning, it had to shine directly on the resort and amusement park.

Surrounding the resort are close-knit forests and in the distance, there are islands jutting out into the sea

After we finished the first version, the customer was very satisfied and just asked us to change the color of the sky a little to better match the project scene.

Accordingly, we have edited and changed exactly as requested by Mr. James and released the final final version.

When he received the final version he was very pleased with our quality and service, and he suggested that he will cooperate with us for a long time and will provide our project every time he has a new project.

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