Trendy and classic beauty of Darius Edgar’s apartment rendering

This article will give you an overview of the first 3D rendering project of K-render: Darius Edgar’s apartment in Nolita, New York City. Moreover, we also analyze the project to help you have more knowledge to evaluate the quality of 3D-rendered images.

Overview of the project

Darius Edgar, the owner of an apartment in Nolita, New York City, was seeking rendering services as he already had a blueprint for the apartment and wanted to see how it would look after it was constructed. After searching for a 3D architect studio, considering the quality and price of the service, he chose to partner with us – K-render. Overall, Darius Edgar’s condo is 1688 square feet and it has two bedrooms, and two bathrooms as you can see from the blueprint below.


Darius Edgar’s apartment blueprint

Rendering output

Here are some rendered images of Darius Edgar’s apartment. In addition, we’ll analyze the visualization rendering features to help you evaluate what makes a high-quality rendering.

Living room in Darius Edgar’s apartment

Our 3D rendering artist chose a camera angle about 3-4 meters above the ground, which is suitable for human vision. From this distance, you can easily observe and know how the entire interior design of the room will look. Moreover, our artist created the rendered image in the spatial order that began right after you open the door to get into the house.


A part of living room in Darius Edgar’s apartment

This would be the first scene you see when entering the apartment. The way the rendering artist arranges the structure and creates the flow of the picture meaningfully indicates its high quality. This is one of the factors that evaluate the quality of 3D architectural rendering service. Besides, the furniture material was rendered realistically to reflect their physical characteristic of them. For instance, wooden floors are perfectly represented to every grain of wood, and carpets are apparent to every hair. In addition, combined with the light, each of them will have different lighting angles. That’s why some areas look darker or lighter than others.


Darius Edgarliving’s apartment living room rendering

From this perspective, the rendering artist chose the layout to go from the subsidiary to the major factors. Our eyes will follow the direction from the blue armchair to the end of the room. The glass table surface and the crystal ceiling lamp are the two most reflective objects. The leather armchair in the corner of the living room was rendered realistically from the smoothness to the wrinkles. Furthermore, the harmonious combination of cool colors and hot colors: the orange of the bench creates the spotlight for the room.


Another living room scene you will see when shifting the standing position.

The 3D rendering artist rendered meticulously each motif, and pattern of the fireplace and the ceiling. Wall molding is a raised edge on the surface of the wall. It includes many pattern details to create accents for the apartment.


An example of symmetrial layout

A symmetrical layout takes the ceiling lamp as the symmetry axis for the room, which creates harmony and balance for the viewer. Furthermore, not only attracts people with its luxurious beauty but this latest project of K-Render Studio- one of the top 3d visualization companies also offers a distinct beauty that is both trendy and classic. With the color transition occurring throughout, every detail in each space makes viewers unable to take their eyes off it.

Dining room in Darius Edgar’s apartment

Move to the next room – the dining room still follows the spatial order. This arrangement is a frame-in-frame layout.


Frame-in-frame layout


Another view of the dining room

In this photo, our rendering artist had placed the camera angle slightly lower compared to the living room. The main color changed to pink combined with the ancient-style ornaments making the room more unique.


A view of dining room in Darius Edgar’s apartment

Other rooms in Darius Edgar’s apartment

The rendering way of other rooms is the same as the living room. With each viewing angle, we can see that the colors of objects will be different depending on the natural light reflected on them. As a result, only high-quality rendered images show us that. Besides, in Darius Edgar’s apartment rendering project, our rendering artist utilized the natural light to make all the room more airy and bigger. If the color of the object on the whole surface is the same with no shadows or reflections that are not considered good and skillful rendering.


A part of another room in Mr.Darius’s apartment


Other view of the room


High-quality rendered photo


Through the analysis combined with the illustrations of Mr. Darius Edgar’s rendering condo project, we can realize that 3 factors: layout – light – material are three very important factors and need attention in the 3D rendering process. Therefore, you can base on these 3 factors to evaluate the quality of rendering services.

Those are some 3D-rendered images of Darius Edgar’s apartment. As soon as he received the output, he was very satisfied and looked forward to having the opportunity to cooperate with K-render in the future. We are very appreciative and grateful to Mr. Darius Edgar for trusting and cooperating with us. Wishing you and your family a successful and happy 2023.

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