Top five best 3D rendering company in the world

A 3D rendering company helps you to give the clearest visualization to the customers and transfer the design idea as well. In this article, we will provide you useful information about rendering companies and how to find a rendering company.


Overview about 3D rendering company

In this section, we will learn about types of 3D rendering firms and the benefits of cooperating with them.

Classification of 3D rendering company

There are three main types of 3D rendering firms as below.

    • Architectural 3D rendering company. This type of company provides 3D rendering services relating to the architectural field. The services include 3D interior rendering, 3D exterior rendering, 3D floor plan, architectural animation, etc.
    • Advertising 3D rendering company. This type of company creates products that are used to promote the brand. They are 3D images or animations of avatars, fashion, products, etc.

A typical product of a 3D rendering company

    • Movie and game 3D rendering firm. This type of firm makes 3D modeling, 3D rendering, and 3D animation of the movie and film.

Benefits of cooperating with a 3D rendering company

Cooperating with a 3D rendering company brings huge benefits to clients. In this article, we will concentrate on the benefits of collaboration with 3D architectural rendering companies.
When cooperating with a 3D rendering company, clients can get a lot of benefits as below:

    • Cost-savings

Instead of hiring an individual or a team specializing in 3D visualization to work for your company, you can cooperate with a 3D rendering company. Outsourcing 3D rendering services will save you more money than paying the rendering department in your company.


Benefits of cooperating with a 3D rendering company

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    • Having time to approaching new customers

The product completion time is quick thanks to the optimized workflow of the 3D rendering company. As a result, you will have more time to approach new customers and earn money.

    • Getting high-quality products for many purposes

You can receive high-quality products thanks to the specialization of 3D rendering firms. As the firms only focus on the field of visualization, their products are of high quality. You can use these products to present design ideas to customers and promote your brand.

Criteria to assess a 3D rendering company

There are many criteria to assess whether a 3D rendering company is reputable or not. Below are the four main criteria you can use to do so.

Have a business license and a clear business address is the first criteria to assess a 3D rendering company

A reputable animation company needs certification, awards, and clear business dress. This is the first criteria to consider where a company is one of the best rendering companies or not.


Criteria to assess a 3D rendering company

    • Certificates

A reliable 3D rendering company would have certifications related to the field of 3D rendering. These certifications include a certificate of completion of illustration training programs and a certificate of expertise in the field of 3D rendering. Ask the company that provides these certificates to make sure it is one of the best 3d rendering companies.

    • Awards

A reputable rendering company is certainly indispensable for 3D rendering awards. Awards include awards for dedication to the field of 3D rendering and awards in specialized competitions.

The 3D rendering firm that has award can be one of the best rendering companies


Criteria to assess a 3D rendering firm

    • Business license

A reputable company needs a business license. This license proves the company operates legally. Therefore, you can be assured of legal issues when cooperating with this company.

    • Business address

When verifying the credibility of a 3D rendering company, you need to look for information about the business address.
A reputable 3d rendering company needs a clear business address. The business address needs to be accurate and detailed to the house number and room number.

Have clear capacity profile – the second must-have criteria of a 3D rendering company

A clear capacity profile proving that a 3D rendering company is reputable includes:

  • Basic business information such as name, address, business license, and website.
  • The products and services that the company provides with detailed images. In addition, the strengths of these services should also be stated in the portfolio
  • Major projects that the company has done. These projects are well-known projects and customers can search for them.

Have reputable working partners – the last criteria to assess a 3D rendering company

A reputable company needs to have a list of customers that they have worked with. In this customer list, there must be large enterprises in the same field. Besides, this customer list can be easily verified when needed.

Step by step guide when you are working with a 3D rendering company

To work effectively with a 3D rendering company, you need to work in a clear, step-by-step manner. Each step you need to pay attention to certain points to have a smooth working process. Here is the ultimate guide to working with a 3D rendering company for you.

Step 1 – Negotiate when working with a 3D rendering company

The first step is to negotiate. In this step, you will need to exchange information and negotiate the following issues.

    • Product requirement

You need to give your product requirements. These requirements include product completion time, product quality, product features, number of photos of a product, etc.

    • Provide product documentation

For each product type, you will need to provide a 3D rendering company with different relevant documentation.

For example, when you use an interior rendering service, you will need to provide: furniture floor plan, section architecture drawing, mood board, material board, list of furniture, and list of materials.

    • Price

Price is an important factor that needs to be negotiated with the 3D rendering company. You need to negotiate a reasonable price for both parties. The payment price and payment currency both need to be clearly communicated.

    • Other information

In addition, you need to exchange other information with the 3D rendering company related to cooperation.


All steps that you need to know to work with 3D rendering firrm

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They are how many percentages of the product can be edited based on your feedback, the timeline of each step, what will happen if the product is not completed on time, etc.

Step 2 – Sign the contract

The next step is to sign the contract. Before signing a contract, you need to carefully consider the terms of the contract. If there are any unreasonable terms, you need to immediately correct them before signing.

Step 3 – Payment

Payment is an important step and needs high precision. You need to verify your payment information, payment currency, and bank. You can pay once or in installments depending on the agreement between the two parties.

    • Step 4 – Receive 3D rendering products

Typically, a 3d rendering product is divided into several stages to be sent to the customer. Modeling, draft, low-quality image, and high-quality final product.


An example of 3D rendering product

Once you’ve received the product at each of these stages, you’ll need to provide feedback on the elements that need to be corrected and the deadlines for the next stages for the 3D rendering company.

Signs that you are facing a 3D rendering company scammer

Avoiding scammers is the first priority of any company. Below are signs that you are encountering scammers when finding or working with a 3D rendering company.

You can not find the 3D rendering company’s basic information

To determine if a 3d rendering firm is a reputable company, the first thing you need to do is identify the company information.

The simplest way to do this is to search for the company name on the internet. The information of the company you need to find is the company name, company headquarters, legal representative, contact information, company size, and products that the company provides.

3D rendering companies often post a lot of information and images about projects to attract customers. Therefore, this is one of the main pieces of information that you need to look for.

If you cannot find most or all of this information, you should immediately reconsider your cooperation. This is most likely a scam company and does not have any reliable information.

The 3D rendering company try to push you to pay money as soon as possible

Scammers will always want to get their money back as quickly as possible. Therefore, you can easily recognize that you are working with a scam thanks to this sign.


The payment process when cooperating with a 3D rendering company will often be divided into several stages. The number of stages depends on the agreement of the two parties.

In the first stage, you will need to pay about 50% of the contract value after signing the contract. At the next stages, you will pay based on the corresponding work results.

If the 3D rendering company does not divide the payment into stages and levels and puts pressure on you to pay the full amount, stop imprinting with them immediately.

Besides, there is another type of scam that only takes part of the contract money. This type of scam will try to make the first payment as high as possible. After the customer pays this initial amount, the scammer will disappear. Therefore, you should consider dividing the installment rate.

You are offered an incredible benefit

Unbelievably high returns can be a way to scam your money!

In order for their partners to speed up their work, scammers offer far different benefits than usual. These benefits that the 3D rendering company gives you can be much lower than the market price, a short turnaround time, or a high-value bundled gift.


These can be 3D rendering prices much lower than the market, extremely fast rendering times, or high rendering quality for a low price.

These are all unlikely things. Therefore, you need to stay away from companies with these symptoms to avoid losing money. They definitely are not top 3d rendering companies.

Some effective way to find a reputable 3D rendering company

To find a 3D rendering firm to cooperate with, you can refer to the following ways.

The first way to find a trustworthy 3D rendering company is by searching on the forum

As a forum is a professional place, it is the first way to find a 3D rendering company. Companies or individuals belonging to 3D rendering company operate on forums to share information about the company as well as find customers.


What you need to do is find forums for architecture and 3D rendering. In these forums, you will easily find information about rendering companies. Besides, you can observe these companies sharing and exchanging information about projects. From there, decide if the 3d rendering firms are right for you.

However, you need to be very careful when looking for a 3D rendering company. You can’t be sure the company you’ve found is reputable just by how its account interacts on the forum. We will give you some suggestions to identify scammers in the next part.

You can find a reputable 3D rendering company on a social network

3D rendering firms are now very active on social networks as social networks are the place to reach many users. The company may also communicate on social networks. Here are some popular social networks where you can search for 3D rendering companies.

    • Behance

Referring to architecture and 3D rendering, we cannot ignore the name of the social network Behance. This is where creators come into play.


Behance is where you can find a 3D rendering firm

At Behance, companies or individuals will share information in the form of “work”. You can see the projects that a company has done. From there, you can see if any company has the right color for the project you are working on.

Behance also has another part – mood board. This is a part for everyone to save projects for themselves and their followers to follow. If you see quality projects in this part of the company’s mood board, this is also a sign of top 3d rendering companies.

In addition, you can refer to exterior render ideas on Behance.

    • Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world. Nearly every business in any field is presenting on this platform.

You can search directly with the keyword “3D rendering company” to find the Facebook accounts of the companies. Besides, a more effective and faster way you can apply to find a 3D rendering firm is to join groups specializing in 3D rendering. In these groups, you can easily find not only companies but also individuals in this field.

In addition to the two social networks mentioned above, you can search for a 3D rendering company and top 3d rendering companies on many other social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

Another way to find a reputable 3D rendering company is searching on e-commerce website

If you think e-commerce sites only sell general merchandise, you’ve missed a potential channel to find a 3D rendering company!


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Currently, 3D rendering companies publish their products (projects) on e-commerce sites much more often than before. You can go to major e-commerce sites like,, to find yourself a suitable 3D rendering company.
But you must pay attention, you need to verify the information of a company carefully before choosing to cooperate with that company.

The last way to find a 3D rendering company is to find through your networking

You can take advantage of your networking to find a 3D rendering company.

First, you should ask individuals or companies that have worked with a 3D rendering company. They will understand the working process as well as the quality of the company’s products.

Then you can ask people who know top 3d rendering companies. This way will be less effective because they cannot know the quality of the products and services of those companies.

Top five best 3D rendering company

The following are the top five best 3d rendering companies that you can refer to.

K-Render Studio – top one the best 3D rendering company

K-Render Studio is a studio in Vietnam and on the top of the best rendering companies.

    • Business address: K-Render Studio has business addresses in Hanoi, Vietnam, and San Antonio, Texas, the USA.
    • Years of experience. With 8 years of experience in rendering, K-Render Studio has accumulated a lot of experience thanks to many different projects.

K-Render Studio is one of the top best rendering companies

    • Services: K-Render Studio provides both interior and exterior rendering services. The quality of rendering services is highly appreciated by many customers.
    • Prices: starting from $15.9 / 1 sqm. This is a very competitive price compared to other 3D rendering firms.

3D rendering products of K-Render Studio

When cooperating with K-Render Studio, you can be completely assured of product quality as well as other factors. Rendered products will be completed in the fastest time with the most reasonable price. You can also visit K-Render studio’s website to refer to 3D architectural render services.

VRender is a highly appreciate 3D rendering company

VRender is a company based in New York which operates focus on rendering real estate projects. This is one of the leading companies specializing in 3D rendering.


    • Business address: 2196 Third Eye, New York, USA.
    • Experience: VRender was founded more than 17 years ago. After years of experience, they have greatly improved the quality of 3D rendering products and services.
    • Services: This company has many services: interior and exterior rendering, industrial 3D modeling and animation, and CAD drafting. Among the types of services that the company offers, VRender does the best in 3D floor plans. You can also see these types of services in 3D rendering services in India providers.
    • Clients: VRender has cooperated with many big companies such as YM HOMES, Oak View HOME, WSD HOME, etc.

Luxigon – one of the best 3D rendering company

Luxigon is one of the best 3D rendering studios. Luxigon is a company that was founded by a French architect. It can be listed as a best 3d rendering company. It is famous for its stunning 3D models, overlay animation, and comprehensive and attractive 360-degree interactive presentations.


Luxigon is a good choice when finding a 3D rendering company

    • Business address: 11 bis rue Bachaumont, Paris, France.
    • Experience: Luxigon started its rendering works over 20 years ago. This 3D rendering company has done many big projects in many countries.
    • Services: This company provides interior and exterior renderings and architectural animation. they are especially famous for their exterior rendering services
    • Clients: the company has worked with many clients that can be mentioned as Fresh Architecture, 3XN, Enzo Rosso, etc.

VSLB Studio – one of the top 3d rendering companies

VSLB Studio is a familiar name for a 3D rendering company. You can refer to this company for the following information.


Examples of rendering products made by VSLB Studio

    • Business address: 5F Geumgang Bldg, Sinsa-dong 597-15, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
    • Experience: VSLB Studio was founded in 2019. In just two years of operating, they have many achievements in the rendering field.
    • Services: VSLB provides services 3D rendering, interior design, architecture. They also provide branding services (logo design and branding materials) and VR and CGI.
    • Clients: They are responsible for rendering products for many big brands like Chanel, Porsche, and LG.

RealSpace 3D company – one of the top rendering companies

RealSpace 3D company is the last name of the top five best 3D rendering company today. Let’s see why RealSpace 3D belongs to the top.


Examples of rendering products made by RealSpace

    • Business address: 170-322, Richards Street, Vancouver.
    • Experience: RealSpace was founded in the year of 2007. After 14 years, they have cooperated with a lot of partners and gained experience.
    • Services: They specialize in architectural rendering. The services include residential rendering, commercial rendering, 3D floor plan, product rendering, etc.

The article has provided you with the necessary information about the 3D rendering company. We hope that you can find the right company for your needs and have effective cooperation for both parties.

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