Top best 3D visualization companies that you can find online

When looking for companies for 3D visualization, you’ll probably want to find the top and reputable companies. However, this is not an easy thing to do. This article will provide you with useful information to find and work with a 3D visualization companies, . Let’s find out together!

The definition of 3D visualization companies

These are companies that provide 3D visualization services – the service of expressing ideas about products by stimulating them in images or videos.

Classification of the 3d visualization companies

They are divided into two main categories.

  • Architectural 3D visualization companies. They provide services related to architecture such as 3D modeling, interior 3D visualization, exterior 3D visualization, 3D floor plans, and architectural animation.
  • Product 3D visualization companies. These visualized products are often used for promotional purposes. They can be fashion products, technology products, or technical products.

There are two categories when classifying

Benefits of cooperation with 3d visualization companies

Cooperating with them offers a lot of benefits. This article will focus mainly on the benefits of cooperating with 3D architectural visualization companies.

    • Saving your cost is the first benefit of cooperation with 3D visualization companies

Collaboration with 3D visualisation companies is much more cost-effective than running a 3D visualization team within the company.When operating a 3D visualization team in the company, you need to buy machines, buy software and pay employees. This is a major expense of the business. Instead, you can use 3D visualization services to save cost.

    • Time-saving

The completion time of visualization is shorter thanks to highly specialization. Therefore, you will have time to do other tasks such as finding new customers and taking care of customers.


You can save cost and money when collaborating with 3D visualisation companies

Criterias for you to assess 3d visualization companies are reputable or not

Before choosing a visualization company to work with, you need to evaluate whether the company has a reputation and expertise or not. So on what criteria do you assess them? Here are 4 criteria for you to assess 3D visualization companies.

The 3d visualization companies have a business license and business address

When looking for information to assess 3D visualization companies, business license and business address are two top priorities.
The business license is proof that this is a real company that exists and operates legally.A specific business address shows that the company takes its business seriously. This address should be legible and searchable.


Reputable 3D visualisation companies have business license

The 3d visualization companies have awards and certificates in the field of 3D visualization

A reputable and professional 3D visualization company often has awards and certifications in the field of 3D visualization.

    • Certificates

This is the best demonstration of the 3D visualisation companies’ knowledge and skills. Certifications show that they  have enough knowledge to work effectively.This certification can be a certificate of completion of specialized courses or proficiency in 3D visualization software.

    • Awards

That company participates in competitions to assert and dedicate itself to the field of 3D visualization. For such a professional award-winning 3D visualization companies not only prove their ability to do the job but also demonstrates the company’s desire to assert itself.
Some of the awards that you can refer to and assess companies are WA Awards, the Pritzker Prize, and the Architecture Master Prize.


Certificates are proof of companies’ professionality

The 3d visualization companies have highly appreciated portfolio

The next criteria to evaluate  is a portfolio. A professional and highly regarded portfolio will show the quality of the company’s services.
First, the 3D rendering firms‘ portfolio needs to be full of basic information such as:

    • Company information
    • Highlights of company services
    • Certificates
    • Workflow
    • Pictures of featured projects

You can find information  in portfolios

The information in the portfolio must be presented cleverly. The layout and colors represent the company’s characteristics.
Outstanding projects need to clearly show the quality of 3D visualization companies. They also need to show the company’s colors so that it’s easy for viewers to see.

3d visualization companies have cooperated with well-known partners

Having large and reputable partners is one of the best proofs for the prestige. The list of prestigious customers proves the ability and position of the 3D visualization company. It shows that they are professional enough to cooperate with major partners.


Having large and reputable partners is one of the best proofs for the prestige

The most detailed guide when you are working with 3d visualization companies

Working in clear steps will help you work efficiently and optimize execution time. Here is the most detailed guide when you work with a 3D visualization company.

Negotiating is the first step

The first step when you work with 3D visualization companies or any company is to negotiate. This step involves exchanging information and negotiating on issues such as price and completion time.

    • Information exchange

The exchange of information is intended to create understanding between you and the architectural rendering studio. The information that needs to be exchanged between you and the 3D visualization company usually includes:

  • Product idea. This is an important piece of information you need to provide. The 3D visualization companies need to understand the product idea well to be able to accurately represent the spirit of the design idea.
  • Product requirements. You need to have clear and detailed product requirements. These requirements will help the 3D visualisation companies visualize easier in the working process.
  • Project budget. You need to come up with a project budget so that they can offer the package that fits you best.
    • Price. Even if you’ve set a budget in advance, negotiating the price is still essential. Deal with the price that suits your budget and the service package you choose.
    • Timeline. A clear working timeline that both parties can follow is necessary.
    • Terms in the contract: terms of price, payment, the confidentiality of information, the integrity of the contract, etc.
    • Related benefits. This benefit can be a part of the product package or other added values.Product documentation. This is an important part to understand the product. For example, for architectural 3D visualization companies, the documents you need to provide are the interior layout plan, mood board, material board, etc.
        • Negotiate

      After exchanging all necessary information regarding the project, you will negotiate with the comapnies. The information you need to negotiate includes:
      There are a few tips you can use when communicating and negotiating with.
      Set a budget that corresponds to 70-80% of your budget. This will help you limit the cost of services that exceed your budget. After dealing with the contract price, you can ask for some additional benefits.



You should negotiate the price

Signing the contract is the next step

The next step in the process of working with 3D visualization companies is signing a contract. In the first step, you and your partner negotiated the terms of the contract. So what you need to do at this step is:

  • Review the contract terms. You need to double-check the terms to make sure they are all clear with both you and the company.
  • Add/remove terms as needed. After checking, you can suggest adding or removing terms to better suit both parties.You can sign a contract directly or electronically

Review carefully before signing the contract

The next step when you are working with 3D visualization companies is payment.

After completing the contract signing step, you will proceed with the payment. This payment step will be made based on the payment terms in the contract you and the companies agreed.
You can pay by cash, check, credit card, debit card, and electronic bank transfer. Please choose the form that is most suitable and convenient for both parties.
When paying, depending on the contract value, you can choose to make a one-time payment to divide it into installments.

The last step is to receive the products and give feedback

After going through the above steps, you will come to the final step – receiving the product.
Before the final finished product is received, the 3D visualization companies often send out a draft for you to view and give feedback on. Based on your feedback, the visualization company will continue to perfect the product.You can completely give feedback after receiving the final product from the 3D visualization company based on the terms between the two parties.


Receive the products and give feedback is the last step

Tips on identifying scammers

When looking for a company to work with, your biggest fear is probably encountering scammers. Here are three tips to identify scammers to help you avoid being scammed and wasting your time.

You can’t find basic information about companies

If you can’t find any basic information about the 3D visualization company below, you likely encounter scammers.
Company headquarters, company address, and representative name. This is basic information that any company in any industry should have.


Headquarter and social networks are what you need to find out

Company communication channels. These include hotlines, websites, and social networking sites. 3D visualization companies need to have all these channels so that customers can easily find them.
Information about projects and partners with which 3D visualisation companies have worked. A real and reputable company will not hesitate to share pictures of the projects it has done as well as the partners it has cooperated with.

3d visualization companies do not have a clear payment process

Not having a clear payment process is also a sign of a scam. Please stop immediately contacting or cooperating with a 3D visualization company if you experience the following signs.

They  give many reasons to push or even pressure you to pay the money.
The 3D visualisation companies do not provide a clear payment process and are only interested in the first payment.

Usually, the payment process will be divided into several stages. When they are only interested in the first payment and not the next stages, they are likely scammers


Do not working with ones which don’t have a clear payment process

3d visualization companies have no expertise

Professional and qualified companies require specialized knowledge. Signs of a lack of expertise include:

    • Use generic terms instead of specialized words. Scammers often just use generic words like “client”, “goods” without using words commonly used by professionals.
    • Avoid answering professional questions. When you ask professional questions, scammers will avoid answering and look for other problems.
    • Give the wrong answer with professional knowledge.
    • Do not cooperate with 3D visualization companies that have the above signs.

Ways to find  3d visualization companies

There are different ways to find a 3D visualization company. However, you should choose some of the most convenient and fast ways to search. Here are the three most effective ways to find a 3D visualization company.

Finding through your existing networking is the first way

The first and fastest way is to find through your existing networking. The advantage of searching through your network is knowing the capacity and price range.

    • Search through individuals. You can ask people working as architects, designers, etc to find information about 3D visualisation companies. You should ask people who work in the field of the type of product you need to demonstrate.
    • Search through companies. You can contact the companies you have worked with to ask for information. The company you refer to are more reputable because this is probably the partner of the company you are asking for information.

Finding through your existing networking is effective

They can be found on social network

There’s no doubt that social media is a great place to look for information. Here are the most typical social networks for you to find 3D visualisation companies

    • Behance

Behance is the largest social network in the world for discovering creative works. You can easily search for 3D visualization companies. In addition, interactions at Behance are completely natural and cannot be interfered with. You can be assured of the quality of the highly interactive 3D visualisation companies in this social network.

When searching on Behance, you can pay attention to the following points to make your search more efficient.

The quality of the products posted. If you find the products on Behance, they will have the right quality and color for your projects, this could be a good choice. A number of followers and frequent interactions. They  usually have a lot of followers and interactions with the projects they post


Behance is a good place to find 3D visualisation companies.

    • Facebook
      Facebook is also a convenient social network.  The easiest and fastest way for you to find things on this social network is to join groups in the field of visualization. After joining these groups, you can directly post to search for comment and inbox these companies.

Facebook is also a convenient social network for finding.

    • Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest are the two largest visual social networks. This is where a lot of creators come up to find ideas for their products. You can also find 3D visualisation companies on these two social networks.
You can search for 3D visualization companies using the keywords “3D visualisation companies”, “3D visualization studio”, “3D visualization studio”.Searching in all three social networks is easy. You don’t need to pay any fees for them. However, you can hardly test the true capabilities.


You can also find on Instagram and Pinterest

You can find 3d visualization companies on forums

Forums are also a good place to find companies. You can search on this channel in the following way:
Post posts asking for information about 3D visualisation companies. Many individuals and companies will respond to your posts. From there, you can filter out companies that fit your needs.

Subscribe to posts related to the 3D visualization companies or the 3D visualization industry. In these posts you can dig up information about 3D visualisation companies and learn more about the companies you see the potential.

However, it is difficult for you to verify the information about the 3D visualisation companies you find on the forum. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before choosing a 3D visualization company found on the forum.

Top best 3D visualisation companies

Based on the criteria for evaluating a 3D visualization company, you can more easily choose a suitable company to cooperate with. However, finding a reputable company to work for is still not easy. Here are the top 5 reputable 3D visualization companies with high-quality products you can refer to.

K-Render Studio – one of the best companies

K-Render Studio is one of the leading companies in the field of 3D visualization. With outstanding advantages, the company is always the first choice of partners who look for 3D rendering companies.

    • Business address: the company has business addresses in both Vietnam and the United States.
    • Experience: K-Render was established in 2013. Eight years working in the field of 3D visualization has brought K-Render Studio a lot of experience to improve service quality and product quality.
    • Services: K-Render provides 3D visualization services for both interior and exterior areas.
    • Strengths of K-Render Studio
      • Quality products. K-Render Studio’s products are of high quality, proper to the customer’s ideas
      •  Reasonable price: K-Render’s 3D visualization service price starts at $15.9/sqm. This is a very competitive price
      • Quick completion time. A project with an area of ​​1000sqm will be completed by K-Render Studio within 3 weeks (except time for editing based on customer requirements). So K-Render became one of the top companies.
      • Hotline: You can contact K-Render Studio via hotline (84) 855 555 691Besides, you can also find the topic of something about 3D rendering services in India from the blog of K-Render Studio.

A 3D visualization project of K-Render Studio

Easy Render

Easy Render – 3D visualizetion companies is  the choice of many individuals and companies when looking for the best 3D rendering studio.

    • Experience: Easy Render was established in 2014. Since its inception, Easy Render has helped thousands of 3D visualization projects to be formed.
    • Services: Easy Render is a company that connects architects and visualizers to customers. Customers upload work information on Easy Render’s website, then receive offers from many different architects. From there, customers can choose a supplier with a suitable price.
    • Strengths: Easy Render has a network of 3D artists from over 60 different countries. As a result, when customers post information and requests for 3D visualization projects, they will be handled quickly. You can visit the Easy Render website and refer to the exterior rendering idea.

3D visualization products of Easy Render

Brick Visual – good 3d visualization companies

Brick Visual is a reputable and well-known company in the field of 3D visualization. Here is the most basic information of Brick Visual – one of the top companies for your reference.

    • Business address: Brick Visual is located in the beautiful city of Budapest in Hungary. In 2019, the company opened an office in Cluj-Napoca.
    • Experience: Brick Visual has been working in the field of 3D visualization for nearly 10 years. During these 10 years, Brick Visual has cooperated with partners with many very large companies.
    • Services: Brick Visual provides 3D architectural visualization services including interior visualization, exterior visualization, and animation. Their services are highly recommended.
    • Strengths: Brick Visual completes the high-end 3D architectural visualization service very well. In particular, the 3D visualization effects are excellently completed by Brickvisual

3D visualization products of Brick Visual

Above is the article about the top best 3D visualization companies that you can find online. We hope that this article is useful for you when you look for the best company to cooperate with.



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