Top architectural design group famous in the world

To evaluate an architectural design group there are many different criteria. When architect design groups have achieved all the criteria they will have new steps, many famous architectural works in the world. Below are the criteria for evaluating architectural design group, and their famous architectures.

Criteria of the top architectural design group

Great designers can create works of amazing beauty, but those who study the field will know that architecture is more than just visual appeal. An architectural design group needs many qualities to truly be considered one of the best in the world.

    • First, the architectural design group needs to have a clear address and have a full business license. They have not only a headquarters but also corporate offices in many other countries.
    • Second, the architectural design group needs to have many major awards recognized by reputable boards in the industry.
    • Third, they have many impressive works famous all over the world. There are many large projects, impressive colors, light quality, space, materials. Architectural design group always has impressive ways of combining materials, creating high efficiency in decoration.
    • Next, the architectural design group collaborated with many other companies, creating community projects, residential areas, in many countries around the world.
    • Finally, the architectural design group has always prioritized long-term sustainability. The architectural design team can be a major transformation of a city or region.

Top 3 architectural design group

The top 3 famous architectural design group are the NDA group, Dewan architects + engineers, and the LA design group. They are large corporations, successful in the architectural design industry, and have many famous works. And, They use first-class 3D rendering services for all of their projects them.

NDA Group – #1 on the top architectural design group

NDA Group is top 1 on top architectural design group in the world. They have many branch offices in the world. Some information of group:

    • History begins with NDA GROUP – an architectural design company that is a leading design agency with offices in Europe (France), Asia (China and Vietnam), and the Middle East (Dubai) with over 18 years of experience.
    • Established in 2001 by Mr. Emmanuel Delarue, architectural design group NDA has more than 280 successful projects in more than 20 countries. The team of researchers comes from many countries.
    • NDA GROUP offers a wide range of solutions from feasibility studies, project planning, architectural design to promotional activities. Through an integrated 360-degree approach and creativity, the architectural design group aspires to create value for all its clients – from government agencies, high-quality real estate investors to… group of influential individuals. This is a project that brings contemporary architecture.

Italian Marina Portofino by architectural design group NDA

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    • NDA Group has designed many projects in the world such as Sanya Bay Marina (China), Busan Youngho Coastal Cruise Resort (Korea), Portofino Marina (Italy), and many other resorts travel.
    • Architect design group NDA created one of Europe’s most famous yacht towns by being modern amid old Italian touches. With 3 berths, NDA is responsible for the entire design of this marina. Perched atop a cliff surrounded by verdant landscapes, Busan Youngho Coastal Yacht Resort utilizes natural elements from the Busan coastline.
    • Architectural design group NDA’s design integrates the water element through the establishment of a yacht club with nearly 300 berths.

Samui Beach Villa Resort by architectural design group NDA

    • With an area of 350,000 m², architectural design group NDA designed the marina and architecture for Busan Youngho Coastal Yacht Resort.
    • Inspired by the Thai people’s rich cultural and architectural heritage throughout the centuries, Samui Beach Villa Resort connects the traditional and ecological living with modernity. With a scale of 11,300 m2, architectural design group NDA is responsible for the entire architectural design of this resort.

Dewan Architects + Engineers – top 2 architectural design group.

Dewan Architects + Engineers is an architectural design group in Dubai. They are the top 2 architectural design group famous in the world with some famous projects.

    • History begins with DEWAN ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS was established in 1984 in Dubai right during the boom in construction and architecture in the Middle East. Every company dares to accept challenges and “symbolic” missions.
    • Its founder and current Chairman and CEO, Mohamed Al Assam, established its first Dewan office in Abu Dhabi in 1984 and completed its first high-rise commercial project.
    • Dewan, Baniyas Tower, in 1988, solidified Dewan’s presence as a major player in the regional architecture scene.
    • In 1999, architectural design group Dewan was founded and it has quickly become a prominent and integral contributor to the emirate’s burgeoning and iconic skyline. architectural design group Dewan continues to strengthen its market leadership position by establishing new offices in Iraq, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Philippines, and Barcelona with plans to establish additional offices in Southeast Asia and Africa within 2-3 years.
    • Nowadays, architectural design group Dewan is recognized as a global multi-disciplinary operation and is ranked as one of the top three in the region and among the top 50 globally by leading publications. industry leader and peers.
    • Sur La Mer will be the first freehold townhouse community located in the prestigious Jumeirah 1 district. The charm and majesty of contemporary classical Italian architecture shine through at Sur La Mer. Vibrant materials and color palettes emphasize luxury, creating a difference for each villa.
    • This exclusive address offers 3, 4, and 5 bedroom townhouses that, with rich facades and meticulously planned details, will appeal to a wide range of tastes. With an area of ​​approximately 73,000 m2, this is a famous design of architectural design group Dewan.

Birmingham University by architectural design group Dwan

    • The University of Birmingham Campus is a project to create a regional model of environmental planning, design, and management, to create a physical environment that can enhance the learning experience, encourage cultural interaction, and stimulating intellectual and social exchange – a community of learning. With a total project area of up to 80m2, built in Dubai.
    • Architectural design group Dwan is the main designer for this project.

LA Design Group – top 3 architectural design group

LA Design group is a group long history with many projects famous in the US.

    • Architectural design group LA is a full-service architectural business that offers a comprehensive range of services including Conceptual Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Specifications, Construction Administration, Post Construction Services, and Close-Out.
    • History begins of Architectural design group LA has over 76 years of collective architecture experience and a track record of delivering exceptional results.
    • The group’s current president is Ms. Fariba and the architectural design group LA LA is also a woman-owned architecture firm with WBE Certification. The group has many certifications such as CCS (CSI Certified Building Index), WBENC ( National Council of Women Enterprises).
    • Architectural design group LA has many large and small projects in the US, mainly concentrated in the state of California. Some facilities such as 24/7 library, Campus Center at CPP, Starbuck at CPP.
      Starbucks is located at the Main Library on the Cal Poly Pomona campus.
    • Architectural design group LA was responsible for the design, planning, and completion of the project.

Starbucks at CPP by architectural design group LA

    • Architectural design group LA came up with a new modern design concept for the Walgreens prototype that was developed to promote the brand and promote the new corner pharmacy with convenience-oriented products and services.
    • In line with the development idea of big cities, this store is designed with multiple floors. The building is called Walgreens Pharmacy, in Fairfield, California.
    • Architect design group LA is responsible for the design and construction of the project.

Walgreens Pharmacy by architectural design group LA

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    • The 3,200-square-foot Newbury Park Residence sits on an 8,000-square-foot property in the prestigious Newbury Park Community in Ventura County, CA.
    • Currently under construction, will be completed by the end of 2021. Architect design group LA is the main designer of this project, which is also a famous project in California.
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