Top architectural design firms in the world

Satisfying the criteria for aesthetics and innovation, top 10 architectural design firms in the world come from different countries. They all contribute to impressive architectures worldwide and keep their mission throughout the project.

Criteria of top architectural design firms

These are some criteria that all architectural design firms have
  • High profit
    That the architectural design companies are highly lucrative is one important factor that shows the high value they bring. Top architectural design firms have a high level of revenue and profit that every firm desires.

Impressive buildings by the top architectural design companies

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  • Distinctive aesthetics
    The architecture projects that are created by the leading firms have distinctive aesthetics. These architectures make the viewers feel positive from their visual beauty. However, the architecture is not only aesthetic but also relevant to core requirements in architecture and necessary functions.
  • Sustainability
    Buildings or interiors that are designed by the leading architectural design firms are sustainable and environmentally friendly. These architectures use eco-friendly materials and release a low level of carbon, which is sustainable to the climate changes in the coming decades.

Sustainable architecture that is environmentally friendly

  • Right marketing
    Top architectural design companies clearly know which clients they would work for and the suitable marketing strategies are set up. These firms understand the customers better than the customers themselves. The architectural quality and devoted service have let the customers define these firms as the leading ones.
  • Innovation
    Innovative designs and details are applied by the leading architectural design firms. These companies keep a harmonious interconnection between new technology and local crafts. The latest technology is updated so that the architecture responds well to the increasingly modern world. These firms also contribute to top the best architecture design of house in the world.

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Innovative designs of architecture

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  • Mission
    Each of the top architectural design companies has a mission that they follow throughout their projects. The meaning of each architecture doesn’t stop at function or beauty, but also expresses through its improvement to the building environment, culture and lifestyle.

Top 10 architectural design firms

Based on the revenue and number of employees, the top 10 architectural design companies are mentioned as below.

Gensler: top 1 architectural design firms

  • Scale: Among many architectural design company names, Gensler ranks the first position with nearly 3000 employees.
  • Foundation: In 1965, this firm was founded by Millard Arthur Gensler (well known as Art. Gensler) together with Drue Gensler – his wife and James Follett – their associate.
  • History: From the 1970s to 1980s, as one of the leading architectural design firms, Gensler rapidly grew in the US. The firm has developed overseas from the 1980s to 1990s.

Gensler belonging to top architectural design firms

  • Headquarters: The headquarters of Gensler is in the US. Besides, Gensler has 49 offices in 4 continents including America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
  • Main aspects: Corporate interiors and pioneering interiors are originally focused by Gensler. Among a lot of architectural design styles, Gensler currently can satisfy various architectural forms including retail centers, commercial office buildings, airports, education facilities, mission-critical facilities, etc. Gensler has the best architecture design of house in the world. The architectural design of company shows distinctive aesthetics, innovation and expresses the organizational mission.

Nikken Sekkei: top 2 architectural design companies

  • Scale: Nikken Sekkei has 1,900 staff members and has operated for 115 years.
  • Headquarters: Nikken Sekkei headquarters in Japan and 12 overseas offices locate in Russia, Vietnam, Spain, China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, etc.
  • Famous architecture: Belonging to Nikken Group, Nikken Sekkei has famous architecture projects such as Tokyo Tower, Nagoya TV Tower, Yamaha Ginza, Tokyo Plaza, etc.

Tokyo Plaza – a well-known architecture by Nikken Sekkei

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  • The architectural design of company has brought high profit, finely impressed the targeted customers and shown the application of modern technology.

AECOM: top 3 architectural design firms

  • Headquarters: The headquarters of AECOM is in Los Angeles.
  • Foundation: In 1990, AECOM was founded from the cooperation of five firms including a giant architecture firm.
  • Main aspects: More and more worldwide clients use the service of AECOM for consulting, design, and construction.
  • Famous architecture: The famous projects that are completed by AECOM involve sporting venues of Olympic Park 2012 (London), headquarters of Unilever, workplace of Sony Music, etc.

Architectural projects that are designed by AECOM

The architecture by AECOM shows the innovation and high value of aesthetics. AECOM also drives the architectural design to be sustainable and eco-friendly, which brings high profit and matches with the company mission.

HDR: top 4 architectural design companies

HDR stands for Henningson – Durham – Richardson, which is inspired by the names of its founders.

  • Main aspects: As one of the leading architectural design firms in the US, HDR focuses on engineering, architecture, and construction services.
  • Famous architecture: Some great projects of HDR include Hoover Dam Bypass, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Roslin Institute Building, etc.

Roslin Institute Building – an architecture by HDR

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The current position of HDR is assessed thanks to the satisfaction of its targeted customers. HDR also focuses on the innovation in aesthetics and how to enhance its mission.

Sweco: top 5 architectural design firms

Founded in 1958, Sweco belongs to one of the best architectural design firms in Sweden.

  • Main aspects: This firm has broad experience in urban planning, architecture, design and construction.
  • Scale: Owning the offices in 7 different countries, Sweco has 17 thousand experts who can satisfy the customers’ demand for high-end design of buildings, places, and spaces. This firm also pays much attention to the environmental services that make sustainable architecture for the coming future.

The impressive architecture designed by Sweco

IBI Group: top 6 architectural design firms

Founded in 1974 in Toronto, the IBI Group provides professional design and planning services for transportation projects and urban development. The group also consults in the aspects of engineering, landscape architecture and technology.

  • Famous architecture: The architectural dedication of IBI Group includes some projects like Evergreen Point Floating Bridge and BC Cancer Research Centre.
  • Criteria: IBI Group meets the standard criteria of top architectural design firms in the world when gaining high profit, bringing distinctive aesthetics, maintaining the mission and tending towards sustainability.

Aedas: top 7 architectural design firms

Belonging to the top architectural design companies around the world, the establishment of Aedas is an international alliance of 3 countries (Britain, Australia, and Hong Kong).

  • Main aspects: The firm works mainly on landscape and urban design of architecture.
  • Famous architecture: The remarkable projects of Aedas include Emporium Mall, the headquarters of Taichung Commercial Bank, etc. They can design in many architectural styles, click here to know more what are the different design styles

The impressive project of Aedas – one of the top architectural design company names

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Aedas pays much attention to the innovation and application of modern technology to architecture. This lets the firm create distinctive aesthetics in the projects and tend towards environmentally friendly designs.

HKS: top 8 architectural design companies

In 1939, HKS was founded by Harwood K. Smith. Headquartered in Texas, the US, HKS is one of the largest architectural design firms in the US.

  • Scale: Until 2020, HKS has nearly 800 employees and the annual income reached about 300 million USD.
  • Famous architecture: In collaboration with other leading architectural design companies in the world, HKS contributed to impressive architectures such as SoFi Stadium, Bass Performance Hall, The Palazzo, etc.

Bass Performance Hall by HKS Inc.

HKS is one of the US firms that has the highest profit. The customers of HKS highly recommend the quality service of this architectural brand. They are also impressed by the organizational mission that is expressed through the architectural projects.

Perkins and Will: top 9 architectural design firms

Perkins and Will was founded in 1935 by Lawrence Perkins and Philip Will. The company was established in Chicago.
– Main aspects: This firm especially focuses on sustainable buildings and wants to be the leading firm in environmental design.
– Famous architecture: Perkins and Will has valuable constructions like VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre, International School of Beijing, etc.


An architecture by Perkins and Will – one of the top architectural design firms

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Perkins Eastman: top 10 architectural design firms

This one of top architectural design firms was founded by Mary-Jean Eastman and Bradford Perkins in 1984.

  • Main aspects: As one of the international architectural design companies, Perkins Eastman supplies the services including urban design, interior design, planning, landscape architecture, project management and graphic design.
  • Famous architecture: The famous architectures of Perkins Eastman around the world are Stanford Hospital, District Wharf, Boubyan Bank Headquarters, etc.
  • Perkins Eastman impresses the clients by its innovation and the deeply nice aesthetics. Perkins Eastman knows the targeted customers and lets the clients define the firm.
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