Top 3D architectural studios that all architects should know

Finding the top architectural studios helps the works of architects become easier and more effective. However, many architects do not know how to find a 3D architect studio and who they are. This paper will provide you a lot of useful information about 3D architectural studios and some amazing tips when working with them.

Some information may you want to know about 3D architectural studios

The definition of 3D architectural studios

3D architectural studios mean studios that specialize in providing services of visualizing building design ideas into visual images or videos so that viewers can see what the building will look like in the future. In a simple way, they are similar to the word 3D architectural rendering companies. However, in fact, they often provide both conceptual design and rendering services.


Some examples of 3D  studios

Benefits that architects would approach when cooperate with 3D architectural studios

Firstly, these provide higher quality products in short time

  • These studios have had technical expertise in using visualization software for many years, so the product 3D architect studio makes is technically always better than architects who simply know about architecture.
  • Moreover, 3D architectural studios are always equipped with quality machinery and software to ensure the work, so the quality and time will be more optimal than architectural firms that design and render by themselves.

The high-quality image was rendered by K-Render Studio

Secondly, when architects or architectural companies collaborate with, they may save on the cost of buying software and computers, the annual cost of updating the software. In addition, 3D architectural studios will also offer discounts for regular customers. This is a significant saving for architectural firms thanks to working with a 3D architect studio.

Thirdly, architectural firms get more opportunities to reach out to new potential clients. The work of rendering takes a lot of time for architectural firms. So, objectively, architecture firms should hire them to ensure the schedule, find new clients and increase profits.


Di Interni project rendering image by K-Render Studio

The most detailed guidelines to help you find the right studios

After seeing the benefits that  studios can bring to you, you will probably want to know where to find them. Then this is the answer.

Some sources to find 3D architectural studios

  • You should find studios through your networks. Architects you know can recommend some of the 3D architectural studios they’ve worked with. You will be sure of the prestige and quality of the products of the 3D architect studio or the architectural rendering firm. This is the first source that we want to recommend for you.
  • Secondly, you can search studios through the social networks that designers or rendering artists use. Some popular social networks are used a lot that you may not know here are Behance, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Especially Behance, this is a highly appreciated social network because of the community’s natural assessments for projects. They cannot fake the user’s appreciation. You can easily recognize the quality of the work through it.
  • Next, there are job sites for freelance rendering. This is also a channel for 3D studio architecture to upload their projects to find more customers. The advantage of this way is that you can compare the average prices of the studios easily.

The bedroom is best rendering by K-Render Studio

Criteria for evaluating the right studios for you

After searching for studios , you’ll realize there are just too many to choose from. So these are the criteria you have to rely on to choose that are suitable for your projects.

  • Reputable 3D architectural studios must have a clear business license. This is the minimum that a 3D architect studio can show to their clients. The business license shows the seriousness of their business.
    Stay away from ones that can’t give you their business license.
  • The 3D studio architecture you should work with will be able to demonstrate their competence through their portfolios. These are the projects they have worked on before, which is a testament to the talent and technique of each studio.
  • Please note that you always need to check whether these portfolios are exactly made by these 3D architectural studios or not.
  • Capable 3D architect studio will cooperate with great partners. This information can be found on the website or profile of this studio.
  • These  must know the expertise of software visualization, even architectural design
    Tips: Don’t rush to discuss prices and documents, let’s check their rendering knowledge to make sure you’re working with a professional studio

They must have a business license

Some signs are warning that you should stay away from 3D architectural studios

Although in the field of rendering services, it is quite difficult for any scammer to exist. However, you should also be careful with the following signs:

  • They can’t give you any information or unclear information about them.
  • They do not have basic information such as websites, social profiles or they are all starting from very new. Maybe they are newly established studios or were set up with fraudulent purposes so that they have not appeared on many platforms. Either way, you definitely shouldn’t risk working with these 3D architectural studios.
  • The designs or renderings of these  are all the work of another individual or animation company.
  • These 3D architectural studios do not have a step-by-step checkout process. They always want customers to pay 100% immediately.
  • The offers that they have for services you’re interested in are enticing, even hard to believe. Scammers always want to lure you with benefits so that you can pay them right away, and then these will disappear.

Showroom Kenli project rendering by K-Render Studio

Some helpful tips for you to deal with 3D architectural studios

Perhaps these are the tips that all investors or architectural firms who want to outsource design or animation studios need to know.

Tips on dealing the price with

Here are some tips when working with studios so you can get the best price

  • Give them a fixed budget, and give them the long-term benefits such as the opportunities to cooperate in the future that they can get from you. This will be your chance to get a good price, maybe even lower than your budget when collaborating with a 3D architect studio.
  • After you have an appropriate price, you can claim some other benefits such as increased views or image quality as a gift from the studios. At this time, they will tend to yield to have a deal quickly.
  • With 3D architectural studios that can provide both design services and rendering services, you can check their design ideas so that rendering service is an accompanying thing. From there, the cost you have to pay will be lower than hiring 2 separate design and rendering services.
  • If you already have the model, this can be a condition for you to negotiate the price down. However, we also note that not all studios accept this agreement because they may not be able to use your existing model.



This is the service price list of K-Render Studio you can refer to

Some tips for the effective working process of 3D architectural studios

To make the process of collaborating with 3D architectural studios effective, you should follow the tips we give below.

  • Prepare the necessary materials for the studio’s rendering process. These documents include architectural drawings, mood boards, material boards, ideas for the interior and exterior of the building,…This preparation helps both the negotiation process between the two parties and the rendering process  accurately and quickly.
  • Set a timeline for the process from draft to the 1st, 2nd, and final review and revision stages. A useful note here is to set the timeline about 1 week before your actual deadline to ensure it is on schedule.

Some tips on payment

Payment tips below are according to trust between you and the studios:

  • If you already know that the 3D architectural studios you are working with are reputable, then the advice for you is to transfer 100% of the contract value. This can save you some money on the cost of transferring money between banks or between countries.
  • If this is your first time working with these, split your payments in installments to ensure your rendering will be tweaked to your liking and on the expected timeline.

“La Veranda” project rendering by K-Render Studio

Top 3D architectural studios that you have to consider

K-Render Studio – The best 3D rendering 3D architectural studio

K-Render is one of the best studios that you can refer to. It is also one of the best 3D visualisation companies. They provide excellent quality interior and exterior rendering services. Currently, K-Render Studio has 2 headquarters in Hanoi Vietnam, and San Antonio Texas.

Why should you choose K-Render?

  • K-Render has 8 years of experience in architectural rendering.
  • Excellent rendering ability because their rendering artists are all architects with high rendering expertise.
  • Gain a lot of certifications in architecture and rendering.
  • Reasonable price of service
  • Short rendering time. You can save ⅔ time of rendering when cooperating with K-Render. They are one of the suitable 3D architectural studios for architectural companies that have urgent projects.

How can you contact K-Render?
Please contact us via hotline, WhatsApp Ms. Kaylin – Clients Manager (+84)855555961

You can see one of the most beautiful project of K-Render Studio on Youtube

Luxigon – A good choice for 3D architectural studios

This 3D architectural studio has many years of experience, has cooperated with many design and real estate companies. The quality of their products is well appreciated with high time. However, the price of this company will surely make you wonder.



Pixelflakes – The third suggestion of 3D architectural studios

Pixelflakes is a 3D architectural studio in London, England.  It is a favorite place for architects to refer to the idea of exterior rendering . They have 10 years of experience in architectural rendering with all of the services such as interior, exterior rendering, visualization video, walkthrough video,… However, because of a lack of rendering artists, Pixelflakes  temporarily stopped working.


Pixelflakes – The third suggestion

MIR – Another good choice for 3D architectural studios

MIR is a small 3D architectural studio in Bergen, Norway. In 20 years of experience, they have a lot of big and small projects in Norway focusing on architectural exterior rendering.


Mir is another good choice

The quality of the rendering products of MIR is very good, even if you are not professional you will not be able to recognize the real image and rendering.
Hotline: +47 55320001

Studio 3D Architects – A boutique 3D Architectural studio

3D Architects Studio is a boutique visualization studio that provides both architectural design and rendering services. It is considered one of the best 3D rendering companies. This 3D studio architecture’s headquarter is in Lithuania, Vilnius. The visual advantage of 3D Architects Studio is the realistic rendering of furniture materials, especially wood. If you are looking for 3D studios, 3D Architects Studio is a choice to help you satisfy all your interior and exterior needs, product animation,…


Studio 3D Architects – A boutique 3D Architectural studio

This article has provided useful information about 3D architectural studios that all architects should know. We hope that it will help you find proper ones for yourself.


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