Top 10 modern building architecture masterpieces in the world

Modern style buildings have unique beauty and the most profound influence and popularity around the world. The characteristics of these styles and materials have created sophisticated, modern and practical architectural works that many people love. Let’s find out together the Top 10 most impressive modern building architecture masterpieces in the world

Overview of modern building architecture

Modern building architecture can be understood as a broad concept used to refer to architectural works that have simplicity in layout, architectural shapes, spatial organization, or free and non-free space organization.


Modern building architecture uses a lot of glass and concrete

    • Modern style buildings have completely removed the sophisticated decorative details of the classical and neoclassical styles in the previous period and instead, use modern construction materials such as glass, concrete, steel, etc…
    • Modern building architecture design appeared around the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, originating when architects felt that the classical architectural movement was no longer alive, relying too much on the past, restricting the development of modern architecture creativity into classical frameworks.

Top 10 most impressive modern building architecture masterpieces in the world

Modern building architecture features an “open” design, emphasizing creativity beyond the standards that have existed for millennia of classical architecture. Let’s admire the architectural masterpieces in the most impressive and beautiful modern style in the world today.
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Lotus Center in China – Top 1 modern building architecture

China is famous for its timeless ancient architecture that the whole world admires such as the Great Wall. And in the modern era, Chinese architecture has developed even further. A typical example is a unique lotus-shaped building called Lotus Centre.


Lotus Center is China’s most distinctive modern building architecture

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This modern building architecture is a combination of 3 structures closes together with the shape of lotus flowers blooming in the lagoon. In particular, thanks to the design and arrangement, this building can impress everyone, both when viewed directly and from above.

Treehouse in the Netherlands – Top 2 modern building architecture

The complex of strange-shaped works in the photo is a collection of 40 residential houses on Overblaak Street, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


This modern building architecture transcends all principles of the old architectural style

Architect Piet Blom, the father of this particular modern building architecture, designed it based on the image of a green forest, where the trunk is the first floor of the house, while the canopy is stylized. into the 2nd floor with a very unique Rubik structure. In addition, despite the unusual design, the space inside is completely balanced and comfortable like many other houses.

The Atomium in Belgium – Top 3 modern building architecture

At first glance, most of us will mistakenly think that the building in the photo is just a steel symbol for decorative or propaganda purposes in public premises. However, in reality, the building called The Atomium in Brussels, Belgium is a modern building architecture complete with both a restaurant and a science museum.


This modern building architecture is a simulation of a single molecule

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Modern building architecture design consisting of 9 iron spheres linked together to mimic the shape of an atom, this work creates a challenge for everyone with a series of interconnected lines connecting the whole sphere, forming a maze and the lucky ones will find their way to the restaurant and museum inside.

Heydar Aliyev Exhibition Center in Azerbaijan – Top 4 modern building architecture

Heydar Aliyev is a famous modern building architecture in Azerbaijan as well as worldwide by female architect Zaha Hadid. As a lover of the unique and unusual design trend in the “alien” style, Zaha Hadid decided to take the image of a soft, winding fluid as the foundation for the design of the exhibition center this office complex and she actually created a building that looks like the future.


Heydar Aliyev is a famous modern building architecture with a strange shape

This modern building architecture is defined by a series of undulating wall blocks. These wall blocks are made up of metal beams with a total length of more than 9 km, and 12027 composite wall panels. The roof covers 40000 square meters of a zigzag space system, including a deep auditorium, and bright exhibition halls arranged throughout the five floors.
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Capital Gate Building in UAE – Top 5 modern building architecture

In construction, a building that tilts after completion is considered a failed construction. But this is a great idea with the Capital Gate skyscraper in Abu Dhabi. This modern building architecture has a height of 158.5 meters including 35 floors. The Capital Gate building is one of the buildings with the most “weird” design in the world. Even this tower is recognized by the world record organization as the building with the largest tilt.


This modern building architecture leans over the famous Italian tower of Pisa

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This modern building architecture is constructed from a network of metal triangles of woven wire mesh surrounding an inclined cylindrical tube. The building’s shell is Glazed glass panels that block ultraviolet rays from the hot Middle Eastern sunlight, and it also helps to regulate the temperature inside the building in the heart of the desert.

Guggenheim Museum in Spain – Top 6 modern building architecture

The Guggenheim Museum is considered one of the most impressive works in modern building architecture. A special feature of this museum is that the architect will use his imagination at the highest level to create the shape of the building that is asymmetrical, messy, breaking the inherent standards in conventional architecture.


This modern building architecture is coated with titanium to create moving geometric blocks

The Guggenheim Museum is a work of layered and highly toxic polymorphic curvilinear stacking, showing improvisation and a visually impressive feeling that makes viewers have a lot of different feelings. This modern building architecture has a solid structure from giant glass walls, the outside is covered with titanium to create large geometric blocks.

Friendly Alien Gallery in Austria – Top 7 modern building architecture

The strange building in the picture is a gallery of modern art called “Friendly Alien”. It is known that the shape of the building is inspired by the shapeshifting insect with many stylizations to make it both unique and more suitable for an exhibition hall.


This modern building architecture is inspired by butterfly larvae

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In addition, at night, this modern building architecture will emit a magical light that anyone looking from a distance will mistake for a real giant extraterrestrial being.

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Shard Building in the UK – Top 8 modern building architecture

Located in Southwark on the banks of the River Thames, the modern building architecture of glass and unusual cone shape has made the Shard one of London’s most recognizable landmarks. This building currently holds the record for the tallest building in Europe, started construction in 2009 and was completed in 2012.


This modern building architecture is reminiscent of pyramids in Egypt

Modern style buildings are finished in steel and tempered glass. This modern building architecture design looks like a modern UK pyramid.

Church of Brasilia in Brazil – Top 9 modern building architecture

Brasilia Cathedral is a masterpiece of modern building architecture in Brasilia, Brazil. Brasilia is made up of 16 identically curved concrete columns connected by glass panels. This modern building architecture is designed in the shape of an impressive thorn flower and symbolizes the hand reaching for heaven. This is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the world according to modern style buildings.


A modern building architecture is extremely impressive

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The church’s modern building architecture design has a glass roof and the space between the concrete columns is covered with blue and white glass. Sunlight fills the church with natural light. The roof is impressively designed with blue, green and translucent ribbons made of fiberglass, along with 3 hanging angel statues.

Empire State Building in the US – Top 10 modern building architecture

The Empire State skyscraper has a total height of up to 443 m, built according to modern building architecture, modeled on the shape of a pencil. The Empire State Building is the building that topped the list of the most beautiful modern style buildings in the United States voted by the American people.


This modern building architecture captures the love of the American

The Empire State is extremely charming when viewed from afar at night, because of its constantly changing lighting system, which lasts until 2 am. This modern building architecture is the first in the world to be taller than 100 stories. This modern building architecture design is built with a hot riveted steel frame. One of the most modern materials at that time. This makes modern style buildings extremely sturdy.

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