Top 10 architectural design studio in the world.

If you plan to build a house or a building or a resort maybe, you will need an architectural design studio? What is its definition? Which questions should you ask before choosing it and consider it as a creative architectural design studio and a list of some architect design studio names which are popular in the world?

Overview of architectural design studio.

An architecture design studio is a small company that employs one or more licensed architects, practices the profession of architecture and offers architectural services.


Architecture architect design studio

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The service that an architectural design studio offers:

  • Building Design: The professional and efficient creation of new building or remodeling designs that meet a client’s space planning and design needs. This is the main service of architectural design studio
  • Existing Conditions Report| Facility/ Building Analysis: An assessment of an existing structure, including walls, windows, roofs, floor plans, room layouts, building science audits, and equipment, resulting in a cost estimate
  • Code Analysis: Building rules, accessibility requirements, energy standards, local zoning legislation, land use plans, and other restrictions are all reviewed in detail for each project.
  • Space Planning: A floor plan is a graphic representation of the arrangement of areas, room layouts, and activities that make up the floor plan. Room dimensions, forms, quantity and types of spaces, and linkages (adjacencies) for all desired spaces will be shown in studies. For economic and functional success, many layouts can be designed and tested.
  • Site Planning: Site plan choices include boundary lines, prospective development boundaries, building location, pedestrian access, walkways, parking, landscaping, lighting, and other amenities.

Which questions you should ask before selecting an architectural design studio.

No matter whether an architectural design studio is popular or not. There are compulsory questions to test it.

Some good and creative architectural design studio has less popular than others because they don’t invest in marketing and they offer reasonable prices. Do you want to select a good-quality studio with good prices? Check out these must-ask questions?

Do you have a license to work locally?- the most important question to tell a good architectural design studio.

To practice architecture in a certain region, an architect must be registered and licensed with the local board of architects. Check to see whether your architect has the necessary credentials.

Can you provide a portfolio? – the must-have question to tell a good architectural design studio.

The majority of companies will gladly share photos of their work with you.

Request additional views than those shown in the online gallery so you may examine a project from all angles.

You may also compare the work of different architects in the studio by using their portfolios. Sometimes they will use render interior design to have an excellent portfolio.

Which projects did your architects complete while at your architectural design studio?

When looking at a portfolio of an architectural design studio, this may seem like a weird inquiry, but architects and designers travel around a lot.

A firm may show you work that an employee produced while working at another business during the interview process.

Can I visit a recent job site?- the proof to tell a good architectural design studio.

While a portfolio might give you a sense of what an architect can do, there is no better way to evaluate a person’s work than to look at a completed project.

During an on-site visit, the architect may highlight certain aspects of the project. The visit may also help you gain a better understanding of many areas of design in general.

Have you ever been sued?- an optional question to tell a good architectural design studio.

You’re interested in learning about the firm’s stability and reputation.

Check references to determine whether this architectural design studio has ever had any big problems with its contractors or clients.

Which contractors do you work with?

Architects draw up the plan so that the project may be built appropriately.

The architect is responsible for overseeing the project to ensure that it adheres to the plan, so you’ll need someone who has the time and patience to do so, as well as a solid working relationship with competent contractors.

What’s your experience in this market?- a recommended question to tell a good architectural design studio.

Find out how much work this architectural design studio has done in your region and in your sector.

How familiar are you with the look and feel of the city or location where you want to build?

Is the firm aware of any industry-specific design requirements, such as those in the health-care or arts-related industries?

What’s size of your firm?

Some companies specialize in large-scale projects or worldwide work. If you have a little project, an architectural design studio that can devote its whole attention to you may be the best choice.

For further information, contact the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

How long will it take to complete a project?

A construction project might take anything from six months to several years to complete. So pick an architectural design studio with whom you’ll be happy to collaborate for a long time.

Will the individual I meet today be a part of my project’s team?

Far too frequently, you meet an architect you like during the first meeting process, but after the project begins, you encounter an unfamiliar face or someone you don’t care for. Check out mid century modern architecture characteristics

Another option is that the firm’s executives seem as part of the presenting team, while the project is actually handled by less experienced employees.

Top 10 architectural design studio in the world

This list bases on their popularity and the quality of architecture service

Gensler – Top architectural design studio in the world

Gensler is a global design and architecture studio headquartered in the USA. Organized into 16 diverse practice areas covering a broad spectrum of industry sectors, Gensler delivers a range of project types for clients around the world over 100 countries.

In 201, Gensler generated $1.197 billion in revenue – number one architectural design studio in the world.

Nikken Sekkei Ltd.

Nikken Sekkei Ltd is a Japanese architecture studio headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo. It ranks as the second largest architecture design studio.


Aecom is an American multinational engineering studio that provides design and other services for clients. In 2015, it was recognised as Number 1 Global architectural design studio.

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc is an international technical professional services studio. The company provides technical, professional and construction services.


architect design studio names-Jacobs Engineering Group Inc

In 2018, its worldwide annual revenue reached nearly $ 1 billion and was also recognised as top Trenchless Engineering Firms.

IBI Group

IBI Group Inc. is a Canadian-based international professional services company consulting in the fields of architecture, engineering, planning, landscape architecture, transportation, and technology.

Founded in 1974 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, IBI Group provides professional consulting services around the world.

Since 2011 it has been ranked as one of the largest architecture or architecture/engineering firms in the world. In 2016 its operations in Canada accounted for 60% of its workload, its US operations 20%, and the UK operations 15%.

NELSON Worldwide

This studio is an American award-winning architecture, interior design, graphic design, and brand strategy firm that transforms all aspects of the human experience by providing strategic and creative solutions that have a positive impact on our clients’ lives and the environments in which they work, serve, play, and thrive.


is a global design practice founded in 1935. The firm was established by Lawrence Perkins and Philip Will. The company was founded in Chicago.


HDR is an architectural, engineering and consulting firm based in Omaha, United States. It has worked on projects in all 50 U.S states and in 60 countries.


HDR-architectural design studio

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The firm employs nearly 10000 professionals and represents hundreds of disciplines in various markets. Engineering News- Record ranked HDR as the 6th best engineering firm in the world in 2018.

HKS, Inc- an architectural design example 

HKS, Inc is an American international architecture studio which was founded in 1939 by Hawood K. Smith, headquartered in Dallas, Texas (USA).

In 2015, the firm employed more than 1000 people, making it one of the largest architectural firms in the USA.

Foster & Partners

Foster & Partners is a British international studio for architecture and integrated design founded in 1967, with headquarters in London, one of architect design group.

The practice is led by its founder and chairman, Norman Foster, and has constructed many high profile glass and steel buildings.

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