The Ville Di Lusso Project

The renderings of the Ville di Lusso project received the satisfaction of the design company. They express the exterior design of the building as well as the spirit of the design. In this article, we will share with you the factors that make good renderings of exterior construction and how our rendering artists have made it.

K-Render Studio team captured the spirit of the Ville Di Lusso project

The Ville Di Lusso is a 3D exterior rendering project by K-Render Studio. Our rendering artists listened to the design’s meaning and tried to incorporate that information into their 3D exterior renderings.


The Ville Di Lusso is the K-Render Studio team’s favorite project

The Ville Di Lusso is a luxury villa project located on the outskirts of the city. This is where a family will live and enjoy the fresh air with trees around. With this information in mind, K-Render Studio tried its best to embody the spirit of the design into renderings. You can view our Collin Coleste Resort project to see the talent of the rendering artists.

The factors that make the renderings receive the satisfaction of our client.

There are some main important factors that make our 3d exterior rendering services of Ville Di Lusso receive the love of the design company.

The light

In exterior rendering, light is very important. Light is the element that creates the beauty and authenticity of the villa.


Different types of trees intertwined around creating the green of the building

In this project, natural light was used for rendering. The light shines on the whole building, showing the beauty of the whole building. Besides, the light reflected on the glass door is also shown very cleverly. This can be considered as a highlight of exterior 3d rendering services.


The natural light was used to render in the Ville Di Lusso project

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The material

The use of materials for exterior renderings should focus on external surface materials.


Our rendering artists focus on rendering the material

When rendering the exterior, the artists focused on rendering the material surface of the building. Large arrays of black glass that reflect the light of the environment act as a focal point. Different types of trees intertwined around creating the green of the building as in our exterior project.

The rendering angle

The choice of angle when rendering the exterior is extremely important. Choosing the right camera angle will show the exterior beauty of the building in a comprehensive way.
In this work, the horizontal camera angle is selected for rendering. This camera angle helps viewers see the overview of the project, as well as the highlights of the project according to the design as in the TPLACE consturction.


Our rendering artists used the horizontal angle to describe the beauty of the villa

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K-Render Studio always tries and strives to create the most beautiful and realistic exterior rendering services that meet customer requirements. We hope that our clients will express the meaning and spirit of the design through our renderings.
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