The purpose of 3D rendering used for

“3D rendering” is not an unheard-of word key in the architecture field. However, what is 3d rendering used for is not really wide-known by many people. Understanding that, K-render studio would introduce a closer look about this topic. Through this article, we hope that readers would have more information about 3D rendering. 

The definition of 3D rendering 

First and foremost, you need to know the definition of the word “3D rendering”. By using specialist software, 3D rendering is to create a three-dimensional, realistic model of product. Drawings, sketches, pictures and other types of data help to build 3D product rendering models. Later, these can be used for many purposes such as publishing online or for promotional videos.


3D rendering

The way that manufacturers design and market their products has been revolutionized by 3D product rendering technology, which has replaced traditional prototyping. There are 3 types of 3D product rendering : Product 3D models, Still product 3D renders, Interactive product 3D rendering. You must determine which type is best for your projects by weighing the strong points of each type. 

Furthermore, 3D product rendering allows for 360-degree rotation, display from any angle. It also provides interactive use of the objects alone or in combination with other elements. You can enlarge or reduce the image to the required size in order to fully comprehend all of the product’s features. Transforming an idea into a virtual model and making it possible for designers, developers, and marketers to understand how it works, 3D product rendering offers all of these benefits. Product renderings, which are superior to photorealistic rendering, can display even the most intricately designed objects before being produced or made available for purchase. The use of 3D product rendering is an excellent way to increase sales, distinguish your offerings, or give clients something special for best 3d architectural studios

What is 3D rendering used for

The main goal of 3D rendering is to produce an image that accurately represents real estate property. As a result, customers can see the entire project from various angles. It only saves time and money for buyers but also avoids any misunderstandings about the project. It plays an important role in real estate marketing, architecture, advertising, interior design, and the design of various products and furniture. Designers can show at the idea stage what the finished project will look like. Furthermore, if customers want to make changes, it is easy to handle with 3D rendering.


3D rendering product

In order to help you clearly understand the potential importance of the 3D rendering, our K-render team would have written down some useful information about these usages for in real estate industry. 

3D rendering supports users 

It is the best experience to take a virtual tour around a 3D house rendering before starting to work on a house project.By utilizing the 3D rendering , every color, detail, dimension and shape is visualized to make a prospective design more attractive. 

You can make a profound impact by substitling boring 2D drawings with 3D rendering. Therefore, customers would have a better understanding of what you are presenting them with. Without wasting too much time, effort and resources, customers can get a good chance to see stunningly photorealistic images with style, color and depth in the real world. 

Creating more accurate presentations and exact drawings 

The great thing about using 3D rendering is to give artists of  the best 3d visualisation companies the ability to create accurate presentations and precise drawings. It is truly safe that our project is the most presentable and exact designs that our clients can rely on. According to your exact specifications, artists can incorporate precise dimensions to ensure precision. It is the easiest way to showcase the actual space as it includes everything required and necessary from a design standpoint. In general, this helps to personalize, customize and conceptualize the presented 3D model, choose different textures, colors,..  

Fixing any mistakes early 

3D rendering includes exact, architecturally accurate dimensions, which can help you get an idea of actual construction. The 3D project would be stable and can be used as a guidepost. It helps to visualize the space and put every house element in the right place. Furthermore, you can use this design to have any improvements to make sure that all your planned house items and applications fit properly. To avoid any issues, it allows all who are working on a project to visualize the space to make sure everything is in order. Instead of having to fix unnecessary damage, you can simply eliminate any mistakes to make sure the project turns out to be what you wanted it to be. 


Making your property more productive 

Our K-render artist can use 3D rendering to graphically represent a model of property, building or a structure,… This helps clients manifest their vision by making the concept understandable. You can view structures in real-time before building by using 3D rendering. These detailed illustrations provide you with a photorealistic view of the property. The ability to see a house before building offers a wide range of advantages to both homebuyers and realtors. It assists to cut down on time, effort and expenses, allow us to make changes before the damage is done and your future house is more sustainable. K-render team can implement changes to satisfy requirements. We also help you decide which solution works best and according to your needs. It is also crucial to increase your change of selling a house significantly. 

A new house is also complementary to the surrounding environment. Every structure interacts with its environment. Designers use their knowledge and expertise to ensure the environmental conditions in the construction area are favored toward the new property. Sustainability has become the latest norm. Therefore, our 3D rendering artists can help you design a house that takes advantages of environmental conditions such as rain, wind, sunlight,…

Some 3D rendering companies that give the best service

K-Render studio 

K-Render Studio is regarded as the best 3D rendering studio among others. With the motto “ “To listen, to understand, and to accompany”, it is on the way to create great construction for clients. By elaborating details in every render that present an accurate proportion of each object to  ensure project execution properly, K-render studio would help to visualize what a proposed design looks like in real life.  

k-render K-Render has executed a variety of projects with varying features and capabilities throughout its nine years of operation and expansion. K-Render Studio offers numerous key benefits, such as:

Proficient team of artists: The rendering artists at K-Render Studio are all highly trained professionals. They have completed a number of initiatives that have resulted in satisfied customers.

Reasonable cost: In comparison to the market, the cost of services made by K-Render Studio is reasonable. As a result, design firms will be pleased with the cost while working with one of the top interior design companies.

Quick completion: K-Render Studio will complete a 1000-square-meter project in three weeks.  As a result, K-Render has risen among the top interior design companies.


RealSpace is a studio with headquarters in Vancouver that has over 12 years of expertise producing 3D animations and photographs. For games, movies, and television, they specialize in producing photorealistic 3D settings and character animations.Their group of expert 3D artists uses cutting-edge technology to produce amazing, lifelike visual effects.

Arch Visual Studio

Arch Visual Studio, provides everything from virtual reality to exterior rendering. They have  more than 11 years of expertise. Thus it is one of top rendering companies qualified to offer any real estate 3D rendering services . One of the best things about Arch Visual Studio is that they provide an accurate price quotation that is based on your demands and is 100% free.

New York based – Vrender 

Vrender is a company that specializes in 3D animation and visualization in architecture. The company has participated in numerous real estate projects both in US and overseas.

Vrender provides augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences in addition to conventional rendering services. This gives customers a realistic idea of how a room will appear before it is really developed.

Various media have recognized the company’s work, and its crew has won numerous accolades in the field. Vrender is a fantastic option for anyone looking for 3D renderings of the highest caliber.

That is all the information that you may need to know about what 3D rendering is used for. We hope that you could have a great plan of your dream house and we are pleased to work with you to make your dream house come true. 

Thanks for reading!

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