The Pioneer Project

People who are interested in design are increasingly familiar with modern design trends. With the room’s brightly colored furnishings, they find it to be extremely attractive. In this article, we will give more information about modern styles and introduce a closer look on our new modern design project, called The Pioneer. 

What is modern design style? 


The Pioneer Project

The early twentieth century saw the emergence of the modern design style. A monochromatic color scheme, clean lines, minimalism, natural materials, and natural light are characteristics of modern interior design. Natural materials, neutral or earthy colors, and the absence of pointless detailing are all celebrated in modern furniture and decor. Contemporary styling may use a variety of colors, but modern styles would use monochromatic hues.   

5 elements of modern design style 

There are 5 important elements that you need to know about modern design style: 

  1. Clean lines: Modern homes have few ornaments and are built with simple, straight lines.
  2. Minimal home decor: Functionality is prioritized over fashion in contemporary interiors, which are devoid of clutter and extraneous flourishes.
  3. Neutral colors: Think white, beige, gray, black, and pastel tones when considering a monochromatic, neutral color palette, which modern style avoids.
  4.  Open floor plan: To distinguish between the different areas of an open-plan home, use furniture rather than walls. For instance, a sectional sofa can give definition to an open living room and a kitchen island can divide a kitchen from the dining area.
  5. Low and long furniture: If your furniture is made of natural materials like unpainted wood or metal and is long and low to the ground, your home will look more contemporary. Popular finishes for contemporary furniture include leather and fabric upholstery, wood veneers (such as those used to make the iconic mid-century modern Eames chair), glass, chrome, steel, and concrete.

The Pioneer – Our modern design style project 


The Pioneer Project

The Pioneer is designed by our K-render team. For a fresh perspective on this modern design trend, let’s look through its living room rendering. Through this project, we want to sincerely thank all of our clients who have relied on us to help K-render develop into what it is today.


The Pioneer Project

As we can see, the living room, which has a total area of 150 m2, is very enormous. The light shade is selected as the room’s dominant color in order to make it appear spacious and tidy. We also make use of natural light through 2 small windows. Besides, K-render artists also add a chandelier to provide ambient lighting in that space. It is the most wonderful mix of light that I have ever seen.


The Pioneer Project

Moreover, K-renders use a mirror as a decorative thing to put them near the stairs. Mirrors are believed as an effective interior design tool used to fulfill practical purposes and a multitude of creative motives mirror. Most of the decoration material is golden such as small women status and wall lamps,..  This way helps to assist the room to become warmer and more luxurious.

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Another impressive point of this project is the appearance of green trees. They help to bring a comfortable and fresh atmosphere for a modern style room. Beige and brown sofa are also added to specify the room and make it distinctive. 

About K-render 

K-Render Studio is regarded as the best 3D rendering studio among others. With the motto “ “To listen, to understand, and to accompany”, it is on the way to create great construction for clients. By elaborating details in every render that present an accurate proportion of each object to  ensure project execution properly, K-render studio would help to visualize what a proposed design looks like in real life.
Look on our new project: The Pioneer here!

K-Render has executed a variety of projects with varying features and capabilities throughout its nine years of operation and expansion. K-Render Studio offers numerous key benefits, such as:

  • Proficient team of artists: The rendering artists at K-Render Studio are all highly trained professionals. They have completed a number of initiatives that have resulted in satisfied customers.
  • Reasonable cost: In comparison to the market, the cost of 3d rendering services made by K-Render Studio is reasonable. As a result, design firms will be pleased with the cost while working with one of the top interior design companies.
  • Quick completion: K-Render Studio will complete a 1000-square-meter project in three weeks (except for time for editing based on customer requirements). As a result, K-Render has risen among the top interior design companies.

We are continually striving to give the best 3D interior rendering services to our customers. It gives us great joy to make such a work of art.We are ready to counsel you to find out the most suitable design style for your own home. 

Thanks for reading!

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