“The Oaks” Project – A house with wonder in Pennsylvania

Today’s prominent architectural styles include modernist architecture, which is frequently characterized by straightforward straight lines, monotone color palettes, and sparse ornamentation. On the other hand, contemporary house design incorporates whatever architecture is popular today. Let’s K-render Studio introduces a modern contemporary house with ventilated outdoor living areas, open floor plans, and wide windows in this article

Basic information 

   K-Render Studio was surprised and intrigued to receive The Oaks as a project. The owner of this apartment is a kind and talented person. It is wonderful to have the chance to work with such a prestigious guest.

  Mr. Johnny contacted us after knowing about K-Render’s services on the website. With a professional and immediate working style, K-Render immediately took on the project.


  This project is an apartment, with an area of ​​​​nearly 600 square meters. Due to the fact that there is only one household, the little house needs to have its spatial structure widened to create a larger home. However, the limitations of the original apartment structure made this change challenges.

Into the detail

This is a challenging project for K-Render as it is not only sophisticated but also extremely large in scale. Check out how K-Render has put its heart into each room!

Front Lobby 

Entering the front lobby, you’ll be greeted with an abstract art painting, elegant flowers, and a floating atmosphere. The large soft marble gray floor delicately integrates the symmetry, balance, and innovation of modern aesthetics, embodying a pure soul dialogue between man and space.


Living room

When entering the living room renders, the visual sensation due to the hollow and tall design brings in, floor-to-ceiling windows, and the details on the wall give the feeling of flow that makes the whole space clean and luxurious. With sofas and small armchairs for people to sit at corner tables, round tables create links under the reflection of natural light and brightly colored rugs with checkered motifs showcase contemporary chic.



The outlight floods in, overlaying the natural texture of marble, and matte dark gray cabinets with top-of-the-line, high-class appliances have outlined a unique aristocratic atmosphere and made dining pleasant and elegant. 



Under sloping sunlight, light and warm beige tones, brown tones textures, and walls the oatmeal color background cleverly blends with the fabric texture, the details are also perfect. There is a hidden understanding and interaction in it, so the family members can feel the warmth and harmony.



The bathroom is simple cold granite, each function of this area is logically divided with a large transparent glass array, a large block washbasin design, and small cubicle drawers. 

the bathroom

Other Rooms

Working room


The space brings life, and the design is more people-focused than just aesthetically pleasing. It will provide the owner motivation at work despite the limited area.

Closet room


Guided by geometric lighting and distinctive shapes, we begin to enter the new space. With a small wardrobe and a mirror, this is enough for a convenient space to store clothes.


With K-render Studio, completing an apartment project full of luxury and nobility like the Oaks project is not a small challenge. We always try our best to bring the best experience to customers, and design products that are not only beautiful and satisfactory but also comfortable for all family members, bringing a warm feeling. , full, gather. It is a pleasure to collaborate and design for Mr. Johnny’s family.


 With the motto of always putting the customer first, providing a great experience and good service quality, K-Render hopes to cooperate with many customers like Mr. Johnny in the future.


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