he Manor is a rendering project made by K-Render Studio. With the criterion of bringing the best experience to our customers, we always try every day to achieve that goal.

With the trend of entertainment as well as relaxation with the majority of people around the world, the coastal house style is now becoming a trend. With this in mind, with a team of talented architects, we have launched The Manor project. With a geographical location located right on the long coast of Germany, after every stressful working hour, it is wonderful to return to your home, watch the sea at night and mingle with nature.

  • This project of ours is styled like a house from a fairy tale but still very modern and comfortable.
  • These houses are designed with only 2 to 3 floors and an area of ​​about 320m2.
  • This area includes 1 living room, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, .

Those are basic rooms, in addition you can completely set up a small movie room or a common entertainment room for your family. We hope you will have the best experience through our short article

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