The informations of architectural rendering company you need know

Today, demand for buildings is increasing significantly. Thus, demand for hiring an architectural rendering company has the same trend. However, there are many architectural companies, you may not know clearly about these companies. In the post, we will give you some essential information to help you find the best quality service.


Architectural rendering company overview

Firstly, we give you some basic information about the architectural rendering company including the definition and the advantages.

What is an architectural rendering company?

Architectural rendering company is a company which provides rendering service for architects or customers having demand for designing and rendering the blueprint of their building. In particular, this service is translating the architect’s ideas about both interior and exterior rendering ideas and buildings into visual images and videos of the future building.


Some example of architectural rendering company

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Next, we will give you some advantages of hiring an architectural rendering company. See more: The best 3D rendering company India

Benefits of cooperating with an architectural rendering company

To cooperate with an architectural rendering company give you many advantages such as time savings, the high quality, cost savings.

– Time savings and high quality: Architectural rendering companies have professional architects and staff. Moreover, they have a clear and professional work process. Therefore, they can work faster than architectural experts and get high quality products.
– Cost savings: The estimated cost that you have to pay for interior or exterior rendering are 20-30 percent less if you cooperate with a professional architectural rendering company. In addition, when working for a long time, architectural rendering companies will often have service incentives, which also need consideration for design firms. Moreover, when you hire the architectural rendering firm, you do not spend money buying 3D rendering software and a large capacity computer.


The benefits of cooperating with an architectural rendering company

– Increase company value: In the process, architectural visualization firms can access new contracts, new clients. If you have better quality of service, new clients naturally want to do business with you, which leads to the reputation of your company increasing. Therefore, the company’s value and reputation is significantly increasing. This is the major and most precious objective of architectural rendering businesses in many design firms.

What characteristics should a suitable architectural rendering company have?

In this part, we will give you some information about characteristics of the architectural rendering company. Because when you find the company, you must know 5 main characteristics which the company should have.

The architectural rendering company has a clear business license and business address

In all fields, when you start a business, you must have business license and clear address. It is no exception to architectural rendering companies.

– Because of the increased demand for architectural rendering companies, there are many new companies in the world related to that field. The fact that those companies have a business license and operate in the field of architectural rendering will often confirm that the company is reputable.


An example of the business license in the world

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-> Tips for helping architectural rendering company access customers: The first step is to contact the customer, the company needs to give business licenses, operating in the field of architectural rendering.

The architectural rendering company should have some certificates and awards

In all fields including arts, engineering and academics, there are competitions and awards that honor the best individuals and groups. Similar to architecture, especially in architectural visualization combined with technology.

– In the architecture industry, there are a number of major international awards such as: Pritzker Prize, AIA Gold Medal, RIBA and UIA Gold Medal.


Some international awards of the architecture

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– As a result, a highly qualified and efficient architectural rendering company will receive industry awards and certifications.

The architectural rendering company should give their customers an outstanding portfolio

Today, there are many architectural rendering companies in the world, it is very difficult to choose a company with full expertise. Therefore, another way to identify a professional architectural rendering company is to have a prominent portfolio. Because the professionalism of a company is often shown in a profile that includes projects done, outstanding projects and major partners. In addition, they do not hesitate to introduce the products they’ve made.


Sample image for an architectural rendering company’s portfolio

-> Tips for you in this section is to refer to the company’s website and when contacting them, ask for a portfolio

The architectural rendering company has cooperated with major partners

A professional architectural visualization company will not hesitate to provide information about the major partners they have worked with, with the information of that project. The fact that they have done business with big partners will prove their professionalism, high reputation, quality products and good service. In addition, the big and famous companies will not want to cooperate with the architectural rendering company which is not able to meet their needs.

The architectural rendering company has in-depth knowledge of architectural visualization and style matching

In order to render the photo as real, it is required that the architect of the architectural rendering company must have high skills, deep expertise in understanding the lighting and materials of each location in the world, … To get the most realistic renderings, architects need to have deep expertise in the lighting, materials, and dimensions of the interior.


Interior kitchen was rendered by K-Render Studio – the architectural rendering company

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– Especially need expertise in interior and exterior because of the following difficulties:

+ Regarding furniture: each furniture company has its own style, the description of objects in terms of color, shape, and size requires a deep understanding. Not to mention if there is more light or natural light, the color of the object or its reflection will also be different. 3d rendering architecture company should have professional about these skills.
+ Regarding the exterior: describing the scenery of the trees outside is a very difficult thing for many architects, including longtime architects. Because the exterior image has a lot of detail and the difficulty to represent the real photo is much more difficult than the interior photo.

– Regarding the style suitable for the room: each project has its own style, has its own backstory and companies also have their own visual style and do the best, so you should choose the right style for yourself and your home.

Signs that you are dealing with an architectural rendering company scammer

When you begin to find out with an architectural rendering company, one possible situation is that you encounter a scam company. Therefore, what are the signs to help you identify a fraudulent company, we have listed 5 characteristics as below.

You can not find basic company information

An established company needs to have basic information such as a business certificate, address, …


Some examples of scam architectural rendering company

A company with signs of fraud, the first thing that can be noticed is that there is no basic information such as no business certificate or virtual company address, no information or information can be found. very little about this company. In addition, the website has a short lifespan, just set up. The first case, maybe the newly established company has no experience, the second case can be a scam, both of which you should not do with them.

The scam architectural rendering company tries to push you to pay as soon as possible

The mentality of scammers often wants to quickly get money and get away. Therefore, if you come across a company that urges you to pay quickly, consider carefully whether the company is a scam before transferring them or negotiating a split payment for security and avoid being cheated.

The architectural rendering company offers an invitation to cooperate with

People are often attracted to immediate benefits. Therefore, there are many scammers taking advantage of this weakness.


The big benefits is given by scammers

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Scam companies often make attractive, unbelievable offers for the purpose of making scams easier. Because for them, people who are deceived are often attractive and attracted by the great benefits while the cost is low.

The architectural rendering company doesn’t understand the ideas well

Scam companies often don’t have real architects, even if they know a little about architecture such as visualization techniques like camera angles, drawings, lighting.
Therefore, they have no expertise in the field of architectural rendering. Therefore, professional expression will become difficult between the two parties.

Tips for you to work effectively with the architectural rendering company

After the decision of cooperation with architectural rendering companies, you should have some tips to make the relationship become longer and lasting. We list 4 main tips as below.

Negotiate the price

This article will give you a few helpful tips in negotiating prices:

– First, you should offer a price that is about 20% less than your budget.
– Second, always offer long-term benefits to people so that they can pay a reasonable price for you. Offering the above benefits will help them think about what they have, so they can rethink and more easily accept your price.


Negotiate the price is the important stages when work with architectural rendering company

– Finally, after bidding, whether you ask for quality or more views can help you achieve your goal of reducing the amount paid to the company.

Contracts between the architectural rendering company and your company

Almost, in any transaction or business, the contract always plays an important role in it.

– Usually, rendering companies do not offer any service contracts. However, this contract is quite necessary when there is a dispute between two parties


Some example of contract between architectural rendering company with customers

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– When signing a contract, you need to check the contract carefully before signing because some points can be easily overlooked such as time, arbitration, dispute terms.

Payment terms of architectural rendering company

An important thing that every transaction and business has is payment terms.
When cooperating with anyone, or doing business with any partner, you need to pay attention to the payment terms in the contract.


An example of invoice related to architectural rendering company

Specifically, when working with an architectural visualization company, it is often divided into several payment stages.
You note that only partial payment at a time does not pay off in one go.

Get products, feedback, and request corrections if needed

When you spend a large amount of money on an architectural rendering company, the results you expect are rendered images that match your wishes. Therefore, you should follow the company’s working steps closely, giving them a specific timeline such as editing time, product delivery time, …


What does workflow mean?

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Note: If your customer is a third party, give the blueprint to them because they are the end customer using that product. Therefore, let them review and edit and then return it to the illustrator for the best results.

Effective way to find a reputable architectural rendering company

There are many ways to find an architectural rendering company for you. However, it is difficult to find the reputable company. We suggest 4 ways to help you achieve your purpose.

The first way is base on the available relationship or network

Your previous business relationships will be of great help to you. First, they could be your next customers. Second, they can refer you to other reputable and quality partners.


Social network is the first way to find architectural rendering company

Therefore, this is considered one of the ways to find an effective architectural rendering company because this relationship will become sustainable, certainly due to knowing the other side about their capabilities.

The first way to find a reliable rendering company is to search the forums

Art works often have their own forums on social networks. These forums are often the place where parties share information to help potential customers know them and know where their capabilities are. Therefore, you can find the architectural visualization company here.
– Some forums about architectural visualization such as:

+ Forum

The-informations-of-architectural-rendering-company-you-need-know-4 Forum is an example of popular forum about architecture

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+ lfs forum
+ CGSociety

You can find a reputable architectural rendering company on social networks

Currently, with the rapid development of technology, social networks are no longer strange. More and more new social networks appear, including Behance. Behance is a fairly reputable social network because this social network does not allow businesses to run ads, all views and likes are natural, so it can be said that Behance is very reputable and “clean”.


K-Render Studio – One of the best architectural rendering company

– An example of an architectural rendering studio: K-Render Studio is a 3D architectural rendering company with completed large projects. Their advantage is interior rendering for buildings from individual homes to showrooms or gyms, bars, villas,… with many different design styles.

Another way to find a reputable architectural rendering company is to search an e-commerce site

The last way is searching an ecommerce website which is not popular and has the least number of people using it.


Some examples of ecommerce website you can find architectural rendering company

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The famous ecommerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba, Ec21, etc can provide your company customers but not many. However, you should try using these types of business websites to find potential customers.

The list of reputable architectural rendering company

Finally, we suggest some best architectural rendering companies based on 5 criteria in Section 2.

K-Render – the leader of the best architectural rendering companies

K-Render Studio, which is one of the best architectural rendering companies, has had many large projects and has rich experience in architectural rendering, especially interior rendering. They carry out many types of projects such as individual houses, showrooms, villas, gyms, bars, restaurants, 3D architectural rendering service, etc.
– Due to the 5 above criterias, K-Render has all of them. They have a business license with some reputable and big projects. Besides, they have some certificates related to architecture and architectural rendering.


Some certificates of K-Render Studio – the architectural rendering company

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– You can contact K-Render Studio

  • Website:
  • Facebook: Krenderstudio
  • Behance: K-Renderstudio
  • Instagram: krenderstudio
  • Hotline: (+84)855555961

Luxigon – one of the best architectural rendering company

Luxigon has been founded for more than 20 years, they have worked with many architects, real estate companies and other reputable organizations to produce thousands of beautiful 3D images, movies, and files. Moreover, they are an architectural 3d visualization and rendering company. Because it was founded early, this company is considered to be reputable and professional and they have the criteria of a famous architectural rendering company. However, the price of their service is quite high.


The project was rendered by Luxigon

– Contact information:

  • Hotline: (+1) 214 488 1333
  • Facebook: Luxigon
  • Instagram: Luxigon

Pixelflakes – one of the best architectural rendering company

Founded in 2011, Pixelflakes is an architectural rendering company in London, England. Therefore, they have a lot of projects and work with many companies. However, in 2020, because of COVID-19 pandemic, this company has a lack of professional architects and temporarily stop working.


Some projects was rendered by Pixelflakes

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– Contact information:

  • Hotline: +44 (0)20 7112 9255
  • Facebook: Pixelflakes

MIR – one of of the best architectural rendering company

MIR studio, which is one of the best architectural rendering firms, is a small studio located in Bergen, Norway. When they established MIR 20 years ago, the thought was that by doing creative artworks, they might make a difference to architects. In addition, this studio has many projects including small and big projects in Norway. You can work with them, but it seems that the company focus on artworks rather than architectural rendering products.


Some projects was rendered by MIR Studio

– Contact information:

  • Hotline: +47 55320001

Vyonyx – one of the best architectural rendering company

Vyonyx is the last company in the top 5 best architectural 3d visualization and rendering companies. The company has their offices located in the UK, Croatia and France. Moreover, it is a reputable and big company in architectural 3D rendering. For architects, designers and building developers, they provide advanced, effective creativity solutions.


The display of Vyonyx website – one of the best architectural rendering companies

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– Contact information:

  • Website: Vyonyx

In conclusion, through the post, you can know more information about the architectural rendering company, thus, you can find an appropriate company for you.

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