The information of outsourcing 3D rendering service you should know

Outsourcing 3D rendering has become more and more popular over the past decade as companies grow and their needs start to become more specific, supplies for specific locations, not easily found in the national market.


The basic information of outsourcing 3D rendering

Outsourcing 3D rendering is a business that hires a part or all of software projects, now they will act as an outsourcer, not an owner, but they will have the right to decide on the product its own processing of rendering 3D images and videos.
Some notes for you:

– An outsourcing architectural 3d rendering company will undertake the task of creating 3D rendering products according to the requirements of the customer – the outsourcer. In which the processor is not allowed to participate in the business process of the processed product.
– Before receiving the work of outsourcing 3D rendering, outsourcing enterprises need to carefully consider and calculate the amount of money to be recognized based on the actual value of the product on the market because the value of the products can be huge.


The high-quality image was rendered by K-Render Studio

Pros and cons of outsourcing 3D rendering

There are some advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing 3D rendering. We will list them below.

The benefits of outsourcing 3D rendering

There are some advantages when you use outsourcing 3D rendering services.

– Reducing cost and cost saving: When you hire outsourcing 3D rendering services, you can reduce the cost of product creation. Because instead of you having to buy software to design renderings of 3D images, you will only pay a smaller cost for hiring 3D architectural services.

Increase effectiveness of production: When you hire outsourcing 3D rendering, you can greatly increase the efficiency of your production and business because you can focus on the business part and the quality of the product already has an outsourcing party to do.
– Time savings, speed up work: Hiring a third party to outsource 3D rendering also brings great benefits to businesses to speed up progress such as reducing the cumbersome management apparatus.
– The economic benefits of outsourcing 3D rendering: Adoption of enterprise software outsourcing can free up a considerable amount of Resources such as staff or facility money to existing projects or business activities. Moreover, companies can focus and separate appropriately resources between production and business.


One of the benefits of outsourcing 3D rendering is reasonable prices

The drawback of outsourcing 3D rendering

Besides the advantages, outsourcing 3D rendering company have some disadvantages.

– The risk of security: outsourcing 3D rendering service companies will also not be immune to software security risks or 3D rendering products. In addition to being your partner, these companies also provide services to other partners, thus, the information in the products and software may be leaked and it is not guaranteed to be as absolute as you want.
– The quality is not quite good: If you can’t find a good outsourcing 3D rendering service, the quality you get may not be as good as you expect. Moreover, in the process of working, 3D rendering firm often have difficulties in sending employees to work with other suppliers, resulting in not really high quality.


The risk of security when work with outsourcing 3D rendering company

5 common mistakes should avoid when outsourcing 3D rendering

There are some mistakes you should avoid when outsourcing 3D rendering

The first mistake in outsourcing 3D rendering is that rendering isn’t designing

The first thing you should notice is that rendering is not design. Therefore, the 3D animator will not design the architecture for you.
Because of the above, when you receive the design from the architects or designers, you should check all the information and details required in the blueprint before providing it to the outsourcing 3D rendering company.
-> Tips to help you avoid confusing rendering with design:

– The first thing you need to find is the right designer, the right expert, the right architect in the outsourcing 3D rendering industry.
– Next, you can communicate easily with the outsourcing party.
– Finally, you need to check if the portfolio of those architects is correct in terms of rendering.


The Vert Villa project rendering image by K-Render Studio

The second mistake in outsourcing 3D rendering is that no the more details, the better

During the process of hiring outsourcing 3D rendering services, the more information and details you provide about your rendering ideas, the more accurate the final product will be with your wishes and with high quality.
-> Tips for getting high quality final 3D images: You should provide as much detail as you can and flow the workflow of the company providing outsourcing 3D rendering service. Detailed information include design idea, the blueprint, other documents.


The more details, the better


Rilassante project rendering image by K-Render Studio

The third mistake in outsourcing 3D rendering is careless in the making

When you receive your first draft from your renderer, you should scrutinize the details and layout of the image and look for any details you’d like to change or add to get a render. 3d architectural design services are desired as of the client.
-> Tips: You just need to take a moment to review the product before you send it to the company that hires you. That will make the product as the desired outcome of that company


Project Sweet Butter Home rendering by K-Render Studio

The fourth mistake in outsourcing 3D rendering is be clear with your feedbacks

After completing the product and meeting the outsourcing 3d rendering team to agree that it will be the final product, you should give details or ideas that you feel are not suitable for the product as expected by the customer first when sending it to the other party. You should talk directly with the team working with you and give feedback for the product to get the best results.
See more: exterior rendering ideas
-> Tips: You should mention it gently and convince others to listen to you.

The-fourth-mistake-in-outsourcing-3D- rendering

Be clear with your feedbacks

The last mistake in outsourcing 3D rendering is hire the right person for the job

Currently, there are many outsourcing 3D rendering service companies in the world, so finding and hiring the right people for the job is extremely necessary. Since there are many professionals, designers, and animators doing this work, you should double-check the architect’s expertise before hiring them.
-> Tips: You should ask them to submit some projects and products they have worked on before in order to assess their level of competence.


Kitchen rendering by K-Render Studio

Signs to identify fraudulent outsourcing 3D rendering service company

There are many companies providing outsourcing 3D rendering service including reputable companies and scammers.

You can not find the company in the Internet or the company has lack of basic information about outsourcing 3D rendering

When you look for a 3D rendering service provided by a certain company, if that company when you search on the Internet there is no basic information or very little information, then that top 3D rendering studio may be the right scammer or newly formed company.
In these two cases you should not work with this company.

Payment method of outsourcing 3D rendering is not clear

When it comes to the payment step, if the company asks for an unclear payment method or the payment methods are not common then it could be one of the signs of a shirt scam.
Usually scam companies will find ways to get your money as quickly as possible and not reveal their information.


Payment method is not clear

It is difficult to discuss about outsourcing 3D rendering expertise with the company

Scam companies will usually not have expertise in 3D rendering or outsourcing 3D rendering.
Therefore, when you work with them, you will find it difficult to communicate and express your opinion about your product such as detailed ideas, materials, light, etc.


Living room rendering by K-Render Studio

Scammers of outsourcing 3D rendering are not willing to meet with you, or offer unbelievable benefits

Scam outsourcing 3D rendering companies will not be willing to call and meet you when you need to discuss and meet for easier. Because they have no expertise nor specific workflow. At the same time, they have no experience.
Scam companies will offer unbelievable benefits to attract you. You may be intrigued and quickly send them money for a discount or other great benefit

Top 5 companies outsourcing 3D rendering

We will list some reputable companies outsourcing 3D rendering below.

K-Render Studio – the leader of the list companies outsourcing 3D rendering

K-Render Studio is one of the companies providing outsourcing 3D rendering services in the world. With realistic image renderings, according to customers’ requirements, they have had many big projects with prestigious companies in the world.


K-Render Studio – one of the best companies outsourcing 3D rendering

You can contact them with the below information:

  • Website: k-render
  • Facebook: Krenderstudio
  • Behance: K-Render Studio
  • Instagram:krenderstudio
  • Hotline: (+84)855555961

Starlake project rendering image by K-Render Studio

CAD services – one of the best companies outsourcing 3D rendering

CAD services is one of the UK’s leading companies providing reputable outsourcing 3D rendering services. In addition, this company gives you Access to a rich, diverse, highly flexible resource that integrates with your business and gives you full control over your workflow. They have had 7400 completed projects with 2160 satisfied clients and 29 years of experience.

You can contact them with the below information:

  • Website: CADservices
  • Facebook: CAD services essex
  • Hotline: (01) 269242800

Plexail – one of the best companies outsourcing 3D rendering

Plexail is one of the best companies outsourcing 3D rendering with over 10 years of industry experience. They have had over 500 worldwide repetitive customers and 100 expert designers.
Contact information:
Hotline: (214) 6135757 or +1 6463752415

Luxigon – one of the best companies outsourcing 3D rendering

Luxigon is one of the most famous companies outsourcing 3D rendering in the world. They provide a reputable service and satisfy their clients because they have been founded for more than 20 years. However, their prices are quite high.

– Contact information:

  • Hotline: (+1) 214 488 1333
  • Facebook: Luxigon
  • Instagram: Luxigon

A project rendered by Luxigon – one of the best companies outsourcing 3D rendering

Rendler Studio – one of the best companies outsourcing 3D rendering

Rendler Studio is one of the best outsourcing 3D rendering service companies. They work with many partners in 11 countries and have 311 finished projects. They provide the services and satisfy the clients.

– Contact information:

  • Website: RendlerStudio
  • Hotline: +1 (857) 444-4591

Rendler Studio – one of the best companies outsourcing 3D rendering

This is the end of the article. We hope that you can gain more information of outsourcing 3D rendering.


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