The importance of 3D interior rendering for the architecture companies

3D interior rendering is a service that is popular in almost all architecture firms nowadays. In this article, we will help you find out what a 3D interior rendering is and the ways to work effectively with a 3D rendering interior design.

The importance of 3D interior rendering for the architecture companies

What is 3D interior rendering?

3D interior rendering is not a stranger to the architecture firm when they are showing ideas of a project to their client.

Definition of 3D interior rendering

3D interior rendering is a type of 3D rendering that is specifically for interior design. The 3D rendering interior simulates all of the structural components that have been designed by the 3D rendering artist, such as appliances, furniture, materials, and the way they interact with space. There are some factors in space such as colors, lighting, patterns, and textures. Then, 3D interior rendering presents the designs with a unique personality for each client’s taste to help them easily visualize spaces prior to construction.

Development history of 3D interior rendering

3D interior rendering began in the early 1970s since Ivan Sutherland invented the sketchpad. This is the first application software for the development of basic 3D models in the world. After that, in the mid-1980s, programs for 3D visualization became more widely available. The 1990s marked the quick growth of 3D rendering software. There are several programs like Autodesk still being used successfully until now.


Sketchpad was invented marking the first development of 3D interior rendering

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Incredible Benefit of 3D interior rendering

3D interior rendering was invented as a huge step in architecture. Instead of using many traditional ways to present the idea of construction such as word-mouth or 2D rendering, nowadays almost all artists choose 3D rendering for interior design. The reason is it brings an enormous benefit not only for the architecture company but also for the client.
The benefit of 3D interior rendering for the architecture company

    • Firstly, 3D render interior design helps the architecture company to check and take over the contract to clients. 3D interior rendering helps the architecture firm to defect possible mistakes in a layout and changes immediately before completing the final project. Subsequently, both sides can approve the final view before running production work. And this is standard to the company compare the completed project with the request of the client then receive all contract value

The contract between the architecture company and client

    • Secondly, The company having 3D interior rendering will enhance their company brand value. Because it is an easy way for a client who has little knowledge about architecture to understand the idea of the company. Through 3D visualization, the client will certainly appreciate the company’s brand value. Besides, 3d render interior makes a different brand of the company to other companies that do not have option 3D rendering.
    • Finally, all the benefits of 3D interior rendering will contribute to the increased revenue and profit of the architecture company.

The benefit of 3d rendering interior for clients

    • The client will be explained in more detail the materiality, light, and color of space through 3D visualization so that they could easily understand the idea of the architecture company. Then the clients could check, give feedback to fix any point if they have. The workflow for both sides is smoothy




Clients visualize to reality about their construction by 3D interior rendering

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    • Moreover, 3D interior rendering helps the client to compare the similarities between the final construction and the idea of the architecture company. Based on that, the contract will be completed fast

Ways to 3D interior rendering for construction for an architectural company

There are 2 options to 3D interior rendering that the architectural company usually chooses: Using in-house 3D rendering and Hiring a 3D rendering for interior design studio. Each option has different advantages and disadvantages and depending on the type of company with different requirements, different options will be chosen.

The architecture company divides all 3D interior rendering projects to their in-house team

3D interior rendering is a good option to satisfy clients. Below is the benefit and drawback when the architecture firm uses a team in-house about 3D interior rendering.


What are the benefits and drawbacks of using a 3D interior rendering in-house team?

Advantages of using 3D interior rendering in-house team in the architecture company

    • If the company decides to render 3D interior design by an in-house team, they could control totally the cost. Its budget depends on the time of the employee’s availability and skill. This is a fixed cost every month.

Using a 3D interior rendering in-house team helps the firms control total cost.

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    • Not only does rendering in-house save money, but it also gives the company total control over the updates. This helps in the deployment of design changes as needed and the restructuring of plans following the creative process. Furthermore, 3D interior rendering might help with the smooth process, from concept to rendering.

Disadvantages of using 3D interior rendering in-house team in the architectural company

    • The working time of the in-house team is limited. If the architecture company has got too many projects, they should build up their team to be larger and stronger. It takes too much time to find talent, training, and work proficiently.

The problem when using 3D interior rendering inhouse team is limit working time

    • Divided attention and time: Another disadvantage of doing rendering in-house is it takes a lot of time and attention. It becomes difficult to put in all the effort when the business is dealing with clients and projects. 3D interior rendering is extremely time-consuming, so it requires both times in learning and implementation.
      There are several benefits and drawbacks when the company uses a 3D interior rendering team. This option is better for the small company and designer team.

The architectural company choose to hire a 3D interior rendering studio

Hiring a 3D interior rendering outsource has both advantages and disadvantages for the architecture

Advantages of hiring a 3D interior rendering studio

    • Firstly, Hiring a 3D interior rendering studio is a potential option for cost savings. The outsourcing of 3D rendering interior can significantly reduce production costs as architecture companies could cut off some related costs like 3D interior rendering software license costs, recruitment, and training costs… The outsourcing company will provide all the necessary facilities for the interior design 3d render. Instead of spending your resources on hiring, training, and managing 3D rendering experts, the outsourcing company will provide them. Besides, if the company and outsource studio cooperate for a long time, the cost per project will have a discount or promotion.

Hire freelance 3D interior rendering services reduces costs for the company

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    • Secondly, the specialization of 3D interior rendering outsource will bring better job performance. The studio has got huge experience of 3d render interior so they can understand the idea of construction and sometimes propose editing plans and ideas. Moreover, the studio will complete the 3d rendering interior in a shorter time and the architecture company will have many chances to get more projects. Having a reliable outsourcing partner means a better workforce and advanced technology
    • Finally, 3D interior rendering could limit the cost of risk. With all the necessary tools and facilities, as well as an excellent 3D Rendering experience, outsourcing partners are sure to produce superior projects. The outsourcing companies also have professional experience in solving problems related to architectural Rendering. They can help make the construction process more efficient by minimizing errors during the creation of the project.

The cost of risk is optimized by a 3D interior rendering studio

Disadvantages of hiring a 3D interior rendering studio

    • There may be some problems with confidentiality. Certain businesses may have sensitive information that must be released at a fixed time. When committing projects to a third party, the danger of material being leaked to the public before the scheduled release date exists. As a result, you will be letting loose control.
    • Moreover, there are some situations where the architecture company hires an unreliable outsource because they do not check the profile of the partner carefully. That led to them losing money but having no complete 3D rendering project.

The architecture company needs to carefully check the profile of the outsourcing.

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  • The way to hire a 3D interior rendering studio has both advantages and disadvantages. But if your company is on the way to get more projects, this is the best option for you.
    K-Render Studio, we offer 3D rendering services for exterior and interior designs of construction projects around the world. We would listen, understand and turn your amazing ideas into reality with 3D visualization of top-notch technologies.

Some important notes for 3D interior rendering

Creating realistic renderings requires both aesthetic and technical skills, so there are some notes for 3D rendering artists to use in their projects.

    • Firstly, textures and materials are the core elements of creating a realistic 3D interior rendering. The key point is to have a good understanding of how the materials appear in reality, in order to add depth to them in the image.
    • Secondly, test with each type of light source to see how each type affects the scene, then focus on how they correlate with other types of light sources, thereby selecting the intensity properties. suitable degrees and colors for each type.

The importance of light in 3D rendering for interior design design

  • Finally, Using the right lighting helps you tell a good story about your work.
    Direct light provides a sense of playfulness that softens the atmosphere in the image, and in many cases reduces rendering time. In interior design, you can add additional light sources from the window frames to bring out the colors in the scene.
    Use light as a painter. Place it where you want the viewer to look, and remove it where you don’t see it. Experiment with light balance, check the color temperature and color gradation. Lighting needs to be consistent with the message and content you want to convey. Good graphic designers, like professional photographers, always know how to put emotion and soul into their work.

In addition to the above notes, when 3D interior rendering, you need to pay attention to set up design ideas from the beginning, style and choose the layout in that design.

How to work effectively with a 3D interior rendering studio

Hiring a 3D interior rendering outsource has many benefits for the architecture company. But the firm needs to know all the criteria to find the best 3D rendering studio that is suited to your request and some features of a 3D interior rendering.

Criteria to find out the best 3D interior rendering studio

The 3D interior rendering studio is trust-worthy

    • Firstly, you should check all the portfolios of studios to get the basic information about them. Their portfolio will tell everything you need to know. For example, if you find a potential team on any freelance platform, you can ask them for their portfolio site. If they don’t have a portfolio site, chances are they either have a social media or Behance profile where they display their work.

The companies should check carefully the portfolio of 3D interior rendering studio

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    • Secondly, Many interior 3D rendering firms will provide references from their previous clients. You need to request them to show references, of course, because many individuals try to fake their experiences online. The most essential thing is to make sure you follow up on those recommendations. This is a big mistake when many architecture companies only view a few references and don’t think it’s important to double-check them. You must find out what their past employers had to say about them, their work style, and, finally, how happy they were with the result. If they mention their weaknesses, bring them up during the interview and find what they’ve done to develop since then. However, if you are unable to contact their references or receive negative feedback, you should seek out another team.
    • Finally, you need to cross-check all the studio’s social networks to find a trustworthy studio. Nowadays, there are many fake 3D rendering interior studios set up to cheat money from companies like you. Is the contact information, address, or products the same across social networks? If all of that is ok, you can continue to discuss the project more.

Checking other social channels of 3D interior rendering studio is very important

The 3D interior rendering studio has huge experience in the architectural style of the company

Style is one of the important factors in architecture. In order to properly render a project, 3D rendering artists need to get basic knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of the design style. So that they will know to pay attention to colors, lighting, materials … in their renders. Therefore, architectural firms should hire 3D interior rendering studios who have experience in the style of the project. You can check style carefully through the studio’s profile and portfolio.


The sample project of 3D interior rendering is about contemporary style

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The workflow when working with a 3D interior rendering partner

Step 1: Getting Up
The 3D interior rendering studio defines the type of 3d visuals the architecture firm needs, as well as the specifications. To respond to these inquiries, the firm must submit all project files, including floor plans, interior elevations, and furniture drawings.
Step 2: Checking Up
Studio of 3d rendering interior will check the materials sent by the firm during this step, asking clarifying questions and keeping track of the turnaround time. If the studio gets all of the required information and drawings, both the firm and the studio can begin working on the project right away after accepting the offer.


The companies should send all necessary documents to the 3D interior rendering studio.

Step 3: Prepayment & performing
Any project specifics have been agreed upon, and all clarification inquiries have been answered. During this phase, the firm will cover half of the project’s costs. The creation of 3D interior rendering has already begun.
Step 4: Reviewing
The outsourcing team shows the firm the project drafts and receives the company’s modifications and input at this point. The two parties then have a more in-depth discussion regarding potential adjustments to 3D interior rendering. The studio returns to work on the project after receiving the list of comments and changes, and modifies it in conformance with the edits.


Both sides could set a meeting video to review more detail about project Step 5: Accepting pre-final image

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Step 5: Accepting pre-final image
A pre-final image will be sent by the interior design 3d render studio, which contains all prior modifications. The studio is demanding the second half of the project’s cost at this time. They proceed to the following stage after confirming the payment status.
Step 6: Final high-quality image
The firm is receiving high-resolution final renderings from a 3D render interior design studio. The final picture or animation has already included the feedback and changes obtained throughout the previous iterations.

5 best 3D interior rendering projects of K-Render Studio

K-Render Studio provides good 3d rendering services for interior design to interior designers, architecture companies around the world. Through 8 years of establishment and development, K-Render has implemented more than 500 construction projects in over 20 countries. The key factor behind our successful projects is our experience 3D rendering artists and professional services with the close coordination between our departments.


K-Render Studio is checking all documents with clients.

All 3D rendering artists at K-Render are architects so we could easily understand the idea and any request of interior designers or architecture companies. Moreover, K-Render Studio will consult and give some useful advice to complete the project on the professional aspect. K-Render Studio strongly believes that we could offer you the best solutions of 3D interior rendering for your construction projects then create a powerful effect on the minds of your potential clients to purchase in your project.
There are 5 typical projects rendered by K-Render Studio – the best 3d rendering studio.

3D interior rendering project: Furniture Showroom Kenli

Furniture Showroom Kenli is one of the most enthusiastic projects rendered by K-Render Studio. Kenli is a luxurious furniture showroom so it has some features of 3D interior rendering different from other projects. Firstly, a 3D rendering artist sets the light focus on several interior products to create emphasis for the whole space. Secondly, all furniture in the showroom is the high-class product, we highly concentrate on rendering this material carefully. Finally, the color of the showroom is illustrated skillfully in contrast. By understanding the idea and the concept of the Kenli project, K-Render Studio has successfully 3d rendering interior. Now we still continue to cooperate with Kenli in other showroom projects.


3D interior rendering project for Showroom Kenli is designed by K-Render Studio

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3D interior rendering project: Casanova Showroom

Casanova Showroom is an important project in 2021 with 1000 square meters. At K-Render Studio we not only provide the best interior design 3d render but also contribute ideas to improve some features better. So that our client is always satisfied with the final 3D interior rendering. This is a tile showroom to show off all sample products. By checking the list of all characteristics of the project, our 3D rendering artist could understand and make a 3D rendering interior design as realistic as possible such as the light, color, materials, pattern…


3D interior rendering project for Casanova Showroom is designed by K-Render Studio

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3D interior rendering project: Friday Bar

Friday Bar is one of the first customers at K-Render studio. During the rendering process, K-Render studio also gave some suggestions about the architectural plan of the project so that the 3D interior rendering could be more perfect. The challenge of this project is the time limit. Our customer requested us to complete the final 3D rendering interior design in only 2 weeks. Fortunately, our staff had participated in many different 3d render interior projects before and gained a lot of experience to work quickly and efficiently. And finally, we successfully completed the Friday bar and this project helped us get more famous and customers.


3D interior rendering project for Friday Bar is designed by K-Render Studio

3D interior rendering project: La Veranda House

K-Render has typical projects at not only commercial construction but also private construction. The K-Render Studio team put all the effort and contribution into the La Veranda House project. This is a private project, so it requires specialized skills, customs for the owner such as style, main color….The K-Render Studio team has worked hard to produce the house renderings with a full understanding of the project and a desire to provide the greatest visuals possible.


3D rendering interior design project for La Veranda House is designed by K-Render Studio

3D interior rendering project: Starlake Villa

The 3D rendering artists for the Starlake Villa project not only had to apply technology to expand the room’s space, but they also had to leverage a variety of other techniques, such as shooting angle, layout, and so on. The most challenging aspect is that the rendering artists must adjust the light and color in the areas where the light shines the brightest. Our rendering artists will need to darken the areas where the light does not shine, but the viewer will still need to see every detail within the space.


3D interior rendering project for Starlake Villa

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An experienced 3D interior rendering studio may modify the style and pattern of a building by looking at various colors, patterns, and textures to give it a new look and dimension, which will help the project succeed. Outsourcing the rendering service is one of the most efficient ways to do this.

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