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The interior of Mr. Hoang’s home was designed by K-render. He is drawn to elegant and contemporary design. In light of this, our group came up with the Luxurious Project interior design. We’ll take a closer look at this interior design in this article.  Through this project, we want to sincerely thank all of our clients who have relied on us to help K-render develop into what it is today. 

The information of the interior design project 


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The combination of gold and glass crystals of chandelier creates a particularly radiant and eye-catching aesthetic that is oozing with glitz. This gives the weightless look on the whole scenery of the living room. When switching on, the chandelier not only adds color but also warmth to the room. Even without the lights on, chandeliers are stunning and appealing due to their intricate designs. The porcelain tiles are one of the most popular flooring options for living rooms, especially the ones in all black color. K-render studio has chosen the pattern style for the floor to mạke the living room more distinguished.


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With the main color black, the kitchen is extremely luxurious and distinguished. Granite stone walls mixed with brown and gray curtains can create a closer and warmer feeling to the room. It would be the most wonderful time of the day for a family gathering. We also set a wine cabinet to suite the owner of this house project. The benefit of a wine cabinet is that it can fit a lot of wine into a small space. Additionally, a lot of wine cabinet owners discover that their cabinets can last for many years with very little upkeep.

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interior design

You can see that we pick up a long sofa with white color to make the room more luxurious. Sectional sofas just feel cozier and more inviting than sofas and loveseats alone. A sectional is unquestionably the best choice for a space where the entire family will congregate and spend their evenings. Consider cuddling up to watch a Sunday night movie with your children. That is awesome!

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The decoration of the project is also costly. K-render artists spend much dedication and effort to plan such a complete project. Mrs Hoang chose wood as the main material to decorate the room. Wood has remained a popular design style material. It enriches a space’s interior and is pleasing to the eye.

The best part of the project may be the amusement room. A big black piano is put in the center of the room near the window. Spherical chandeliers with white color and light color of floor help to make the piano more special. Few plants are a good idea to bring a breath of fresh air into a home. We put two brown chairs and tables to use for relaxing. 


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About K-render 

K-Render Studio is regarded as the best 3D rendering studio among others. With the motto “ “To listen, to understand, and to accompany”, it is on the way to create great construction for clients. By elaborating details in every render that present an accurate proportion of each object to  ensure project execution properly, K-render studio would help to visualize what a proposed design looks like in real life. 
K-Render has executed a variety of projects with varying features and capabilities throughout its nine years of operation and expansion. K-Render Studio offers numerous key benefits, such as:

Proficient team of artists: The rendering artists at K-Render Studio are all highly trained professionals. They have completed a number of initiatives that have resulted in satisfied customers.

Reasonable cost: In comparison to the market, the cost of best 3d interior rendering services made by K-Render Studio is reasonable. As a result, design firms will be pleased with the cost while working with one of the top interior design companies.

Quick completion: K-Render Studio will complete a 1000-square-meter project in three weeks (except for time for editing based on customer requirements). As a result, K-Render has risen among the top interior design companies.2


These are all the information about the Golden Project – Mr  Hoang’s interior design. Working with K-Render Studio, we are happy in working with Mr. Hoang  and accomplishing this 3D rendering product. We are continually striving to give the best 3D architectural services and quality 3D rendering services to our customers. It gives us great joy to make such a work of art.We are ready to counsel you to find out the most suitable design style for your own home. 

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