“The first impression” Project

“The first impression” is one of the most successful projects that was rendered by K-Render Studio. It was loved by our clients and helped them to convince their customer about how great their design was. In this article, we will share with you a detailed story about this project.

The project is called “The first impression”

The design unit came to K-Render Studio with an exterior design of a bar. Our team heard the spirit of the design and understood them.
The bar owner wished that as soon as they walked into the bar, customers would be impressed by the exterior of the bar. That’s why this project is called “The first impression”.


The bar owner wanted that the customer would be impressed by the bar’s exterior

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The owner also wants this outside space to be a place for guests to breathe fresh air and enjoy the open space. Sitting here, customers can watch the street with traffic passing by.
This desire was incorporated into the design, and K-Render’s mission is to create the most realistic renderings that embody this spirit.

The renderings met all the requirements of the design agency

K-Render Studio has made every effort to render the best renderings in accordance with the requirements of the design company. And here are the factors that make it successful.

Human factor – the most important factor

In order to create the best renderings that best express the spirit of the design, the rendering artists need a deep understanding of the design as well as a high level of skill. The rendering artists of our 3D rendering studio has all these elements.
Our rendering artists are all experienced in the field of render. Every detail in a rendering is always taken care of by us. Besides, the artist always listens to the opinions of the investor, to convey the meaning and spirit of the design into the renderings.
It is the professionalism and dedication to this profession that makes the renderings made by K-Render Studio’s artists so realistic.
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All the details are rendered with enthusiasm

Our artists have a passion for rendering. Therefore, each element has been perfectly noted and included in the 3d rendering exterior design.
– The light is carefully rendered
After deliberation, K-Render’s artist decided to choose both natural and artificial light for rendering.
Artificial light from the lights in the dark is preferred in these renderings. The light is focused on the signboard and the seating area for guests. This is a highlight that works to create a warm and intimate space when viewers look in.


The light focuses on the signboard and the sitting area

In addition, the light from the lights reflected on the road surface also makes the 3d exterior rendering more realistic and refined.


The light reflecting on the road make the renderings more realistic

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For a more intuitive view, K-Render Studio has included natural light. The light chosen here is afternoon light. The rendering artist focuses the light on the sun shining down through the trees. Sunlight is reflected on the leaves.
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The sunlight shines down through a big tree

There are even rays of sunlight shining down on the bar’s exterior. Thanks to that, viewers can see the outdoor scene when it is full of sunlight.


There are rays of sunlight shine down and reflect on the leaves

– Materials in the exterior 3d rendering
The sign of the bar is made up of many rectangular metal bars and these metal bars are not close together. This creates gaps that allow light from the lights to reflect onto the sign.


The signboard is a highlight of the bar’s exterior

This is also a difficulty in rendering. And the artists have skillfully illustrated the light reflected on these metal rods. As a result, the signboard becomes more prominent and eye-catching.
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– The rendering angle
The angle used in the first impression project is the horizontal camera angle. This camera angle gives the viewer an overview of the exterior details.


Our rendering artists use mostly horizontal angles in renderings

The K-Render Studio team always tries our best to fulfill the renderings and satisfy our clients. We hope our renderings will help all the design companies to prove that their designs are really wonderful.


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