The exterior rendering product of Starlake project

Exterior rendering products play an important role in presenting design ideas and persuading customers. Hence, K-Render’s customers requested K-Render to do the exterior rendering product of the Starlake project. Let’s read this article to see how amazing the rendering product is!

The exterior rendering product of the Starlake project overview

First, let’s learn some basics about the exterior rendering product of the Starlake exterior project.

  • Uses of the exterior rendering product of Starlake project

The exterior rendering product of the Starlake project was created to be used for the design presentation with the homeowner of the design company. You can consult more in Arredamento Showroom 3D rendering. The design company wanted to give customers a theoretical understanding of both the inside and the outside of the house.


The exterior rendering of Starlake project

  • Requirements of the design company for exterior rendering products
    • The product needs to accurately represent the customer’s wishes and requirements for the design.
  • exterior-of-starlake-project-by-k-render-studio-12

    From the gate look into the house view

    • The outdoor seating area needs to be clearly shown
    • K-Render Studio can be creative based on the requirements given by the design company.

Three important factors that made up the realistic exterior rendering product of the Starlake project

Understanding the exterior design of the house and the customer’s requirements, K-Render Studio has created a realistic interior rendering of Starlake with the following elements.

Modeling is the first factor

Modeling is the first step an artist takes in the rendering process and is also a very important step. In this project, the artist of K-Render Studio carefully studied the design parameters along with the space around the house to conduct rendering as in architectural rendering of Sunshine Apartment. The overall house, trees and furniture are all accurately modeled and as close to reality as possible. As a result, the exterior rendering of the Starlake project is more natural and realistic.


An area for family member and guests to sit and share stories

Light helps the rendering product of Starlake more perfect

Lighting is also an element meticulously cared for by K-Render Studio’s rendering artists. To show the airy but also very warm and closeness of the house’s exterior, the artists used a combination of natural light and lamplight.


A comfortable area for all family members

The natural light in the exterior renderings creates a pleasant feeling for the viewer. Viewers easily understand the exterior design of the house as in Dreams Ville home. Besides, the support of light in some positions makes the viewer see that Starlake’s garden space is very relaxing.

The challenge of material rendering

The rendering of materials in the outdoor space is a challenge for the rendering artists. This challenge was well done by K-Render’s team. The plant is a detail that needs meticulousness in material rendering. The Tranquila Spa rendering project has the same design style as Starlake project. Each leaf and tree trunk is skillfully handled by the artist’s hand. As a result, the trees in the rendered image all look very natural.


An exterior rendering image of Starlake project

The client’s feedback on the 3D exterior rendering product of the Starlake project

Starlake’s exterior rendering products have helped K-Render Studio’s customers speed up their work process and generate revenue quickly. Therefore, the design company was extremely satisfied with Starlake exterior project.. The design company will definitely continue to cooperate with K-Render Studio in the future to have quality architectural rendering products.


Startake has a quite big yard

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