The Di Interni Project

The design of the Kenli showroom was satisfied by the owner and the showroom was built shortly after. Just half a year later, the next showroom was born. And again, the design company turned to K-Render Studio to do 3d renderings for the Di Interni project.

The Di Interni project

The Di Interni is a project based on the owner’s satisfaction with the previous project – the Kenli showroom. Thanks to the 3D rendering of K-Render Studio, the showroom owner has a deep understanding of the design concept. The Kenli showroom was quickly constructed and completed by the architectural design company.


The Di Interni project

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Therefore, coming to the project the Di Interni this time, the design company has once again cooperated with K-Render Studio – one of the best 3d rendering studios to bring customers the most realistic rendering.
The Di Interni is still an interior showroom – where customers come and experience products. With the experience from the previous collaboration, K-Render rendering artists continue to strive to perfect renderings quickly and perfectly.

What made realistic renderings of the Di Interni project?

In just a short time, renderings have reached customers and continue to receive customer satisfaction. Here are the elements that create the renderings.

The light in the Di Interni project

As the Di Interni project is an interior showroom, lighting is very important. Lighting is the leading element that shows the beauty of each interior detail in the interior 3d render.
In this project, the rendering artists of K-Render use natural light. The light here is the light of the morning, shining through the large glass window.


The rendering artists use natural light in this project

Natural light floods into the interior space through large glass doors, making the space look airy. The light and dark patches are intertwined, making it easy for viewers to grasp the layout of the space and feel the love of the interior space.


The light shines on the countertops and shelves, making them like translucent mirrors

The ingenuity in the use of light is also shown in the light reflected from the surface of the interior products. The light shines on the countertops and shelves, making them like translucent mirrors, reflecting the light of the objects placed on them.

The materials in the Di Interni project

Not only the light but the materials are also rendered very realistically. You can see the artist’s talent through the photos below.

The main materials used in the Di Interni project are wood and stone. These are familiar materials but it takes finesse to render them as beautiful as they are in real life. Each wood grain is carefully painted and there is no overlap. This took a lot of effort on the part of the artist.


The fur rug is extremely realistic

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In addition, the fabric details are also realistically rendered. The fur rug in the bedroom shows up in detail with each hair is meticulously rendered. All these details have created a harmonious interior space, impressing viewers with its authenticity and closeness.

The rendering angle is used cleverly

The use of shooting angles plays an important role in 3D rendering. Let’s see in this project, what camera angles the rendering artist of K-Render Studio used to bring high efficiency when rendering.


Rendering artists mostly use the horizontal angle

The camera angle used is mainly horizontal. The effect of using this camera angle is to give an overview of the showroom’s interior space.


Besides, we used a diagonal angle to show the details

Besides, the diagonal camera angle is also used in the Di Interni project. If the horizontal camera angle helps the viewer to see the space in general, the diagonal camera angle helps the viewer to capture the details better.
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The team of K-Render studio has tried very hard to bring the most realistic renderings to customers. Thanks to this effort, amazing 3D renderings were born. The design company has once again satisfied its clients with our 3D renderings.


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