An interior rendering design by K-Render: The charming blue house

Would you like to live in a modern, lively apartment with a spacious balcony and bay windows to catch the wind and greenery? If yes, let’s take a look at this interior rendering design of K-Render Studio to get an idea to design your own house!

Basic project information

  • The project is built toward the Liu River, in Liuzhou, China – a green city. The apartment consists of three comfortable and high-class bedrooms with high aesthetics.
  • It is a lively, modern apartment, with balconies and bay windows to catch the wind and greenery, creating a very comfortable and pleasant life in harmony with nature.

The Blue House: Our interior designs

Blue is loved by many young people when it comes to interior rendering design. It represents youth, passion, enthusiasm, and creativity. Besides, this color also evokes positive emotions and calmness in people and reduces stress and anxiety. Therefore, when using blue, we’ll feel like our lives are always protected.

The living room interior rendering design

The living room uses a plain beige minimalist silk wall background to create a soft and elegant atmosphere. In addition, K-Render Studio selected a colorful art painting with a contrasting color to the wall color to highlight the room, making the living room not only elegant but also highly creative. This picture will be where all eyes must focus on.


A colorful art painting to highlight the room

The coffee table is decorated with water-patterned stone to create luxury and high-class feeling. The color of the dark blue chairs matches the color of the picture, creating a harmony of colors.


The coffee table


The sunlight shines through the curtain

The sunlight shines through the slightly transparent curtain, adding to the warmth and romance, making people feel immersed in the relaxation and peace. In addition, the material’s colors are low in saturation making small spaces feel spacious and comfortable. Beige, light yellow, and navy blue are harmoniously combined to enhance the modernity of the space.
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Beige, light yellow, and navy blue are harmoniously combined

Are you looking for a quiet and soothing space? You can sit and relax in this living room, enjoying the natural light and fresh air from the balcony. With light tones as the main color, the living room brings a sense of peace and comfort.

The kitchen and dining room interior rendering design

The kitchen and dining area are closely linked with the living room. As the apartment has a compact area, we have optimized the space, choosing the most convenient and suitable interior rendering design. The kitchen area is streamlined. Overall, the apartment looks very neat and clean.


The kitchen and dining area are closely linked with the living room


The kitchen area is streamlined


Overall, the apartment looks very neat and clean

Most people feel that blue gives them a peaceful feeling like being in harmony with the sea and sky. In the Blue House interior rendering design, all the chairs are mainly in blue, making the kitchen area cooler and fresher.

The bed room interior rendering design

It’s believed that the color blue helps us calm down and reduce stress. Therefore, using blue in your bedroom will be an ideal choice that helps to soothe your sleep.


The bedroom with a modern and trendy style

The main bedroom space is designed in a modern and trendy style, in harmony with the smooth beige tone of the living room. Stepping inside, we see a lovely little window.


This is where comfort and fashion intersect, expressing the owner’s goal of pursuing a refined, elegant, and comfortable life.


The decoration style combines many modern elements, creating a simple yet luxurious space.


In general, the room has a gentle and simple blue color mixed with white to create an elegant yet creative space. In particular, the room space is also quite spacious, suitable for decorating many different items.


After receiving our results of the Blue House interior rendering design, our client was very satisfied with the design of the house. If you are sourcing for a reputable architectural design studio, please don’t miss out K-Render Studio!

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