The best software of landscape rendering for the beginners

If you are a freelancer in rendering, you certainly cannot ignore the field of landscape rendering. This is not a fundamental field but if you want to go deep and far in architecture, you should still know about it.

Basic concept of landscape rendering

This is a completely new concept, representing a new step forward in the architecture industry in general and the field of rendering in particular. With landscape rendering, you can see the entire landscape around your project or building. This service will include exterior view, near view, far view, street view or aerial view all can be wrapped up in this landscape rendering service.


What is landscape rendering?

You can refer to 360 product view examples.

Interior rendering companies will not focus on this service because this is an outdoor rendering model. That is, only when included in the exterior rendering package, this landscape rendering service is available.

Reputable software/tools used for landscape rendering

In the following section, we will introduce you to common tools that make landscape rendering easier for you.


V-ray is a perfect choice if you want to do landscape rendering. This is very easy to use software. It can create quality frames, help you accurately align the image angles or properly color your pictures or apartment render.


Some view of landscape render

However, the price of purchasing and updating the annual license of V-ray is a bit expensive. If you are new to architecture and are trying to learn about landscape rendering then we recommend that you can absolutely get better and cheaper apps.


The best application in the visual arts industry is the Lumion prodigy. Created to make it easier for you to learn to visualize, Lumion has designed for users personalized tables of characters, abbreviations, and ways to read data on raw drawings.. All of which are encapsulated in one package only.


Exterior view you can refer to

If you want to learn more about how to use and fully understand high-rise render in this software, you can contact We will provide you with authentic information as well as find you the most rewarding Lumion courses.


You have not been able to find a software that can clearly read and analyze raw drawings, right? K-Render will introduce you to a magical software called Sketchup. In this software there are basic principles you need to know, especially in landscape rendering.

  • Firstly, the software can read model drawings, incomplete black and white images.
  • Secondly, when rendering with Sketchup, you need to pay attention to the size and ratio between the frame blocks.
  • Thirdly, the cost to update Sketchup software every year will be more expensive than other tools. Therefore, you should consider choosing this software throughout your time working on architecture and visualization.


This is a tool that is not as popular as the 3 software mentioned above. However, you should still refer to this tool. It also has similar features and uses similar to the above software. However, the software will also have limitations. Therefore, our advice is that you should learn carefully about the policies and usage for best interior design rendering in each software. This will be extremely useful if you want to stick with the profession for a long time as well as use the landscape rendering tool proficiently.

About the company K-Render – specializes in providing leading reputable landscape rendering services

Launched in 2013, K-Render has been established for nearly 10 years. During the period of working and working with more than 3000 customers, K-Render has always shown its class as a large enterprise in architecture, design and 3D rendering.

At K-Render, you will experience many different services from only $12. However, the landscape rendering service will cost more than the rest. Therefore, we would like you to carefully read the terms and conditions of our cooperation. This will help the project and the spirit of work between both parties will be more fun and faster.

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