The 3D renderings of Luce Del Sole project

The Luce Del Sole project is a project that received many compliments from both the design company and homeowners. This article will share with you how K-Render Studio made interior renderings that satisfied the client greatly.

About the design idea of the Luce Del Sole project

The Luce Del Sole project is an apartment 3D rendering project made by K-Render Studio. An apartment located in the city center but still keeping the warmth and closeness is the desire of the apartment owner.

    • The layout of the house

The Luce Del Sole has an area of 90 sqm. The house has a common living space (including a living room and kitchen) and a bedroom. It is designed by our client – one of the top architecture studios.


The Luce Del Sole project is an apartment 3D rendering project made by K-Render Studio.

The living room and dining room have no separation, making the space more spacious.

    • Light in the house

The Luce Del Sole is an apartment with a small area, so the design company wanted to use natural light for this house. Natural light will bring life to the house and the feeling of open space.

    • Furniture that is chosen for this house

The house’s interior is chosen to show the luxury of the space as well as for the owner of the house. Therefore, high-class furniture is used.

Factors that made up renderings of the Luce Del Sole project

To deliver amazing 3D renderings exactly as per customer requirements, K-Render Studio has made them from the following elements.

The understanding of the Luce Del Sole project of K-Render Studio

To express the spirit and color of the design on the 3D rendering, the rendering artists need both experience and understanding of the client. Our rendering artists have these two things.


Our rendering artists have a deep understanding of the design

The artists of K-Render Studio are all experienced and knowledgeable in the field of 3D rendering. Not only understanding the architecture of the design later, but the painter also understands the love and message of the design.
Thanks to these things, the artists of K-Render Studio always complete their products well.

Modeling is an important factor.

The first and most important step in 3D rendering is modeling. This step plays a role in creating the shape of the objects as well as space.


Modeling plays a role in creating the shape of the objects as well as space.

Our artists always understand the importance of modeling when rendering in the Luce Del Sole project or other projects. When the ratio is wrong, space will become unbalanced, even looking very strange. You can see the art of modeling in our showroom Arture Home project.


The modeling of The Luce Del Sole

The artist has meticulously and accurately modeled from the smallest details such as lights and leaves. As a result, the next steps of 3D rendering will be conducted smoothly and bring the desired results.

Light is rendering realistically and help to create the highlight.

The lighting used in the Luce Del Sole project is natural light.
Natural light will bring freshness and intimacy to space. However, if the use of this type of light is not controlled, space will be over-lit and difficult to access.


Natural light brings freshness and intimacy to space

In this project, natural light is skillfully rendered by the animator. Light does not shine directly in but passes through a curtain layer. As a result, natural light is not harsh, nor does it cause a flare. The light in the summer bar and restaurant is quite familiar to the light in this project.


The light reflects on the sofa.

The artist also skillfully shows the natural light reflection of the furniture. The leather sofa reflects the sunlight, highlighting the material and its luxury.

Positive feedback from our client

After receiving The Luce Del Sole’s 3D rendering, our client used it to demonstrate the design to the homeowner.
The owner of the house was delighted with the overall design as well as the details inside.
The design company appreciates the quality and authenticity of the product.

Our studio completed the 3D rendering product in a short time to meet the requirement of the customer.
K-Render Studio has worked very hard to balance every element of 3D rendering to bring the perfect final product. Like other K-Render projects, the Luce Del Sole project has helped the design company a lot in communicating the design to the client and satisfying the customer.

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