The 3D renderings of a Taiwanese House

Taiwanese House is a passionate product of the design company to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, K-Render Studio has strived to create the best quality 3D renderings that exude the spirit of the design. In this article, we will share with you the great renderings of Taiwanese House and how much they mean to our client.

The design idea of ​​the Taiwanese House Project

After discussions with the design company, K-Render Studio – one of the best 3d rendering studios, has a deep understanding of the client’s design ideas. The design ideas include layout, materials, and furniture.

  • The layout of the Taiwanese House Project

The design of the Taiwanese House Project is bold of Taiwanese Style. This is completely in line with the wishes of the homeowner.

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The house is divided into three zones: a living space, a workspace, and a bedroom space. A special feature in the design is the separation between the living room and the kitchen by a wall that can be opened and closed when needed.

  • Materials used in the house

Wood is the main material used in this house. With warm colors, wood brings a warm feeling to people living inside the house. In addition, glass is also an important material to bring natural light to Taiwanese House.

  • The furniture in the Taiwanese House Project

Furniture in Taiwanese House Project is carefully selected by the design company to match the style of the house.

ALTTables, chairs, and cabinets are simple and do not have many details. This furniture is also suitable for the simple lifestyle of the homeowner.

The renderings of the Taiwanese House Project

After having an understanding of the design concept, K-Render Studio’s painters began to create quality render products.

The renderings of the Taiwanese House Project

To create a 3D rendering product that meets the criteria given by the customer, K-Render’s rendering artists have completed each element in the best way. The idea for this project is somewhat similar to the interior space of Collin Celeste.

  • Modeling is a very important factor

Modeling is the first step in the 3D rendering process. This step requires high concentration from the artist.

Once the furniture in the house is proportioned and accurately modeled, the next steps are quick to proceed. The furniture in this project has a simple shape. However, it is this simplicity that needs accurate rendering so that the house does not look boring.

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The K-Render Studio Team was meticulously sculpted. Details such as tables, chairs, and cabinets are balanced. The painters also paid great attention to the proportions of the furniture in the house. As a result, when looking into space, viewers seem to feel the depth of the image.

  • The light in the Taiwanese House Project’s renderings

To properly express the spirit of Taiwanese design style, natural light is an indispensable element. The natural light in Taiwanese House is rendered just enough. Natural light gently shines through the door and curtain, creating two contrasting arrays of light and dark. This contrast makes the space very real.

Lighting is also used to create the beauty of this 3D rendering. The light coming from the cabinets, shining on the floor creates a very real feeling for the viewers.
In addition, the presence of natural light and light in the same photo proves the artist’s talent.

  • Materials are rendered vividly

The main material used in this project is wood. The color and gloss of each wood are focused, showing the artist’s professionalism. Viewers seem to see a wooden cabinet or a wood-paneled wall right in front of them.

  • Rendering angle used in Taiwanese House Project

To give viewers the most objective view of the house space, K-Render Studio’s rendering artists used a horizontal camera angle. This camera angle helps viewers to see the details of the house objectively.

K-Render Studio’s contribution to making Taiwanese House’s design more perfect

In order for this house project to impress customers better, K-Render has proposed one more detail to create a highlight for the house space. The chosen highlight is a place few people think about – the kitchen space.

Knowing the owner is a lover of cooking, K-Render has made the kitchen space impressive. The golden light shining down on the cabinet and floor attracts the viewer’s eyes from the very first moment.
Our client found our proposal interesting and quickly approved it and has a plan to use our 3D outside renders services for the next project.

Good feedback from our client about the rendering

After the 3D rendering product was brought to the homeowner by the design company, K-Render has received many positive feedbacks from the design company.
The 3D rendering product has made the owner extremely satisfied, especially with the kitchen area. Although the kitchen space is not large, it is harmonious and impressive.

The owner of the house immediately approved the design and went into construction. Thanks to that, the design company saved a lot of time editing the design and quickly completed this project.

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