The 3D rendering products of Tranquila Spa

A spa is a place where people come to relax. The design of the spa needs to bring a sense of relaxation and comfort to the customers. To demonstrate these features of the design in Tranquila Spa’s 3D rendering, K-Render Studio has fulfilled every factor. This article will show you how K-Render completed the 3D rendering of Tranquila Spa.

The design of Tranquila Spa

Thanks to the process of exchanging information with our client and documents submitted by our client, K-Render Studio has a thorough understanding of the design of Tranquila Spa. This understanding is an important factor in creating quality 3D renderings.


The lobby of Tranquila Spa

    • Functional subdivision of Tranquila Spa

Tranquila Spa consists of 2 floors. Each floor has its own function. Also, the first floor has a small area with trees. This is the small green space of the spa.


A 3D rendering image of 1st floor in Tranquila Spa

    • The design firm wants to use both natural light and lamplight

In order to express the uniqueness but still bring comfort to the spa’s customers, the design company wanted both natural light and light to appear in the 3D renderings of Tranquila Spa.


Both natural light and lamplight is used in Tranquila Spa

    • Furniture in Tranquila Spa

The interior of the Spa is not like the interior of a normal house. There are many types of specialized equipment inside the spa. This is also a point that the rendering artists should notice.

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Factors that made the 3D renderings of Tranquila Spa

In order for the 3D rendering to be in line with the wishes of the design company and spa owner, K-Render Studio has tried to do the best in each element.


In accordance with the design firm’s request, both natural light and lamp light were used in the 3D renderings of Tranquila Spa. Our interior rendering studio’s rendering artists skillfully combined these two types of light to create a unique space.


The light enhances the coziness of space

Natural light is mainly used in the space of Tranquila Spa. This type of light makes any space bright. Natural light is cleverly handled by K-Render’s artists.


Bright space of Tranquila Spa thanks to the natural light

K-Render Studio’s artist rendered soft natural light into the space through frosted glass doors. This makes the space not too bright. From there, viewers will feel more comfortable when looking at the 3D renderings of Tranquila Spa.


A 3D rendering image of 2nd floor in Tranquila Spa

The rendering artist’s talent is also reflected in the use of light combinations. The soft yellow light shines in the space as in Arrendamento showroom rendering, increasing the comfort and coziness of space.


Before starting to add materials, the artist of K-Render Studio carefully studied the characteristics of each material in the space of Tranquila Spa. As a result, all materials appear in the 3D rendering as if they were in real life.

Rendering angle

In order for the design company and spa owner to get an overview of Tranquila Spa, K-Render Studio used many camera angles. Camera angles are placed in many different positions: from outside to inside, from top to bottom, etc. Viewers can easily capture the details in space.

The feedback of our client about 3D rendering products of Tranquila Spa and K-Render Studio

After the project was completed, our client gave feedback on both the product and the 3D rendering unit.


Our client gave us positive feedback

  • Feedback on 3D rendering products
    • The product has good detail, every detail from small to large is taken care of.
    • The 3D rendering products clearly represent design ideas, helping the design company’s customers feel more convincing.
    • The product is completed based on the design ideas and the contribution of K-Render Studio.

Small green space of Tranquila Spa

  • K-Render Studio Feedback
    • K-Render Studio works professionally. The workflow and payment process are both very smart and clear.
    • K-Render’s team of experienced rendering artists quickly understood the design of Tranquila Spa.
    • K-Render Studio always provides quick support when customers have questions or requests.

Another 3D rendering image of 2nd floor

K-Render Studio always strives every day to improve service quality. Thanks to customer feedback and contributions, K-Render has gained a lot of experience. Don’t hesitate and come to experience K-Render Studio’s 3D rendering service now!

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