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About T Place Project is all about exterior 3D rendering products. For us – the rendering artists in K-Render Studio, what makes us want to strive every day is to deliver a wide variety of client-satisfied renderings.


The project is named T PLACE inspired by the letter T in the word Trust combined with Place which means accommodation. The name clearly shows the intentions and desires of the user.

That is they always want to rely on, believe in their own home because the house is the place for them to come back after a tiring day of work. A solid house will also protect them from external disasters and bring the fullest, most comfortable, and comfortable life to the people living in it.

Important factors in the 3D exterior rendering process of T Place


Visualizing exterior design is not a simple thing. In the interior, ambient light can shine on prominent objects to highlight the intention of the design, while artificial light can appear in some corners of the house to create accents. and increase the contrast for the entire space.

In the exterior, all spaces are covered with ambient light. Depending on the case, the design is re-rendered at night or during the day.

Although at the shooting angles, the visible part of the interior space is relatively small, it is the highlight to make the photo as realistic as possible, so the clients can feel the correlation of the interior space. aesthetics between inside and outside the building.

K-Render Studio 3D rendering products

The luxurious setting of the project

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At K-Render, we do not only do the work required, depending on the actual work and necessity, we will do more to bring the best 3D rendering exterior design to our customers.

For this T PLACE project, the artists had to re-envision the balcony space of the house. The color schemes from the door, or to the sofa sets must match. Since it is an outdoor space during the day, the rendered image needs to achieve a minimum light level. It is not too bright or too dark.

See project of the first impression


Next is the material and the material representation of each interior detail in the TPLACE exterior design.

According to the available design, the balcony background is made of wood. The painters used brown color and the wood grain looks very realistic. The wood grain is meticulously illustrated and without any technical errors.

K-Render Studio 3D rendering products 2

The light setting of the project

Besides, the trees around the apartment are also a highlight. The trees are not arranged too close to each other.. So when rendering, the animators have to concentrate to make a 3D picture that shows exactly what the design is.

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Camera angle

Because it is an outdoor space, the angle here will be a straight angle from the top. It is able to see the whole apartment as well as feel the colors and light in the most comprehensive way.

In addition, there are also horizontal shooting angles. This is a common technique in rendering. In order for viewers to see clearly even the smallest details in the whole picture. The artists have illustrated a photo with a front view of the exterior. From here, we can fully understand the design intent of the creator as well as the ingenious rendering ability of the artists.

K-Render Studio 3D rendering products 3

The material setting of the project


Through this project, once again the name of K-Render is confirmed. We always want to bring to our clients the best renderings.
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