Special interior rendering project – Ora apartment

Ora apartment is the latest project of K-Render. In the article below, we will introduce the details you need to pay attention to about our interior rendering project and interior rendering service.

Input, References and Scope of work

Firstly, We have tried to connect with customers who have needs in interior rendering and had the opportunity to cooperate with them on this project.


The result of this project

  • First of all, we received an offer of cooperation via email. Next, after discussing the price and total cost for the Ora house, we have reached the contract stage for this project.
  • We have checked and confirmed the inputs that the customer has submitted. We had to discuss and remind the customer to submit all documents. This will make the rendering process a lot easier.

How K-render accomplish Ora apartment

In this section, we will introduce you to the Ora apartment implementation process.

Applying demand materials and setting up the camera angle for Ora project

With the sample materials and colors sent by the customer, we used professional rendering software as well as the artist’s ability to arrange and create render. This gives the rendered product a very striking, customer-friendly appearance.


Example of Ora project

Moreover, you can refer to the images below to visualize the shooting angles that we used to make this project. You can see creative and very special shooting angles for interior design marketing term. For the purpose of customers and viewers can clearly see the entire space of each room of Ora apartment.

The revisions of Ora apartment

We offered our client 2 free edits. However, perhaps our customers don’t need it twice. They were completely satisfied with the renderings we sent the first time they received them.

The result of Ora apartment

Finally, after 2 weeks of working and implementing the Ora project, we have completed the project within the scheduled time and worked on schedule as originally set out. Customers are completely satisfied with the time, quality and care of K-Render.


Interior rendering examples about Ora house

In the future, we hope to have more such nice projects and customers. You can refer to K-Render’s latest projects via website or contact email to experience the service and the consulting team will take responsibility to care .

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