Something You Not Know about 3D Architectural Visualization

3D architectural visualization is a field no stranger to those interested in architectural design in general. In other words, 3D architectural visualization is very popular in recent years. If you are looking for more information about architectural visualization, the following article will answer your questions.


Overview of 3D architectural visualization

Firstly, we will introduce the basics of architectural visualization.

Concept of 3D architectural visualization

3D architectural visualization is development in the field of visualizing and refers to the creation of three-dimensional models of a structure or building using computer software. Customers can look at a 3D model and observe it from any angle. Objects such as plants, furniture, and lights can also be added to the 3D image so that the client can get a feel for their effect and the architect’s design intent.


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Next, 3D architectural visualization today is very detailed and highly accurate. This is thanks to the effects of sunlight and shadows, making the 3D photo 99% similar to real life.

Benefits of 3D architectural visualization

With the overview of architectural visualization that we mentioned above, below we will talk about the benefits of 3D architectural visualization

For architecture and design companies

Firstly, the 3D architectural visualization will help the architectural firms a lot:

    • 3D architectural visualization will help the architectural firm to save a lot of costs. Instead you have to spend a lot of money on rebuilding a realistic model for your project at a scale of 1:1000 or 1:10000. Now you can apply 3D architectural visualization software to get a 3D visualization of that building with many different angles. Using architectural visualization software on a computer will be much cheaper than building a lifelike model. In addition, 3D architectural visualization products also help your company visualize the entire interior space of that building.
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    • Next, 3D architectural visualization will help your architecture firm to increase its brand value. 3D architectural visualization is a way for clients to visualize their construction in the future. If you do this well, you will be able to build credibility with your customers. From there, the brand value of your company will increase gradually.
    • And finally, the purpose of using 3D architectural visualization is still to generate profit and revenue for the architectural firm. Based on the above benefits such as cost savings, time savings, increased brand value, 3D architectural visualization will ultimately help the architectural firm to increase revenue. The ability to find customers and accept contracts will be more than companies without provide 3D rendering services

For customers

In case you are a retail customer and an investor is wishing to buy back a design, 3D architectural visualization will help you to:


    • Architectural 3D visualization can help you get the most realistic and lifelike images and products. You will be able to compare the original design with the 3D architectural visualization to see the subtlety of your own construction. From there you will be able to arrange and choose the most suitable furniture and furniture for your project, avoiding most of the risks in construction.
    • In addition, if you use 3D architectural visualization, you will be able to make your working process with collaborative companies more convenient and faster. You’ll be able to compare the original concept with the 3D architectural visualization product so that the visualization company can tailor it to your needs in a timely manner.

How to get a beautiful 3D architectural visualization?

In the above sections you can already know the benefits of 3D architectural visualization. So how to get a 3D architectural visualization product with the best quality? We will clarify below!

Cooperation with reputable 3D architectural visualization companies

To get a quality architectural visualization product, the first way is to choose to cooperate with 3D architectural visualisation services providers

    • Firstly, as a company specializing in 3D architectural visualization, they will have a team of highly qualified and professional visualizers. They will be the ones who understand your visualization ideas and help you get the 3D architectural visualization you want.
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    • Secondly, to serve customers with 3D architectural visualization needs, those companies have the most advanced and professional visualization software available. This will also contribute to helping you get the best quality 3D architectural visualization.
    • Thirdly, because they are a serious and reputable business company, they will have a professional and clear working style. This will make the process of working between you and the 3D architectural visualization company more convenient and faster.

Besides, cooperation with companies specializing in 3D architectural visualization will also face the following limitations:


    • Firstly, because it is a large and famous 3D architectural visualization company in the world, the project implementation costs will be quite high compared to customers with low and middle income. However, you can still choose 3D architectural visualization companies that are suitable for your financial ability.
    • Secondly, it might take you a little while to find out if the 3D architectural visualization company is a reputable company or a fake company. However, you can check the possibility of scams of these companies easily without too much effort.

Train your own 3D architectural visualization department

The next way around is for your architecture firm to train its own 3D architectural visualization department. However, we still recommend the first way for the following reasons:


    • Firstly, training your own architectural visualization department yourself will cost a lot for your company. For staff or architects to learn about 3D architectural visualization, you must prepare equipment and software to support that work.
    • However, professional visualization software will be quite expensive if you want to buy their license. In addition, it will also cost you to update them every year.
    • Secondly, training a department that specializes in architectural visualizations will cost your company more time to train employees. During periods of learning about 3D architectural visualization, the company team can lose time finding customers and not having orders signed. As a result, your company probably won’t make any revenue or profit during this period.

Things to keep in mind when collaborating with 3D visualization companies

In this section, we will tell you what you should pay attention to when working with 3D architectural visualization companies

When working with 3D architectural visualization companies what do you need to transfer?

To make the process of working with 3D visualization companies easier, you should refer to the following content. It will help you to be well prepared and well informed when collaborating with 3D architectural visualization companies.


    • Firstly, you need to provide the company with which you plan to cooperate with the design with all the necessary parameters to help propose and discuss the project faster. For example, the area of ​​the rooms, the floors, how high the floors are or if there are any special rooms designed specifically..
    • Secondly, you need to provide the company with a full 3D architectural visualization including mood board and material boards. With mood and material boards, visualizers will be able to understand your work more clearly.
    • Thirdly, you should provide the 3D architectural visualization company with some information related to the project timeline as well as the timeline to complete the visualization product. For example, if you need that visualization within 2 weeks, you need to make it clear to the 3D architectural visualization company so that they can complete the project for you as soon as possible.

How to avoid situations when partnering with fraudulent 3D architectural visualization companies

Here are ways to deal with when you may be scammed by an architectural visualization company.

You should not send money to a 3D architectural visualization company.

Scammers always want to get your money back as soon as possible. Therefore, they will always be inclined to urge you to transfer the money to them as soon as possible. In this case, you absolutely must not let your guard down and pass on to the 3D architectural visualization company all the money you have.


    • Firstly, you need to refer to the payment contract signed with that company. This will help you better understand the time as well as the regulations when transferring money to the partner company in the most accurate and reasonable way.
    • Secondly, you should only deposit 50% or 30% of the amount of that project. Once you have the visualization output you want, you can transfer the rest of the money to that 3D architectural visualization company. This will benefit you much more.

You should not cooperate with the 3D architectural visualization company no clear business information

3D architectural visualization company that has no clear business information or incomplete, it will occur two cases are as follows:

    • First of all, that company is a fake 3D architectural visualization company and has no serious business intentions.
    • Secondly, the outsourcing 3D design company was just established not long ago, so it is not possible to verify the official business information.


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If you have both of the above cases, you should not cooperate with such companies.

By looking up the business information of the business, you can completely go to government websites or reputable information search sites to prove that the 3D architectural visualization company is a decent and serious business company.

You should not work with 3D architectural visualization companies that have a bad review

The portfolio is a way to prove that the 3D architectural visualization company is a company with a lot of experience and expertise in architecture and design. Therefore, in order to gain trust with this company, you need to check their profile before agreeing to work with them.


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Next, you can take a look at the projects they’ve worked on before. Or you can also refer to previous customer feedback about them. If you feel the above factors are enough to contact and cooperate with these companies, then you should work with them.

Suggestions for the best 3D architectural visualization products you should refer to

In the last section, we will recommend the best 3D architectural visualization products and drawings that you can refer to.

Top 1 3D architectural visualization – KENLI showroom

KENLI showroom is a 3D architectural visualization product created by K-Render Studio – one of the best rendering studios in the world.


    • Founded in 2013, K-Render has more than 7 years of experience in visualization and rendering
    • K-Render has a lot of certifications and awards to its name.
    • In addition, the studio has also cooperated with many large and small corporations that need to render for their works.

The KENLI showroom is one of the most beautiful works of K-Render. In addition, to learn more about 3D architectural visualization products from K-Render, you can visit website or contact whatsaap +84855555062 for more information.

Top 2 3D architectural visualization – Travel Design Style House

Travel Design Style House is a small apartment serving the needs of traveling and intending to spend the night here.


The house is located in the city center of Singapore and is known by many people. Because the house is visited by so many visitors and resting, it deserves to be listed in the list of the top 2 best 3D architectural visualization.

Top 3 3D architectural visualization – Balcony Restaurant

As one of the famous European food restaurants located in New York City, Balcony Restaurant deserves to be in the top 3 most beautiful 3D architectural visualization.


The restaurant’s classic atmosphere is very suitable for European dishes here. In addition, when we look at the restaurant through this 3D architectural visualization product, we can also feel the cozy and comfortable atmosphere that the restaurant brings thanks to the interior layout as well as the light and colors.

Top 4 3D architectural visualization – Oneus Private House

Next is the 3D architectural visualization product of Oneus Private House.


With the main colors of white and black, Oneus Private House has shown us the style and taste of the owner. The house also exudes its own elegance and sophistication but is still very minimalist, tidy and has personality.

Top 5 3D architectural visualization – Hyco’s House

An architectural visualization product follow the image of Hyco House


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With the main color being slightly muted yellow and brown, Hyco House has created a feeling of a private space for the viewer to feel cozy, comfortable and create relaxing moments for occupants. The interior 3D architectural visualization layout as well as the use of decorative accessories are pleasing to the eye and not too picky, creating sophistication for the entire room.

Top 6 3D architectural visualization – Tropical modernism architecture house

Next is a new house style that has emerged in recent years, which is the tropical modern style.


The lighting and interior arrangement in the room are logical and harmonious, creating a feeling of peace and closeness to nature when living in this place.

Top 7 3D architectural visualization – Chandelier Studio

Chandelier Studio is one of the famous studios for photography and relaxation in Canada.


The 3D architectural visualization design style for the studio is often minimalistic but still highlights the sophistication and individuality of the house.

Top 8 3D architectural visualization – Cest Lavish Villa

As one of the villas built not too long ago, Cest Lavish Villa deserves to be listed in the list of the most beautiful and innovative 3D architectural visualization products.


Observing the scenery and the outside space of the villa, we can also feel the full scale and investment for this project.

Top 9 3D architectural visualization – Heaven Exterior View

This is the first 3D architectural visualization product in the list of the best visualization and visualization products.


Heaven Exterior View is inspired by the style of a modern villa house. The main color tone is white and has a large area. In addition, the outside scenery of the house is also paid much attention thanks to the arrangement and visualization of natural elements, trees and light.

Top 10 3D architectural visualization – Mandarin Project

Mandarin Project is a complex project of large apartments designed in a modern and luxurious style.


The luxurious style of the apartment is prominently shown through the interior layout and the main color of the room.

Hopefully through the above article you can find the necessary information about 3D architectural visualization to help your work and life!

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