Shanghai Home with Modern And Contemporary Design Style

This is a very interesting project that we – K-Render Studio have received. Today’s project guest is a Chinese-American who has a high aesthetic taste and desire for a home with modern and contemporary design style while keeping the old Shanghai style – his hometown.

About The Interior Design With Modern And Contemporary Style Project 

Since it was not possible to move the composition, we decided to use textures and materials as basic and independent building elements of the design to shape the texture of the space.

After some discussion, K-Render Studio decided to use black and white with different textures and depths as a set of relationships as the dominant color of this house. Sometimes tones, lines, contrast, light and dark contrast can shape a space better. Three colors of wood, gold and black are used to interpret modern stories with old Shanghai style.


Mr.Revlos Elbourt’s Home Project

As a result, layers of materials and colors reveal distinct spatial and textural flair. We try to combine the history and memories of this house as much as possible, trying to reshape its spirit and values, and freeze the light and color in some specific moments.

Shanghai Home Project’s Complete Time

After searching for 3D rendering company and came across a very good article of K-Render Studio on this field, Mr.Revlos Elbuort contacted to ask about the service and got his question answered in just 10 minutes. Right after that, we cooperated and launched a house with modern and contemporary design style that couldn’t be more perfect. 

The complexity and meticulousness of this project is quite large, so the total time for this project is 20 days including the revision time of the project. After completing all the basic procedures: receiving customer input, quotation and making quotation, K-Render immediately started designing the project.


Modern and Contemporary Design Style

There have been a few times that Mr. Revlos Elbuort changed the details in the modern and contemporary design style project, but K-Render always tries to complete the project according to the set timeline. Since we always try to understand the smallest details, the deepest desires of our customers, it is almost impossible to have to re-edit and waste time to revise many times. Whatever output is completed, the customer is 100% satisfied with it. If customers have special requirements for the exterior, we are happy to recommend exterior render companies with the best quality to be able to match their requirements.

The Post-Production Of Modern And Contemporary Design Style House

K-render artists fine-tuned residential renders in Photoshop at this stage. We adjust the lighting to contemporary housing style interior assets such as decoration, furniture, etc. In addition, our CG adjusted the lighting warmer and brighter to create a welcoming atmosphere.


Modern and Contemporary Design Style – Living room

In total, K-Render created 30 images for this modern and contemporary design style project. Below you can see the images for the best kitchen rendering, the living room, the working space, the children’s room and the parent’s room.

The Modern And Contemporary Design Style Project Results

The space on both sides is full of light. It is the “eye” of the whole space, sunlight makes the space quieter and quieter, even wind will make the space seem noisy. This is a silent film, no dubbing required, only the color of the furniture or the metallic luster are the only allowed sounds.


Modern and Contemporary Design Style – Working Space

The bookshelves are scattered throughout, neatly helping to expand the space. When the sunlight shines into the room through the glass window, I extract the aroma of the coffee cup and “steal my life for half a day” in the scroll.


Modern and Contemporary Design Style – Bedroom

We offer a lot of camera angles to the client so that he can fully understand the modern and contemporary style design and architecture of the house. It is also easier for the construction team to see the entire design of K-Render.


Modern and Contemporary Design Style – Living Room Space

For the whole design, we render 2-3 images per room so that the clients can see clearly every detail, every corner of the rooms including best living room renderings, bedroom, also the balcony or the lobby.


Modern and Contemporary Design Style – Working Space


Shanghai Home Living Room – Other Camera Angle

Personalized artwork decoration makes the sights reach the scenery. Moreover, subtle touches of textured bedding and furniture enhance the quality of the space. This is the perfect blend that our 3d interior rendering services can achieve, every detail is satisfied and appreciated by Mr.Revlos.


Kitchen Space of the project


We always try our best to bring the best experience to customers, design products that are not only beautiful and satisfactory but also comfortable for all family members, bringing a warm feeling. It is a pleasure to collaborate and design for Mr. Revlos Elbuort’s family is such a masterpiece – Top 1 modern and contemporary design style – symbolizing a happy life combined both east and west style.

With the motto of always putting the customer first, providing a great experience and good service quality, K-Render hopes to cooperate with many customers like Mr. Revlos Elbuort in the future.

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