Scandinavian design style: A minimalistic and elegant style for apartment

Many people today favor apartments with simple Scandinavian designs that are also minimalistic and elegant. Understanding more about Scandinavian design style from this article, including how it can be used to build the ideal living space for your family in an apartment.

What is Scandinavian design style?

Scandinavian or Nordic design is a style that perfectly combines minimalism, harmonic beauty, and usefulness. Due to its minimalism and courtesy, which still creates a liberal and modern look, this style is currently quite popular among designers and homeowners. Wood, stone, leather, and fur materials, as well as a combination of white, gray, and blue and wood colors, are important elements in Scandinavian design style. Most architects get inspiration from one of these styles. Furthermore, you can visit K-render to discover more about other design styles.


Scandinavian style for apartment

Scandinavian features

These are some Scandinavian design style features that you may want to know.

Natural material

Wood is a prominent component of Scandinavian design style. Wooden floors and wooden furniture such as dining tables, wardrobes, wall shelves, beds, etc. provide the home space a basic, rustic feel as well as a sensation of warmth and closeness to nature. Another common material used in this design style is stone. Stone is utilized as walkway decorations or as wall covering. Additionally, fur-covered carpets and wall decorations are usually utilized to add highlights to the room.


Scandinavian style wooden floors make the living area more cozy and imitate


White, gray, and neutral colors are used as the primary colors in Scandinavian design style apartments to create the impression that the room is larger and more airy. Scandinavian design style is the best option for tiny houses because it creates the appearance that the space is larger and combines modern aspects in the interior design.

Natural light

Scandinavian apartment designs make the most of natural light sources rather than using artificial lighting. This will bring the living space a fresh, inviting elegance, and it is also the key to efficiently expanding the space. Use big window frames with thin white curtains to maximize the room’s natural lighting source. You can also utilize more ceiling lights, decorative lanterns, or decorative candles to help diffuse more light.


Natural light in Scandinavian design style

Accessories, decorative motifs in modern Scandinavian design style

You can decorate the room with a few decorative objects to help improve the beauty of the Scandinavian design style interior space. Items composed of natural materials like wood, bamboo, rattan, and green trees are frequently chosen to soften and cozy up the interior design of the home. Additionally, sofa pillows and floor mats with basic decorative patterns like stripes or checkerboard and neutral colors are a suitable option.


Modern and practical furniture

The Scandinavian Style is an interior design style that emphasizes efficient, minimalist furniture. The interior furniture with innovative, small but fully practical designs not only help you save the maximum amount of space but also increase and modernize the interior of your home. You can choose Light gray sofas, wooden dining room tables and chairs, multi-tiered bookcases,…

Scandinavian design style for small apartments – New trends 2022

You can apply Scandinavian style to make your small or medium-sized apartments look much bigger. If you have any difficulty in implementing Scandinavian style for your own house, K-render – one of the top architect design companies in Vietnam will support you in bringing your ideas to life.

Lobby and entrance

Small apartments should have a clear entrance with modest furnishings like shoe shelves and coat hangers. Applying Scandinavian design style, the space may also be made more spacious. By using the primary color of white, you can add accents like wooden shoe cabinets and floor rugs to make it feel more luxurious and cozy.

Small apartment living room

Small apartment living rooms designed in the Scandinavian design style are always attractive to many people due to their modern, modest, and incredibly delicate beauty. The room will have an attractive highlight when the space’s main white tone is mixed with simply designed interior items, like a sofa set in a single solid color. To make the space more cozier and warmer, design the living room in particular with simple wall paintings or prints and wall lamps.


Applying Scandinavian style for small apartment living room

Small apartment bedroom

Deep colors like gray and blue are usually applied to decorate bedrooms in the Scandinavian design style. Bedroom with a simple interior design will give the room owner comfort. Furthermore, compared to other dark tones, the light tones of the Scandinavian design style will open up the room. This is another tip for creating and picking colors for apartments and other small apartments. Additionally, wall paintings are chosen for Scandinavian design style bedrooms with simple designs, no frills, and no color, but they are still very attractive.


Scandinavian style bedroom

Small apartment dining room

The right-sized dining table and chairs should be used in combination with light-colored wooden kitchen cabinets, white kitchen shelves, and basic dining table accessories to help the kitchen look more appealing when designing the dining room for a tiny Scandinavian design style apartment. Another innovative approach to make the place more contemporary and upscale is to add a modern ceiling lamp.


Scandinavian dining room

Small apartment bathroom

Neutral colors like white, cream white, beige, light brown, etc. are the best option for a Scandinavian design style bathroom design. Small apartments’ bathrooms will become more spacious and pleasant if you decorate them with light colors. In addition, you may enhance the space with a few extra potted plants and basic yet elegant bathroom accessories like soap dispensers and brush holders.


Scandinavian bathroom

Garden and balcony

If you are lucky to have a tiny balcony or garden with a small apartment, simply add a comfortable chair and a few potted plants to the area following Scandinavian design style. After a long day of work or study, the balcony and garden area will become a location where you can relax and enjoy some peace. You can find company or studio, which offer 3D exterior rendering services to visualize your ideal design about garden and balcony. 


Scandinavian balcony

K-render Studio: Top 3D Rendering and Design Studio from VietNam

If you’ve got your own Scandinavian style apartment ideas and want to visualize them with pictures, K-render will offers the 3D interior rendering service of rendering your ideas. To ensure effective project execution, our  studio elaborates features in every render that present an accurate proportion of each object. 

Our architects are highly experienced in this field and interior rendering, floor plans, exterior rendering and have the attention to detail you’d expect from high end artists who are at the forefront of our industry. With the use of trimming 3D visualization technology, K-render would take the time to listen, understand, and collaborate with you as you build and realize your ideas.

The workflow of K-render

  • Soaking the information: We need your detailed plans, elevations, site plan, etc. in PDF format, as well as a list of the furniture (with names, sizes, and materials), a mood board, and a material board.
  • Contracting: During this period, you can change conceptions. Everything is fixed once the contract is signed. Nothing relevant to your concepts or ideas can be changed.
  • Modeling: Our modeling drafts will be sent. If adjustments are necessary, we will deliver a new draft with those adjustments. Repeat this procedure until the initial model is accurate.
  • Rendering: We will give you a draft rendering along with some low-resolution images.
  • Final Visualization & Finish: After the second free author’s correction, we deliver the finished visualization in high resolution.


Regarding price, located in Vietnam, where the labor force is top quality and low cost, we ensure the best price among all studios even with the view or square meters.


These are all the information about Scandinavian design style. We hope you can find suitable design style for your own home.

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