Revolution project: Render high-end apartment in the US

Modern luxury interior design style will never be outdated because of its simplicity but is full of elegance. You can refer to this design style through K-render’s rendering project – Revolution project below.

An overview of the project

The name of this project is Revolution. The owner of the house is Mr. Robert, after negotiating the quality of the output as well as the cost of 3D rendering, K-render started to render the Revolution project in 3 weeks. The project has an area of ​​nearly 800 square meters with a design that includes all basic rooms such as the living room, dining room, office, bathroom, and bedroom. This high-end project mixes minimalism and a modern, luxurious design aesthetic. The primary colors are brown and white, in addition, the architecture also combines opposing colors to decorate the apartment. 

Revolution project: Living room

Designers take advantage of contrasting colors like white ceilings and timber walls; the main sofa is beige and the two armchairs are dark blue. Big windows along with a large balcony make the room airier and more extensive. This design enables homeowners to enjoy a light-filled area ideal for entertaining, relaxing, and taking in the breathtaking city view from the balcony.


An overview of the living room in Revolution project

From this rendering perspective, you can clearly see the designer’s use of contrasting colors. In addition, we also use wall paintings to reduce the vacancy of space.


A part of living room in Revolution project

The color of the pillows is also chosen in contrast to the color of the sofa. Our website also has some articles reviewed about the best living room rendering that you can consult. If you have living room design drawings and want to see them in real life, you may need to consider the rendering service.

Revolution Project: Dining room

The design of the dining room is also similar to the living room. Designers still apply the use of contrasting colors. The vase’s color stands out against the colors of the dining table and chairs, drawing attention to the dining table, which represents the room’s central point.


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The floor is made of stone-patterned tiles, which add to the room’s luxury. Large windows give a view of the magnificent outside. Everyone may enjoy a delicious meal while seeing the stunning surroundings outside.


View from the dining room

Revolution Project: Working room

The office uses mainly warm brown tones to create a comfortable feeling when working. 


Working room in Revolution Project

In general, designers use the window frame to enhance light, making the space brighter, and bigger. Furthermore, it also allows the homeowner to appreciate the beautiful view outside.


View from the working room

Revolution Project: Kitchen

You can see more kitchen rendering on the portfolio of K-render – the best 3d rendering studio. The dining room uses white brick on a stone-grained background to attract attention and attract the viewer to the Revolution project. 


Kitchen of the project


Cooking space of Revolution project

Revolution Project: Bathroom

The bathroom is linked to the design of other rooms in the house. We mainly use white as a primary color.


Bathroom of the house


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Revolution Project: Bedroom

In this project, there are 3 bedrooms, each of them designed in a different style but still relative together. Color in interior design influences the user’s mood and spirit in addition to providing accents and visual stimulation. In the Revolution project, rendering artists mainly use cool-tone colors for bedrooms. Besides, color selection is typically constrained by the owner’s preferences and visual design. 


Main bedroom with a view outside of Revolution project

Besides this, the color of wood or wood-based products may be used to balance and neutralize an area, bringing coziness and warmth to the space.


Another bedroom


There are many problems around bedroom feng shui such as door direction, bed direction, or mirror placement… that we need to pay attention to avoid creating feng shui mistakes that adversely affect sleep quality and luck, the fortune of the owner. You can consult this style of the bedroom to decorate your own house. 


After finishing rendering and sending our output back to our client – Mr. Robert, he was very satisfied. We are looking forward to cooperating with Mr. Robert as well as potential customers in the future. If you’re finding high-quality 3d product visualization companies, K-render might be the best option for you. 

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