Rendering service and how to find a reputable rendering studio

Are you looking for a rendering service company? This article will help you have a full understanding about architectural rendering and assist you in finding a qualified and good rendering service company.

What is architectural rendering?

Architectural rendering is the process of producing realistic images in 3D from an architectural design /model by using computer software. The resulting renderings are incredibly realistic, precise, detailed and authentic like the real materials and light. Experienced and skilled architects may utilize their software to create works that are difficult to identify between actual images captured with a phone and those created by a computer. 


Architectural rendering by K-render

Types of architectural rendering service

Let’s find out more about common types of rendering service in architecture. 

Architecture rendering

Architectural rendering is the arrangement and layout of space, including architecture, coherent structure, power supply, water supply and drainage, ventilation, lighting,… and time to create an environment as owner’s wishes. Architecture design is the combination of art and science. The architect will create the overall design concept for the home, garden and design suitable functions on the ground.


An example of architectural rendering

Virtual staging

In the field of house staging, virtual staging has emerged as a key technological advancement. It is a less expensive alternative to traditional staging, but it can also be used as a supplement to standard vacant-home staging.


Virtual staging by K-render

Exterior rendering

Exterior design is the design of a pre-built house’s exterior surface; the architect’s role is to create concepts for the house’s exterior. This will enabled you to see constructions of any size or type before they were built. Using realistic exterior rendering service, architects and developers may easily and efficiently convey their ideas to customers, contractors, and competition jurors. That’s why exterior rendering service may bring new life into elegant villas, charming old homes, spectacular skyscrapers, and restaurants.


Exterior rendering


Interior rendering

Interior design is the creative process of developing space concepts (such as a living area, study area, community space, etc.) to satisfy requirements while maximizing aesthetic and practical aspects of the place. The focus is mostly on the house/space, which includes: walls, ceilings, flooring, lighting, electrical systems, furniture such as beds, cupboards, tables and chairs, decorations, and so on. Interior design also refers to the design of homes, hotels, gyms, and offices.


Mr.Revlos Elbourt’s Home Projec  designed by K-render


Kitchen Space of the project

Why is it so important to get rendering service?

Architectural rendering enables the creation of two-dimensional animations or images with the primary goal of showing all components that should be included in the final design. Since we live in a digital age, we can access to a wide range of rendering tools that significantly support artists in making the most amazing 3D visualization. Rendering provides architects with a clear view of where they stand in their present projects. They also supply essential and beneficial insight into all of the necessary information that architects should add or delete.  Rendering service is usually using for: 

Design analysis

Rendering enables the architects to make crucial design decisions before the project enters its final stage and is actually built. They will gain a clear understanding of which aspects fit perfectly and which need to be adjusted by looking at the 3D rendering of a structure that is about to be constructed. This method allows them to do their duties as architects more efficiently, resulting in the most magnificent design that money can buy.


Architectural render for design analysis



The product of rendering service genuinely provides clients with main motivations to believe that they should invest in it. The architects have a far greater chance of selling their services by using digital pictures. In order to effectively sell their services and draw in more customers, businesses such as real estate companies, architectural agencies may employ architectural rendering service as a design, advertising, and marketing tool to increase revenue.


Rendering services use for Marketing purpose



A great aesthetic technique to convey concepts pertaining to an architectural plan is through architectural rendering. An architect can offer realistic scenes of one project to their clients utilizing digital material to attract their attention. Architectural rendering has both psychological and emotional aspects. Viewers’ feelings might be affected by 3D representations. Exactly for this reason, rendering service is crucial to help the viewer imagine how their design looks in real life. 


How to find a good rendering service company?

Finding consistently excellent 3D rendering service can be an important part for architecture and design studios. When considering using 3D virtual rendering on your property listing to attract interested buyers, the most crucial element to consider is which agency you will hire to give you with 3D rendering services. However, how can you choose the best firm if you are unfamiliar with the specifics of what makes a good render different from one that will attract clients? Here are some tips that you can look for when choosing the 3D rendering services:

Read the feedback from previous clients

If you have a shortlist of potential 3D rendering firms that you like, one of the best ways to determine which business is appropriate for your project is to read reviews and client testimonials. You may read reviews of their work from clients on their own websites or LinkedIn… This will also offer you a feel of how they work and the artistic sensibility they employ while providing 3D rendering services. 

Check their portfolio

A reputable architectural visualization studio for offering 3D rendering services will have a website portfolio showcasing their work. If they don’t, don’t be afraid to request a portfolio from the  agency you’re considering hiring. When you’re evaluating a portfolio of a rendering service company, pay attention to these details:

  • The time taken to complete a project
  • The price
  • Revision policy
  • Variety on their project

Look at their technical expertise

  • Photorealism: Images in a 3D render should be convincingly realistic, complete with reflections and shadows. In order to achieve this level of realism, your 3D artist must be familiar with the specific physical characteristics of the space in question in order to accurately add details like the right textures and lighting. 
  • Proportion: The proportion of the things portrayed in the rendering must be as realistic as in real life.

Finding the appropriate company for 3D rendering services may make or break your sale. The 3D rendering service offered by K-render is supported by expertise in the real estate industry and design with a lot of creativity. Our architects are highly experienced in this field and have the attention to detail you’d expect from high end artists who are at the forefront of our industry. With the use of trimming 3D visualization technology, we would take the time to listen, understand, and collaborate with you as you build and realize your ideas.

Villa-interior-design-Project-by K-Render

Villa interior design Project by K-Render


Meizhou Xiyuan Villa Living Room by K-render

The workflow and price of K-render

About K-render

The Workflow of K-render

  • Soaking the information: We require your detailed plans, elevations, floor plan…in PDF with a list of furniture, a mood board and a material board.
  • Contracting: you will need to deposit 70% contract value
  • Modeling and Rendering: We create the detailed 3D models and renderings of the object to be visualized
  • Review and feedback
  • Final Visualization & Finish: We will deliver the final product with the image quality you desire. And you need to pay the remaining 30% of the project. 


Regarding price, located in Vietnam, where the labor force is top quality and low cost, K-render ensure the best price among all studios even with the view or square meters. The price may be revised depending on the complexity of the project. You will be provided with the most favorable revision policy, including two major revisions and a pre-final round of minor adjustments to the final renderings and end up with payment terms.

Interior Rendering

Houses, apartments, offices with small spaces

Not enough input Complexity Medium                             $13/Sqm

Not enough input Complexity High                                   $20/Sqm

Enough input Complexity Medium                                    $199/View

Enough input Complexity High                                          $299/View

Houses, apartments, offices with usual spaces

Not enough input Complexity Medium                             $15/Sqm

Not enough input Complexity High                                   $23/Sqm

Enough input Complexity Medium                                    $499/View

Enough input Complexity High                                          $749/View

Special Projects

(Museum, Exhibition, Pagoda, Hotel, Complex,…)

Not enough input Complexity Medium                             $20/Sqm

Not enough input Complexity High                                   $30/Sqm

Enough input Complexity Medium                                    $599/View

Enough input Complexity High                                          $899/View

Architecture Rendering

Civil house, villa, public construction with small space (shop, salon, boutique…)

Complexity Medium                                                              $239/View

Complexity High                                                                    $359/View

Skyscraper Projects, Commercial centers, Large space public works (Museums, Opera Houses, Stadium…)

Complexity Medium                                                              $799/View

Complexity High                                                                    $1.199/View

Master plan rendering

Large urban area

Complexity Medium                                                              $1.799/View

Complexity High                                                                    $2.699/View

Furniture/Product Rendering (Simple background)

Simple Object/Products

Modeling Complexity Medium                                            $99/Object

Modeling Complexity High                                                  $99/Object

Rendering Complexity Medium                                          $299/View

Rendering Complexity High                                                $350/View

More Complex Object/Products (Curved, Soft, Long)

Modeling Complexity Medium                                            $199/Object

Modeling Complexity High                                                  $199/Object

Rendering Complexity Medium                                          $299/View

Rendering Complexity High                                                $350/View

Complexity Medium Package

  • Confirm of camera positions in gray materials and the modeling works (First preview)
  • Two preview sessions with your feedback (Previews will include review of the colors, lighting…)
  • Final images in MEDIUM quality

Complexity high package 

  • Confirmation of camera positions in gray materials modeling works (First preview)
  • Two preview sessions with your feedback (Previews will include review of the colors, lighting, …)
  • Final images in HIGH quality

Special offers

  • 5% off for 2nd view
  • 10% off from 3rd view upwards

Full detailed design needs full information including

  • 2D technical drawings of premises (floor, ceiling), elevation (facade, wall area), detailed and specific designations of object form, design style, tone, mood…
  • Costs may increase in each specific case

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