Rendering Story Behind Ms. Ashley’s Project

Ms. Ashley’s project is the one that the whole K-Render team enjoyed the most. For the clients who have worked with our team, we all understand that we always want to bring you the best service and the most perfect rendering designs. To do that, it takes the contribution of the whole team and the enthusiasm of the clients themselves.


The idea of this project is from Ms. Ashley

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About the project of Ms. Ashley

With Ms. Ashley’s project, we were really surprised with the idea that her company brought to it. They said their customers’ desire is to design a cozy, fully equipped place with brown as the main color.

The job of the rendering artists is to receive the design of the company and then illustrate and color it, how to bring a beautiful and realistic architectural rendering.


Contemporary Style of Mrs. Ashley’s house

The idea that the company brings to us completely coincides with the contemporary style that most clients love very much. As for those who serve clients like us, the most important thing is to satisfy our clients – those who have entrusted us with the responsibility of making their projects also 3d architectural renderings the best.

Important factors in 3d architect rendering process

After having grasped the idea of ​​the project, we will begin to render and draw the best works and about interior render.

Space in rendering the project

To render the space for this project, the artists had a lot of difficulty in rendering the details as well as the hidden corners of the entire room.

First, the room is built with open space. There will be hidden corners that require rendering artists to elaborate and paint meticulously. Small items, details, out of sight such as the piano at the end of the house or the refrigerator placed next to the dining table, .. With professional qualifications, our rendering artists have successfully illustrated the ideal with the smallest details.

View the Casanova showroom

How to use the light

The light used for the contemporary style is natural light.

To bring out the natural light in the entire room, rendering artists chose the camera angle on the left. For the purpose of clarifying every detail of the dining room as well as the living room, we have illustrated a picture that is proportionally divided between the two rooms. One side is the living room, the other is the dining room. From there, viewers can see more of each room and the natural light of the house.


Natural lights of the house

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For places where natural light was needed to capture the viewer’s point of view, the artist had to adjust the light so that it wasn’t too bright or too dark. Natural light is just the right amount of light, but it’s enough to brighten up an entire room in your home.

Adjusting the light is extremely difficult because it also affects other interior details in the room. If the light is too bright, the color of the interior details next to it will not give the correct color to the customer’s wishes.
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Material interiors

Materials used in the architectural 3d rendering of the project are mainly wooden furniture.

Wood is a material that shows elegance and is extremely suitable for contemporary style. We also talked about materials, the main materials used in Ashley’s project.

Accurately depicting the material of the interior of the house is not an easy task.

Rendering artists have to choose from colors to lines. How to make the interior details like the design and show the soul of each furniture.

If you only make a small mistake such as the color of the leather material on the sofa or the mat or whether the wood is used for the dining table, everything will change. Just switching from one material to another will instantly change that item or the whole room into a different style.

To create gloss for furniture made from wood, the painters encountered many difficulties. When making wooden furniture, they will need quite a lot of wood scrub to create shine. However, in rendering, we can only use color palettes and lighting techniques to make objects shiny and most similar to real life.

The artists have combined natural light as well as brown and beige color palettes. They are able to draw wooden objects in the available designs.

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Above is the story and the project of Ms. Ashley. Currently, we still keep in touch with her and her company. They have very good feedback on the above project. That is the pride of our team. With the motto of always focusing on customers, K-Render we will not let you down.
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