Rendering A Contemporary House Looks Like Real Life

The project we would like to introduce is called “Mr. David’s House”. For design projects for clients’ own homes, we always listen to the client’s architectural design concept first. After that, we will give suggestions to you so that the work can be made to satisfy clients and be most beautiful.

About the project

Capturing the idea, we discussed more with the company about the main color tone they wanted to make in this project. The idea of the house is very clearly shown in the design we received. The design is quite detailed, but it’s not quite finished yet. There are many details that need to be clearly illustrated, but the smaller the details, the harder it is to visualize and render.

Therefore, we will coordinate with the corporation to come up with solutions for those difficulties. After both parties agree, the rendering artists will start the rendering work immediately.

Important factors in the render process

The following are the factors that we need to pay attention to during the rendering process. Specifically, here we will focus on this project.


Space is the most important factor in the 3D rendering process. Because space is the entire scene of the house, it is most clearly felt by the user when looking at the final design. Therefore, rendering artists need to focus on how to render outline.

The available design will help the rendering artists imagine the space of the entire room. From there, draw a complete and most realistic rendering.


A contemporary house of Mr. David

Space in render is also an important factor. If the space requested by the customer is an open space, the painters will use the color palette to create bright spots for the items and utensils in the house. Especially those that are placed next to the windows and doors.

In addition, the color tone used in the house also greatly affects the entire space. Rendering artists are requested to use white for the bedrooms and deep colors for the larger rooms. But they still have to follow the principle of color scheme. It is the color of the wall or the main color that must coincide.
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How to use the light

How to draw natural light as close to real life as possible?

That’s the question we, the visualization artists, must always clarify for our clients to earn their trust. Rendering artists will use visualization technology along with color palettes to make the room have enough natural light to meet the customer’s requirements.

Materials interior to render the project

The main materials used in contemporary style are metals such as chrome, nickel or steel. These materials will help the surface of the whole space to be more shiny.

In addition, we also are requested to make all of the furniture as natural wood, or brick,.. Furniture made from wood will have wood grain. In order to be able to draw the most similar furniture, the artists used light brown colors and natural light as well as artificial light of the whole room.

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The light used in the house

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Through this, our K-Render artists always want to send our readers and clients appreciation for choosing our studio. With the motto of always listening – understanding – accompanying, K-Render Studio promises to bring you the best rendering designs.

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