Realistic 3D renderings of Sunshine Apartment

Sunshine Apartment’s 3D renderings are created by K-Render Studio’s understanding of design ideas and professionalism. This product has helped the design company a lot in convincing the house owner about the design. Let’s read together with the article below for details!

The design idea of Sunshine Apartment

In order to be able to create the most realistic 3D renderings, K-Render Studio tried to understand every detail of the design concept.

    • The layout of the house

Sunshine Apartment is a duplex apartment with an area of ​​380 sqm. This is a large area for an apartment. Therefore, the architect has come up with a design so that people living in the house feel comfortable in the space.


The living room of Sunshine Apartment

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Sunshine Apartment has a common living space, an entertainment room and 4 bedrooms. With a large family, such room division is completely reasonable.

    • The light that the design company wants the house to have

K-Render Studio has listened to our client’s idea about the light that was used in this project.


A bedroom in Sunshine Apartment

The design company wanted flexibility in the use of light. The light in the house will be light at dusk and daylight.

    • Furniture used in Sunshine Apartment

The furniture of Sunshine Apartment is carefully selected based on the requirements of the apartment owner.


You can see the furniture of Sunshine Apartment in this 3D rendering

Furniture needs to show luxury but still bring comfort to users. In addition, the furniture needs to create a harmonious whole.

Our 3D renderings of Sunshine Apartment met all the design’s requirements

By understanding the design ideas of customers, our team has spent a lot of effort to create the best product. Sunshine Apartment’s 3D renderings are made meticulously by the following factors.

The light

In order to properly express the spirit of the design as well as meet the needs of the design company, our interior rendering studio cleverly combined different types of light in the 3D rendering of Sunshine Apartment: sunset light, lamplight and daylight.


A combination of different types of light

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    • Sunset light

The sunset light in the 3D rendering of the Sunshine Apartment is not a warm golden light. The light is at the moment when it is about to get dark. At this time, the remaining natural light at the end of the day shines into the living room very lightly.


The light at dusk make the space relaxing

    • Lamplight

The light appears to complement the weak light at the end of the day. The lights in the living space are placed in different and uneven positions. This creates uneven light in the space. You can also see this type of light in the Luce Del Sole project.


The light in living room is impressive

To show this, the rendering artist of K-Render Studio skillfully rendered contrasting light and dark areas. In addition, the light reflection of the furniture is also a highlight in the light rendering of Sunshine Apartment.

    • Natural light

If lamplight is mainly used in the common living space, natural light is the highlight of other areas.


A picture of entertainment room in Sunshine Apartment

Natural light makes bedrooms and entertainment rooms bright, creating a pleasant feeling for viewers. This light also helps viewers easily capture the composition and details in the space.


Many different materials such as brick, stone, wood, fabric, etc are used inside the Sunshine Apartment space. Therefore, rendering materials is a challenge for K-Render Studio’s rendering artists. How well did K-Render Studio do the material rendering?


Every material is rendered vividly

The materials look very realistic and vivid. The wood grain, the pattern of the stone, the roughness of the brick and each fabric are meticulously drawn. Viewers seem to see a photograph of interior details and materials. To see the rendering of the vivid materials, you can visit our article about the interior rendering of the summer bar and restaurant project.

Rendering angles

In order for viewers to have the most objective view of the house space, choosing the right camera angle is extremely necessary.


A picture use horizontal rendering angle

In the Sunshine Apartment project, camera angles are located at different positions in the house. In addition, the horizontal camera angle is mainly used in the Taiwanese house. Thanks to that, viewers can visit the house from many different angles.

Feedback of our products from the client

After each project is completed, K-Render Studio looks forward to customer feedback. The Sunshine Apartment project has received many positive feedbacks from the design company.


Another bedroom in Sunshine Apartment

Product quality satisfaction. Our client has given many compliments on the 3D rendering product. The product has shown very well the design spirit as well as meeting the requirements.

    • Satisfaction with time: Finished product 3 days earlier than expected. Customers acknowledge K-Render Studio’s efforts in trying to complete the project as quickly as possible.

The high-quality 3D rendering product of Sunshine Apartment project

    • Satisfaction with work style. Customers always get the fastest support when needed. This contributes to improving the quality of rendering services.

After each project takes place, K-Render Studio has gained a lot of experience. We always want our products to bring customers a lot of value.

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