Real estate rendering – One of the best ways to sell your properties potentially

A development or real estate company can use real estate rendering to create photorealistic visualizations to promote yet-to-be-built properties. CGI isn’t simply for 2D visuals that aren’t moving. Digital films, virtual reality experiences, and interactive 3D panoramas are all examples of this type of content.

 People should use real estate rendering

The first question you might wonder is “ Are you the one that should use real estate rendering ? “ right? Let us answer this question.


Who should use real estate rendering?

As the name of this rendering, real estate companies and realtors are the one who should use this cgi. They can use it for marketing purposes and make their properties become more attractive to customers.


real estate companies and realtors are the one who should use this cgi.

Just take note of this one: “ You want to sell your real estate quickly, profitably, easily and conveniently, use real estate rendering”. So you are those who want that, you are users of real estate rendering.

The important of  real estate rendering in selling your properties faster

Let’s take a look at the past how realtors and real estate companies sell their properties. You can see a lot of disadvantages such as the customers have to travel distance to view a properties or the pictures of your properties are not really good due to bad photography, which leads to your properties do not look stunning and eye catchy

Real estate rendering is a cutting edge and powerful marketing tool

Real estate rendering can create high-quality traditional and digital advertising – pamphlets, posters, magazine ads, website content, and so on.


Real estate rendering is a cutting edge and powerful marketing tool 

All you have to do is post them, and they’ll take care of themselves. Without the hassle of dealing with photographers, lengthy light experiments, or even going to the place itself.

Real estate rendering helps to attract more clients

Certain forms and lines are more attractive to the human brain than others. Gently curving shapes appeal to both men and women.
A flat 2D graphic does not allow you to test people’s reactions. They will be unable to see the design’s depth and size.


Real estate rendering helps to attract more clients

You can show the photographs in their natural setting. A flat blueprint does not attract clients as well as this. It’s almost as if you’re seeing the real thing.  High-quality 3d architectural rendering for real estate services might help you fix this problem. Looking at rough sketches is usually preferable.  You’ll gain client approval faster with 3D renderings than you would without them.

Real estate rendering creates the right presentations

One of the most significant disadvantages of 2D pictures is that you are still looking at theoretical designs and measurements. You never know how well those calculations will hold up in practice. You won’t be able to put those designs to the test until you’re on the battlefield.


Real estate rendering creates the right presentations

When showing the design to clients, this creates a problem. They may be oblivious to the wider picture. They might not be able to comprehend all of the details of a complicated 2D plan.

You can avoid these issues if you use 3d product visualization services.

In addition, one thing that real estate rendering can help you present is infrastructure which also plays an important role for customers whether choosing the house or not. With real estate rendering, showcasing your infrastructure is never a concern and it can become your strengths compared to your competitors

Real estate rendering helps to increase the value of the houses.

You can take this point easy about uncompleted properties and vacant land. It is commonly very hard for sellers to sell those things because the visitors are concerned and hesitate to purchase them.

It’s more difficult to sell land than it is to sell a well-constructed, gorgeous building. A well-prepared Realtor, on the other hand, will show him a 3D Visualization of a wonderful mansion and explain why it will be such a perfect place for him: with a children’s playground, a tennis court, and amazing views from the living room. That sounds like a project, especially for a buyer who was looking for a home but couldn’t find one.

With virtual staging- a type of real estate rendering, your properties get a new life.

Virtual Staging is a service that arranges furniture and artwork in rooms to make them appear their best (and entice buyers to make an offer).

Selling empty spaces and bare rooms are always more difficult than selling fully furnished rooms. Just take a look at the picture below. There is no doubt that if you are the buyer, you definitely choose the second one which is so mesmerizing, eye-catching and inspiring, right?


With virtual staging- a type of real estate rendering, your properties get a new life.

Now I think I don’t have to say a lot but show you more pictures of virtual staging. If you used to wonder why others sell their properties so quickly, you got the answer “ Virtual staging”.

Real estate rendering helps to Identify your problems easily

With the help of real estate rendering, you can spot problems related to stability or structural integrity with the project before construction starts. To test audiences, you can evaluate if there is a lack of space or if the design is unpleasant.


Real estate rendering helps to Identify your problems easily

You’ll be able to identify all of these issues prior to the start of construction. The company will save both time and money as a result of this. Making big architectural alterations while people are already on the job is the worst case scenario.

The way that K-render does real estate render realistically

With 8 years experience, K-render is proud to say that we provide the best service. Below is How K-render does real estate rendering realistically.

Input references that customers requiring real estate rendering need to provide

The following visual references were supplied by the customer for 3d real estate rendering task:

  • Floor Plan, master plan
  • Elevation drawing (Front elevation drawing, Site elevation, Rear elevation,…)
  • Some examples of render you want (examples of quality and project’s mood)
  • List of material for wall, exterior of project
  • Other requests about time, style…(please specify you want to put your building into morning light, sunset light,…)
  • Some pictures/ description of the landscape around the building
  • A Sketchup model of the buildings

Input references that customers requiring real estate rendering need to provide

  • Google map for surroundings. It acted as a guide to the local flora.
  • The camera angles or the views as the client’s requirement such as bird eye view, street view, human eye view, etc.

The working process of K-render when doing real estate rendering.

Let’s see how K-render deals with real estate rendering.

Working with texturing and 3D scenes.

The first thing that K-render 3D artists focus on is to create 3D scenes of buildings and their surroundings.

  • In this step, K-render artists will need to use Sketchup model files as a foundation for correctly reproducing the house’s geometry in 3ds Max. Then, our rendering artists will deal with the surroundings by using google map as a guide for local vegetation and add extra 3D models of landscape if needed. All of this also included in furniture rendering service that you can consult.
  • The landscape K-render 3d rendering artists would like to do is to follow the customer’s requirement and they are often plain, simple looking with few flowers, various heights of trees.

Working with texturing and 3D scenes.

  • Then, K-render 3d artists  apply materials and assigns textures to all the 3d models in real estate renderings
  • Furthermore, K-render 3d artists set up the required views and send the clients double check

Revisions time for real estate rendering.

As K-render’s revision policy, the clients have 2 revisions

  • In our experience, in this step the clients often give feedback about changing objects in the render, changing the color of objects in the render, removing some objects and adding some objects, changing the views, changing the sizes of objects,.. etc.

Client feedbacks for real estate rendering.

  • For better results, the clients often give us references so we can correct and edit exactly like the customers want.
  • The clients might give us 8 to 9 pages of feedback, but don’t be surprised by that number. Our clients are very professional and picky about their renderings so they give us detailly. The key for us to provide better rendering is to “ ask the customers”. You have to know their insight what they really want, what they use renderings for,
  • Sometimes, our clients will require changes for their  architectural 3d rendering ( We follow their plans, but when we showcase the plan in real estate rendering still images, it does not look nice as they think initially). K-render understands that because we have experience in this field. Hence, we give them some ideas, give them some examples or allow them to make changes without charging a fee.

Final real estate rendering with high resolution

After corrections and comments, we send our clients the final real estate rendering with high resolution.


Client’s email for the real estate rendering project

And it’s time to see our clients’ smiles. Our motto is to listen to the customers and make them happy with our service.

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