Real estate 3d rendering services: Definition, application and cost

Today, real estate 3d rendering services are becoming more and more popular than ever. However, not everyone is knowledgeable about this type of service. The following article will give you an overview of real estate 3d rendering services from the definition, application to cost, and other related information. Hope you find this information useful!

An overview of real estate 3d rendering services

It is not surprising that the field of 3d architectural visualization (Archviz) and the real estate market have a close relationship with each other. Thanks to real estate 3d rendering services, the sales process of a real estate project has been improved in recent years.

What are real estate 3d rendering services?

Real estate 3d rendering services are graphic design services for unfinished real estate projects. They are smart solutions and powerful tools for showing properties in all their features without you having to pay a lot of money for taking real pictures.


3d rendering – A powerful tool for real estate project

Simply put, even if an apartment building has not been built yet, the investor can hire real estate 3d rendering services to create future images of the building exactly as its requirements (area, location, building layout, interior design, etc). The process of rendering will be done by the software on the computer. From there, the investor can easily know what this building will look like after construction, and can easily see and adjust the different viewing angles in the most realistic and vivid way.

Who often uses real estate 3d rendering services?

Real estate developers, construction companies, and real estate brokers are the 3 main users of this 3d rendering services.

Real estate developers

Ordinary real estate developers will have difficulty understanding and interpreting complex architectural engineering drawings. They have to look at a project as a whole, then get a detailed visualization of the design, from interior and exterior to the surrounding landscape. If there is a quicker and more effective solution to help real estate developers understand the project, it can only be architectural visualizations. That’s why they use real estate 3d rendering services.

Construction Companies

It is clear that architectural diagrams and technical drawings are important factors for the companies responsible for the construction of the project. However, in fact, real estate 3d rendering services also play an equally important role, making the construction process much easier.


Who often uses real estate 3d rendering services?

The proof is that civil engineers appreciate the convenience of having an architectural visualization. It helps them understand the space in reality and is convenient for tracking the construction progress of the project.

Real estate broker

The main goal of a real estate agent is to sell projects by spreading the message, and inspiring inspiration in potential customers. Real estate 3d rendering services do not only help customers better understand the project, but also build customer trust, and promote the process of signing a purchase contract right before the project starts construction.

4 reasons to use real estate 3d rendering services for your real estate project

There are 4 reasons explaining why we should use real estate 3d rendering services for any real estate project.

Customers’ satisfaction

Normally, customers will feel most secure when they know what they’re paying for. In fact, it would be quite difficult for most clients to visualize how a 2d design would appear in real life, so a 3d rendering of the design will make it easier for them to visualize.


Visualize a real estate project by 3d renderings

When you use real estate 3d rendering services to create a real estate marketing campaign, potential buyers or residents can easily visualize all the properties and diagrams of that real estate project. For example, in real estate, the 3d image can be used to create an animated model so that customers can take a virtual view of the building. You could even embed the visit on the company’s website.

Money saving

Since the 3d image will allow customers to know exactly what they are paying for, you will not have customers requesting design changes after construction begins. You will save time and money and your customers will get exactly what they wish. That’s how real estate 3d rendering services work!

Timely change in the project’s features

Real estate 3d rendering services work out since technology allows us to make real-time design changes. This means that if the customer or the development team disagrees with an aspect of the real estate project, we can easily make changes on the spot without them wasting money on real-life testing.


3D rendering can be customized to fit a range of marketing campaigns and any platform. We can easily convert them into animations, photographs, 3D displays, and other things.


3d renderings are helpful in advertising real estate projects

In terms of marketing, 3d renderings are quite helpful in advertising real estate projects. It’s the fact that no one wants to look at 2d drawings since they are boring. Otherwise, 3d renderings are more stunning to look at. It is a great opportunity for realtors to evaluate the potential of a building true to its value.

Real estate 3d rendering services: Cost and time estimated to complete a project

One of the important factors when hiring real estate 3d rendering services is the estimated cost and time to complete the project on time. Here, we give the general prices when renting real estate 3d rendering services on the international market today. Hope this information is helpful.

How much do real estate 3d rendering services cost?

The average price for real estate 3d rendering services from a 3d architecture visualization company in New York, London, and Sydney costs around $700 – $1,500 USD for a high-quality 3d still image. This price range is for small to medium-sized real estate projects.


A small real estate project – Home interior renderings

Additionally, the cost of large projects might range from $2,500 – $1,000.00 USD. A 3d rendering normally costs between $50 – $150 USD per hour.


A large real estate project – Mall renderings

The location of the studio will have a considerable impact on the cost. 3d rendering studios in developing countries charge less since their labor expenses are lower.
Under $200 Renderings:
I can say that a real estate 3d rendering looks bad though a normal person off the street might say they see nothing wrong with it, so how should we see this problem? Numerous architectural rendering companies in Bangladesh and the Philippines offer real estate 3d rendering services for $70 – $150 per image. A number of clients have purchased these low-quality renderings only to realize that they’ll get what they pay for. In fact, someone might say there’s nothing different between a cheap rendering image and an expensive rendering image. However, low-quality renders can make your potential customers distrust your project. Therefore, you may end up losing your credibility.

How long does it take to render a real estate 3d project?

The total time to 3D render a real estate project can be for days or months, mainly depending on the complexity of the project and the quality of the final 3D render. The more realistic the real estate rendering images, the longer it will take to finish.


The more realistic the real estate rendering images, the longer it will take to finish

The real estate renderings are highly customizable. In the hands of the right 3D artist, your basic real estate 3d renderings like interior or exterior renderings can be completed in 6 – 10 business days.

Real estate 3d rendering services: 6 must-have perspective photos for every project

Every real estate project that wants to achieve breakthrough sales requires a professional and methodical marketing plan. In fact, to operate a marketing plan effectively, it is necessary to have an appropriate set of tools, in which the most important tool is the 3D perspective rendering images of the project.

Bird’s eye view photos

Bird’s eye view photos are considered the must-have items in any real estate 3d rendering services. Bird’s eye is a photo taken from above with a panoramic view of the building, with a panoramic view of the entire project and visible external utilities.


A bird’s eye view photo from BlendSpace

The overall image of the project has 2 types of views – day and night, which help create highlights for the project such as traffic, residential areas, some external utilities, and neighboring hood. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select the strengths and the perfect view angle of the project to create the best first impression to the buyers.

Master Plan photos

A master plan is an image of the entire project from above, with a perpendicular perspective to the project, describing some of the works, areas, or utilities available outside.


A master plan photo from ArchDaily

A quality master plan image shows the right contrast and layout of each main subsection, giving customers an accurate picture of the real estate’s location in the future.

Utility photos

Utility photos include internal works of the project such as garden, lake, park, swimming pool, commercial center, etc. From there, the utility photos will be the highlight that increases the value of the project and conveys the communication concept that the investor wants to achieve.


Internal works of a real estate project: Swimming pool

With K-Render Studio’s real estate 3d rendering services, the suitable view of the utility will be carefully selected by 3d artists to give the impression of a comfortable and classy living place.

Facade photos

Facade photo, also known as eye-level exterior photo. It often shows day views and detailed descriptions of the number of floors and sides of the building.


A facade photo

This is the image that the naked eye can see from the outside of the project. You will see a part of the traffic works and the surrounding landscape in the most authentic way.

Isometric photos

Like a 2d floor plan, an isometric image depicts the interior layout and rooms of the house. However, its advantage is that it is fully expressed in 3d so that the viewer has the most realistic feeling.


An isometric photo

With experience in many projects, the 3d artists at K-Render Studio will choose the right viewing angle to make the space larger, giving priority to showing natural light. Our real estate 3d rendering services guarantee to provide clients the most delicate and aesthetic images.

Interior photos

3d interior rendering services include 3d photos of the interior of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.


Interior rendering from K-Render Studio

From there, buyers will have a specific, vivid, and clear picture of the house. It helps to facilitate the sales process and signing the contract more effectively and quickly.

K-Render Studio: The best choice for real estate 3d rendering services

With the above advantages of real estate 3d rendering services, it is not too strange to see model houses and model apartments in 3d spaces, especially for those who work in the real estate industry. However, finding a reliable real estate rendering company with outstanding real estate 3d rendering services is not easy at all.


A K-Render Studio’s past project

K-Render Studio is a reliable partner if you are looking for real estate 3d rendering services. Our 3D rendering studio elaborates details in every render that present an accurate proportion of each object to ensure project execution properly.

We have realized projects in 11 countries
We have finished projects in total
Percent of repeated orders

Our real estate 3d rendering services: Some completed projects


A K-Render Studio’s past project


A K-Render Studio’s past project

Our 3D CAD artists are highly experienced in interior rendering, exterior rendering, floor plans, commercial and residential renderings, 3D animation and virtual reality tours and have the attention to detail you’d expect from high end artists who are at the forefront of our industry.

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