A house rendering project by K-Render: Light luxury and space-saving

Since this house rendering project has a “light luxury” style, we will call it LiLux. In the world, the light luxury style has appeared for a long time in architectural and interior design. This style was derived from the late 18th century Renaissance, a time when lavish works with lines and details were meticulously crafted by masters of construction art. This is considered the first foundation of Luxury style in the world. Watch us recreate this style in our house rendering project below!

The LiLux house rendering project: Basic project information

  • The house is square-shaped
  • Housing layout: 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 bathrooms
  • Project construction area: 170m2
  • Family structure: Husband and wife + 1 child
  • The house does not have a private bathroom and a master bathroom at the same time.

The LiLux house rendering project: Customers’ notes and wishes

  • Retain 3 bedrooms, in which the owner has a separate bedroom.
  • Life concept and design style wanted: unique, luxurious, and fashionable

The LiLux house after space-saving renovation

  • The house originally had 4 bedrooms but was later redesigned, leaving only 3 bedrooms. In particular, the master bedroom is much more spacious and comfortable than before
  • The aisle is optimally designed, no longer narrow when moving around the house
  • Our perfect design has saved the customer every square inch

How has the LiLux house changed after being redesigned?

▼ The LiLux house rendering project was redesigned by K-Render Studio in a luxurious and high-end interior design style with modern lighting. We have simplified materials, colors, and light effects, focusing on furniture with practical function. Thereby creating a classy and modern home atmosphere with simple but elegant visual effects.


The LiLux house rendering project was redesigned

We choose high-grade gray as the main color, making the whole house look elegant, classy, and sexy. However, using too many gray tones will also make the house a bit lifeless, so the designer has added different light colors to adorn the spaces. Each space has a different soul.


An elegant, classy, and sexy look

▼ With the LiLux house rendering project, we have removed the redundant decorations in the living room and used metallic and brown colors to create a more calming atmosphere. The homeowner will feel so calm and comfortable in this environment.


Metallic and brown colors

▼ The large area of ​​gray used in the kitchen helps to bring a clean look. Our design also helps save space for the kitchen area. Therefore, the overall look of the kitchen is very neat.


The LiLux house rendering project: The redesigned kitchen

▼ The dining room has the same style as the living room. It is designed to be completely open to make the space ventilating. We decorate the room with noble metal lamps and delicate furniture.


The complete dining room rendering


Noble metal lamps and delicate furniture

▼ With the children’s room, we do not design in a childish style but consider maturity. We consider the baby’s maturation process in the next ten years.


The children’s room with mature style


▼ The master bedrooms are designed with bay windows in a homely and warm style.


The master bedroom






▼ The wardrobe room is a dark space with an open area that provides a convenient experience for the owner when looking for clothes.


The LiLux house rendering project: The wardrobe room

▼ The design of the separate bathroom is mainly based on practicality and space-saving, with a simple and elegant style.


The bath room with a simple and elegant style


The bathtub and shower are separate


▼ The main bathroom is equipped with a separate bathtub and shower, which is a small world for the owner to relax in.

After receiving our results of the LiLux house rendering project, our customer was very satisfied with the design of the house. If you are looking for the best architectural visualization studios, please don’t miss out K-Render Studio!

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