OSAMA and QODAMA houses- one of the best contemporary housing styles by K-render

Approaching to us after skimming through all stunning still images via Behance, Mr. Ghazwan contacted us for designing services and 3d rendering services for two-level twins houses. Both homeowners love contemporary housing styles. Let’s find out How K-render undertakes these projects.

References, input, and the scope of work

The package “ design services” includes two services: designing and 3d rendering images. 

For Osama house and Qodama house, the client provided us the documents following:

  • Floor drawings of two houses
  • Style: Contemporary housing style and references.
  • CAD files of two houses
  • Some clarifications of two houses (Family members’ favorites for their own rooms, some notes for each room,…)

Some references of interior assets and decoration:

The scope of work

At the end of the project, the client is sent the output following:

osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-01 osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-02

Working process of Osama and Qodama-contemporary housing style.

Overall, the project has 3 stages. During this time, the designer tweaked a few minor details to ensure that the concept’s final image was flawless.

Now, let’s see how K-render design and create those stunning contemporary housing style houses

Design 2d drawings showing the functionality of those contemporary housing style houses. 

To delve deeply into the client’s interest, K-render asks a list of questions following:

  • How many people are there living in the house?
  • Any particular requirement for the bedrooms: Who is the owner of the bedroom, the main palette of the bedrooms? the favorite palette of the owner for the bedrooms?
  • Does the owner have any particular requirement for color and functionality rooms? For example, they might need lots of chairs for gathering together in the living room. For the master bedroom, does the owner need a big closet? Do they like a bathroom with a bath or prioritize the space of the bedroom. We need the client to share their hobbies and what they like for their house in as much detail as possible.

After soaking through all the information, we got to know our client’s demand and start doing those drawings


With that 2d drawings, the Qodama’s owner just would like to change some minor details and add some interior assets. 

  • The homeowner would like to put some Air Conditioner at the corners of each room.
  • Changing the sink positions

After correcting and editing based on the client’s feedback, K-render moved on to 3D rendering images-materials for best interior design marketing

3d rendering those contemporary housing style houses. 

After the approval of the client for 2d functionality drawings, our 3D artists proceeded to do the renders for 7 days. 

The concept of both houses is contemporary housing style. The houses’ concept own our hearts immediately and we were excited to move one 3d rendering steps in which we can use our creativity and our ability to create stunning renders. 

Based on the clients’ references, we are skimming through our 3D model’s library to find appropriate furniture and interior assets. As you can see below, they love metal interior assets, modern furniture, and look luxurious. 

For those houses, we render 15 images each so that the clients can see clearly every detail, every corner of the rooms including best living room renderings

After exactly 7 working days, K-render sent the clients for the first revision. 

The first reply from the clients was that they absolutely loved the design and the renders were amazing. 


After looking at preliminary housing 3D rendering results, the clients sent us some comments, which they asked to do. 

  • Changing false ceiling and make them different between each room. 
  • Adding air conditioner in some designated positions. 
  • Using another light system, using spotlight. 

Our CGI artists updated the renders according to the comments. At this step all the house renders was 99% ready. We move on to the post-production step. 

The post-production of contemporary housing style houses

K-render artists fine-tuned residential renders in Photoshop at this stage. We adjust the lighting to contemporary housing style interior assets such as decoration, furniture,.. etc. In addition, our CG experts adjusted the lighting warmer and brighter to create a welcoming atmosphere.

The 3D rendering project results of contemporary housing style houses. 

In total, K-render creat30 images for both contemporary housing style houses. Below you can see 4 images for the best kitchen rendering, 4 images for the kitchen, 4 images for the children’s room and 4 images for the parent’s room.

osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-06 osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-07 osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-08 osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-09 osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-10 osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-11 osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-12 osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-12 osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-13 osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-15 osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-16 osama-and-qodama-houses-one-of-the-best-contemporary-housing-styles-by-k-render-19

The output of the contemporary housing style project including both design service and high end 3d rendering:

Because of the difference in each country’s construction methods, we can not expertize in your country’s construction techniques so that we only provide the envelope size,(also known as the waiting cell size, is the size calculated from the outermost edge of one side to the other most edge. That is, the size of the cover will include the size of the light and the frame)

  • We will hand over the Autocad file so that you can work with the wood factory for construction details”
  • Preliminary dimensions of the entire wall, furniture for two houses
  • High-resolution rendering images with full size of OSAMA and Qodama houses.
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