Orion House-the best exterior rendering by K-render in Norway

A house chain of independent construction companies reached out to K-render in September of 2021. They need an exterior rendering of a house for marketing purposes. The project called “Orion House” would include a box-shaped Norwegian style house with beautiful landscape flat grass and some wooden boards on the grass.

Input, References and Scope of work

When soaking up the 3D rendering task, the client informs us of what they want for this project. As a result of the project, K-render studio provided a still image of exterior rendering. The developers are now using the 3D architectural renders service displaying all of the features of “Orion House”-  to entice potential purchasers and renters.

Let’s see what the customer’s input for this project:

  • The 3ds file which already has the model of the house.

A picture from 3ds max file of Orion House

  • The camera angle the client wants
  • Some references that they want for the surrounding.

A reference of surrounding for Orion House

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The scope of work of Orion house-one of the best exterior rendering ideas

  • One exterior render: show the front view of the house but the camera will move one a bit to the right.
  • The landscape: surrounded with a small yard, flat grass with wooden boards showing the Norwegian style.

Let’s see How K-render finish this project

How K-render accomplish Orion House

Orion House project includes 2 revision rounds: the camera angle revision round and the color, the mood revision round.

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Applying gray materials and setting up the camera angle for Orion House project

Due to the given references and the client’s guideline, the K-render’s artists applied gray materials and set up the camera angle.


The first draft of Orion House

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K-render’s artists set up the camera angle as the client’s requirement to highlight the spaciousness and the beauty of the house.

Finishing this work in 4 days, K-render providing high resolution 3d rendering service sent the client for the first revision

The revisions of Orion House

The client said “ I think it looks good. Interesting to see with texture. But is it possible to get the view a little more from the front? Maybe 10 degrees to the right”.

So for first revision round of Orion house, we need to

  • change the camera angle 10 degrees to the right to see a little more in front.

For the second revision, we had to:

  • The wood boards on the grass seem to be laying a little high on the grass (looks like it’s floating on top of the grass maybe just lower them a little.
  • Also two places on top of the roof it looks like the roof is going over the roof board.
  • Change the furniture inside.
  • Add a table with some decoration on top.


    The first revision

  • Remove the blackline on the roof.

The first revision part II

K-render artist completed all of the desired changes and submitted the updated CGI for the house to the client. If you would like to see more great projects like Orion house, check out Bel Air Central- a highlight project by K-render.

The result of Orion House

Here it is – the final visualization 4K with 4000×2500 pixels.


The final visualization of Orion House

What the client says about this project. K-render is really thankful for choosing us and we are happy when the client is satisfied with our renders.

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