Office rendering and how to create office renders

Rendering is the most popular field these days. With high technology and top-notch software, they were able to create drawings that are 100% similar to real life. Meanwhile, office rendering is also a keyword that is searched a lot. So do you know more about it or not? The following article will give you many interesting things about office rendering!

What is office rendering?

Office rendering is work using traditional rendering methods such as hand-drawing, word-of-mouth or using modern computer rendering software to create an image, picture with spatial context is an office work.

Nowadays, the use of software on computers is very common. Therefore, you can completely rely on 3D rendering companies or rendering artists to get satisfactory office renderings.

Incredible benefits of office rendering

So why should we use office rendering? What are its benefits? Let’s find out in the section below.

The benefits for office owners

Firstly, office rendering will help the office owner visualize their project after completion in the most realistic way.


The benefits for office owners

    • First of all, rendering the office will bring convenience to the office owner. They will be able to imagine their entire project without having to build it. Details such as furniture or colors in the office rendering or gym 3d renderings will make the 3D rendered image 99% similar to real life. From there, they will be able to consider the next work they should do with this office project.
    • Next, besides the office owner can calculate the next work to do for their project, the office rendering will also help them know that their project is feasible. or not. And they can also predict the risks they will encounter or the advantages they will gain when implementing this office project.

Secondly, office rendering will help office owners choose the source of materials as well as how to decorate and arrange suitable furniture for their office project.


office renders will help office owners choose the source of materials

    • Selecting rendering materials as well as construction materials for the project is an important factor. If there is an office rendering, the owner will know what materials are suitable or not suitable for the room as a whole high-quality commercial building rendering or for the user. They will be able to consider the most accurate way to decorate and arrange furniture in an office rendering room with the least risk.
    • In addition, while choosing the right furniture or furniture for the office, the owner of the room can also choose the materials with high usefulness to place in their office rendering space.

The benefits of office rendering for architecture firm

Office renders also bring huge benefits to architectural firms:


The benefits of office rendering for architecture firm

    • Firstly, office rendering will increase brand value for the architectural design firm. Office architecture is an architecture with many complex details and needs very high care. Therefore, if your architectural firm has good office rendering knowledge, the client will trust your expertise more. This will add brand value to your company and set your architecture firm apart from clients who don’t have knowledge about office rendering.
    • Secondly, office rendering will help architectural design firms earn extra income and increase revenue. From increasing brand value to architectural firms. Customers will find your company more. You will quickly receive more contracts with customers. This will help your architecture firm increase revenue and make as much profit as possible.
  • Office-rendering-and-how-to-create-office-renders-5

    Office renders help your company’s architects improve their expertise

    • Thirdly, office rendering will help your architecture firm to attract many clients because your company has done many projects with many different styles and genres. Office buildings are a fairly unique design category, so if you can design an office, you can completely render other projects more easily. From there, your architectural firm will have access to more client files and more architectural genres. This will help your company’s architects improve their expertise.

Notes on office rendering in architecture

In the next section, we will talk about the things you should pay attention to when rendering office

You should choose the right concept for office rendering

Choosing the right style for the office is very important. The office and office rendering is a place that needs seriousness and neatness to work. You should not choose a style that is too sophisticated like a classic as modern Tudor style houses. Or choose a style that is too minimal. At best, you can choose a contemporary style that is both modern and combined with many different types of architectural design that you desire.

How to use light for office rendering

You should choose how to use light to make the office look the brightest. This will help employees and those working in the office feel most comfortable and focused.
Office rendering work will make the lighting installation in your office more logical and effective.

Note about photo angles in office rendering

Because large offices will have an area of ​​​​about 200 square meters or more, choosing a photo angle during rendering is also very laborious and important.

    • Firstly, the shooting angle must ensure the light and space factors. Help the viewer feel the whole 3D visualization of architecture scene inside that office.
    • Secondly, the shooting angles for office renderings need to ensure that customers will clearly see the highlights and interior materials inside the office.

Notes on materials and materials for office rendering

The materials or furniture arranged in the office must be carefully selected and tested.

In addition, we should use interior materials such as stone, brick and wood.. These are the materials that are suitable for designing and decorating offices and office rendering.

Should I hire a studio to do office rendering?

In the next section, we will answer the question of whether to hire a studio to do office rendering.

Architectural company trains their own office rendering department

Firstly, the architectural firm can train parts rendered separately to get the drawing office’s renders satisfactory.


Architectural company trains their own office rendering department

  • Advantages of this method are:
    • Your architectural firm will be able to shape your own rendering style and create your own office renderings that are best suited to your needs.
    • In addition, your company will not need to worry about the security and copyright of office renderings made by their own architects.
  • Besides, this method still has some disadvantages as follows:
    • Firstly, your architectural company will cost more to hire someone to teach rendering and office rendering. As well as costs to prepare equipment and visualization software. The cost of visualization software can reach several thousand dollars for the acquisition of copyright. And other expenses to update them every year as well.
    • Next, your company will spend more time training the office rendering department. Architects will probably take 3-6 months to understand the basics of rendering as well as office rendering. During that time, your architectural firm will lose the opportunity to find customers and not be able to accept many contracts, bringing profits to the company.

Your company will spend more time training the office rendering department

Therefore, you can completely consider when choosing this method if you need to render the office.

Cooperating with 3D rendering studio with office rendering services

This is considered the best way if you want to get a satisfactory score.

  • With this method, you have a lot of advantages:
    • You will not have to spend a lot of money to hire a vocational expert or the cost of licensing office rendering software.
    • In addition, you also have more time to take care of customers and increase the opportunity cost of accepting contracts with customers. This will help you increase your company’s brand value and increase sales.

You also have more time to take care of customers

  • Besides, this method will also have the following disadvantages:
    • Firstly, the cost of renting an office rendering studio may be a bit high. However, you can completely search for studios with cheap service prices and suitable for you through search channels or forums, communities.
    • Secondly, you will probably have a hard time checking that office rendering studio’s business information. But the information can still be found quickly. You should visit official government websites to ensure credibility for the accuracy of the information you are looking for.

Based on the methods that we have suggested above, hopefully you can choose the method that is right for your company and help your projects be most successful.

Tutorial on how to work effectively with office rendering studios

Here we will show you how to work effectively with an office rendering studio.

How to find office rendering studios, companies

Firstly, you can search for office rendering companies through existing relationships.

    • First of all, existing relationships always represent trust and prior acquaintance. Thereby, you can understand what the partners are like, how they work, whether they are a trustworthy and competent person
    • In addition, with the available relationships, you will be able to find office rendering companies faster and easier. You will not spend too much time checking the reputation of the partner. Thereby, the working process of both sides will go more smoothly.

How to find office rendering studios, companies

Secondly, you can search for office rendering companies through job search websites.

The development of technology in the media will make it possible for you to find the right office rendering studios.
Alternatively, you can check out the Upwork website and other job search forums devoted to the rendering and architecture industry.

The process when working with an office rendering company

The following will provide you with information about the process of working with companies or studios about office rendering in particular and 3D rendering in general.

    • Step 1: Provide detailed information about the idea, concept, sketch design of the office project. This is an important first step so that the office rendering company can understand your design concept and this project.
    • Step 2: you will have to ask the office rendering company for a quote on the project you just submitted. Then the two sides will negotiate and negotiate to come up with the most suitable price.
  • Office-rendering-and-how-to-create-office-renders-11

    The process when working with an office rendering company

    • Step 3: The two partners will sign the contract. The office rendering company will send you a contract to recommit the terms during the cooperation period and you will sign it.
    • Step 4: You will be responsible for paying the contract with the deposit amount as in the signed agreement with office rendering products.
    • Step 5: You should monitor and check the rendering company’s working process for your project to grasp the situation of each stage of preparation.
    • Step 6: After receiving the office rendering drawing, you will have to comment and send it back to the rendering company so that they can edit and perfect the final product as you like.
  • Office-rendering-and-how-to-create-office-renders-12

    The final product that the rendering company completes for customers

    • Step 7: In this step you will receive the office rendering product after the edits and that is the final product that the rendering company completes for you.
    • Step 8: The last step you will have to complete the remaining payment procedures according to the set contract is to transfer the remaining amount to that office rendering company.

Top 5 best office rendering products

In this last part, we will introduce you to the best office renderings that you should refer to.

KDI Building – Top 1 most prestigious office rendering

KDI building is a project rendered by K-Render Studio  providing professional 3d rendering services for interior design


KDI Building – Top 1 most prestigious office rendering

    • The company was established in 2013 with more than 7 years of experience in the field of rendering and architecture.
      Besides, the company has built up a team of qualified staff and architects. consulting, customer care at the best level.
    • In addition, the company also has the opportunity to cooperate with many major partners. K-Render Studio also has large-scale office rendering projects. One of them is the KDI Building project with an area of ​​650 square meters.

Plus Design Asia’s building – Top 2 office renders

Top 2 best office renderings is the office building of Plus Design Asia.


Plus Design Asia’s building – Top 2 office renders

Inspired by the modern office rectangular structure, the office rendering has a large space and is very quiet for employees to focus on working.

Archi CGI’s office render – Top 3 office renderings

Top 3 best products are office buildings designed by Archi CGI company.


Archi CGI’s office render – Top 3 office renderings

Set in a modern and fully equipped office, white tones highlight the elegance but still very sophisticated of this office rendering.

CG Interior Office – Top 4 office renders

Next is the top 4 best office rendering products – CG Interior Office Building.


CG Interior Office – Top 4 office renders

The dominant brown color has made this office rendering more environmentally friendly. Along with the highlights are the potted plants, this is exactly the modern tropical style that has been popular in the architectural world in recent years.

Publicity office – Top 5 office building renders

And finally Publicity office – Top 5 best office rendering products.


Publicity office – Top 5 office building renders

Working in this office will give employees and company officials a sense of comfort and reduce pressure thanks to the office rendering space, tone and way the architect chooses the furniture to render this office. .


Hopefully through this article, you will be able to find the information you need!

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