Nolan Jolie Villa – A Rendering Product of K-Render

Nolan Jolie villa is a 450 square meters place in 2020 inspired by a luxurious space. Mr. Nolan – the owner of this villa, contacted K-Render. He wanted to have the 3D rendering services for his villa. Through the following article, we will introduce to you the information about the Nolan Jolie villa rendering product.

Customers’ ideas

The ideas and requirements of customers are one of the factors that influence many renderings.

The light

According to Mr. Nolan – owner of the Nolan Jolie villa shared, he wants the light of the whole house to be the most complete.


The light of the villa based on customer’s idea

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In order to do this, the house needs many windows as well as large doors. Thus, the light of the outside environment will shine into the house as much as possible.

The furniture in Nolan Jolie villa

The luxurious design of all the furniture in the house was carefully selected by Mr. Nolan.

The sofa set in the living room: is the highlight of the living room, the material should be made of fabrics, the sofa leather as well as the accessories in the living room are brown, white, and cream tones. It is similar to the previous product – Ms. Ashley’s project.


The layout of the project

The bed and the furniture in the bedroom must also be luxurious but minimalist and related to the living room and the rest of the rooms.

The layout of the villa

Nolan Jolie villa includes 1 large living room, 1 large kitchen and 1 large bedroom.

With an area of ​​450 square meters, the number of rooms is not too much. This proves that the area of ​​each room is very large and comfortable for Mr. Nolan’s family to live and relax.

3D rendering process of K-Render

The customer’s first idea is always a sketch that is not detailed and still has a few flaws. To be able to complete those works and produce the final 3D rendering product, the K-Render artists had to work very hard.

The light of Nolan Jolie villa

Light is the first element in the process of rendering Nolan Jolie villa.

K-Render artists will have to make sure that when viewers look at the renderings, they can feel the wide open space and light of the room.

Next, with years of experience in the visual field, our rendering artists will find ways to mix colors. As well as placing points for sunlight to be able to hit the highlights of both the photo as well as the whole house.

On the other hand, another our rendering product named “Star lake” project also have the same light of Mr. Nolan’s house.

Setting up photos with such sufficient natural light sources is not an easy task.


The ambient light of the villa

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Next, in rendering, we can choose tools that can lighten and have the brightness as we want. But the difficulty is how can that light be evenly lit without being smudged and unclear?

Finally, the solution is that our artists will have to place and arrange for that light to shine directly on the words that are said to be the most prominent. Or the places with the most attractive view. To give customers the most accurate impression of the project.

Interior details, materials

Firstly, because rendering is the work of simulating the actual scene by computer or hand software. So the criterion to evaluate a beautiful image is to be as close to reality as possible.

In order for the product to be depicted as similar to real life, we will have to rely on the next factor that is the interior details and materials of the work.

Secondly, because it is a villa with a luxurious style, the interior details will have to be high-class furniture.


The furniture details used in the villa

Thirdly, high-end furniture is often a combination of many materials such as pure copper, natural wood that has been carefully treated, and natural cowhide.

In order for viewers to feel their high-end, K-Render’s rendering artists had to accurately depict the feel and color of these materials. The artists used color correction and color mixing techniques on the rendering software. As well as combine with room lighting to make the final product as realistic as possible.

Camera angle of Nolan Jolie villa

The last element is the photography angle of Nolan Jolie villa.

Firstly, with interior works, the number of scenes as well as the photography angle of the building will be based on the area of ​​each room.

Secondly, as a project with a large area – 450 square meters, the artists will have to illustrate this villa with more scenes and set more shooting angles than usual.

Thirdly, depending on the area, each room will have a different number of scenes and shooting angles. The rendering artists will have to arrange the shooting angles according to the wishes of the contractor – Mr. Nolan.


Many camera angles used in this rendering product

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And the shooting angles will usually be different points of view such as the front, the sides, from top to bottom.. All are intended to show the viewer clearly the overall and inclusiveness of the entire room as well like that project.

Clients’ feedback about Nolan Jolie villa

Finally after receiving the final rendering, Mr. Nolan is extremely satisfied with the quality and service experience at K-Render Studio.


The luxury design of Nolan Jolie villa

Mr. Nolan shared: “Thank you K-Render Studio for accompanying me on this project. This is the most successful project I have ever worked on. Hopefully in the future, there will be a chance to continue collaborating with K-Render Studio.”

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Through the above article, I hope you will understand more about our rendering products. With the desire to give customers the best professional 3d rendering service experience, we always hope to have more projects so that the company can develop in the long-term.

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